The operation of breast enhancement: the beauty requires sacrifice.

breast enhancement

Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery clearly confirms the ancient as the world of the thesis: the beauty requires sacrifice. But how large are the victims and whether it will be cost a result, it depends on the skill of the plastic surgeon. Especially when it comes to breast enhancement. We'll talk about, when risks are justified, and under what conditions it is better to abstain from the operation, which takes place behind closed doors of the clinic and, especially, how not to make mistakes, the choice of the doctor.

Breast augmentation: pros and cons

Recently, the plastic surgery is only available to a select few. Now it is more of a common place, rather than exotic. According to statistics, last year russia has spent for cosmetic surgery 12 billion rubles. At the second place in importance among all the plastic surgery — the breast enlargement and improve its shape.

In fact, as is often said, there is no need to wait for the grace of nature. Lush, smooth chest is beautiful and sexy. If you read the testimonies of those who have decided for the intervention of breast augmentation, you can learn the harrowing story of how uncomfortable his chest bare, not only of the face of a man, but also in the women's dressing room of the gym, as it is difficult to feel a "loser" by nature, and constantly tormented by a question on how to increase the breast.

In reality, if a woman is unhappy with her breast, alternative operation does not exist. All the other popular ways to increase your breast size simply do not work. Or advertised creams, nor the tools miracle with the phytoestrogens, the advertising of which is full internet, in reality are not able to influence the size of the breast. Can not cope with this and physical exercise: the mammary gland muscle tissue has not, and well-developed pecs can only slightly change its shape. Not only because most of the ladies, bodybuilders, make "plastic" the increase of the bust. By the way, this is the only plastic surgery, has allowed the presenter to a female bodybuilder.

But, of course, a surgical intervention of breast augmentation, there are disadvantages: it will be in need of rehabilitation, it will be more difficult to choose clothes and bed linen. Many women complain about the discomfort sleep on your stomach.

Directions to the surgery

the increase of the breast, and against

In general, indications for surgery breast enhancement prosthesis are reduced to the resentment of the patient, its size and shape. Because, technically, it is possible to live and with the total absence of mammary glands. But if this creates discomfort, and undermines the self — esteem, the aid of plastic surgery, that determines the indications for breast augmentation:

  1. Dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the mammary glands.
  2. Congenital anomalies of the breast development: the complete absence of breast with one or both sides, the asymmetry, the small breasts.
  3. Restoration of the breast after the removal of the breast due to a tumor, or after an injury.
  4. Changes after childbirth, or related with age: ptosis (sagging breasts), "empty" the breast, that has lost elasticity, etc.
  5. Replacement of breast prosthesis.

As we have seen, objective and the reason for surgery may be only the need to replace the prosthesis. All the rest is purely a matter of relationship with your body. That, unfortunately, can not be said of contraindications.


The breast enhancement surgery is a surgery that involves risks, and there are no contraindications to its conduct. They are divided into two major groups: absolute and relative. Absolute contraindications mean that the operation is dangerous to health and even life. Among these:

  • severe pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • aggravation of chronic diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • disorder of blood coagulation;
  • malignant neoplasms (cancer);
  • pregnancy;
  • less than six months from the date of termination of breastfeeding.

It is important to know!Separate absolute contraindication to surgery for breast enhancement determined by the court, and the inability of the patient, in the sense that his mental state and the mental state does not allow you to fully grasp the essence of the intervention and the possible consequences.

Contraindications related to the increase in the breast speak of situations where it is better to abstain from the operation, and if you still need to assess carefully the possible risks. These contraindications are:

  • Compensated of chronic diseases: cardiovascular (hypertension, ischemic heart disease) and endocrine (diabetes) systems, narrow-angle glaucoma. In this case, the doctor, the patient must give consent for the operation.
  • Autoimmune diseases: rheumatism, systemic lupus erythematosus, glomerulonephritis, etc In these conditions increases the risk of complications.
  • Benign breast disease (breast, etc).
  • Obesity.
  • If a woman has not given birth. Implants do not prevent pregnancy and breastfeeding, but in these conditions they change shape to the breast, so that it may be necessary to reinstall, the corrective operation.
  • Up to the age of 18 years. If the increase in size of the breast is extremely necessary, the operation can be done with a patient over the age of 16 years with the written consent of the parents.

The results of plastic surgery should bring you joy. Then contraindications should be treated very seriously. The more that you do not need to hide their doctor: you can try to fool the doctors, but not his body.

Preparatory phase: the definition of intervention strategies

Consult a doctor before breast augmentation with implants is always a compromise between the wishes of the patient, and the harsh reality of physiology. Perfect breasts are always proportional and looks natural. And the proportions will depend on growth, physical, chest width, structural features more breasts.

Please note! Volumetric machine can be supplied with undersized, fragile girl, can make her figure out of proportion and ridiculous.

But their value is not only aesthetic options to breast enlargement in women. Very important and the health status of the patient, and the motivation, and the understanding that the increase of the female breast is traumatic intervention, after which a restore is required. All this was discussed in the council. Any operation — it is a compromise and risk. And because only the doctor is able to fully appreciate all the risks, and he himself takes the responsibility for the outcome, it is his word becomes decisive in all disputes.

The choice of the plant

the choice of prosthesis for breast augmentation

The physician chooses the implant, considering the individual characteristics of the anatomy of the patient. When this is taken into account a number of factors:

  • Material, and filling. The most popular option — silicone implants. Modern and high quality of the silicone prosthesis to the feel is not different from the natural breast. Thick the shell is very hard to damage, but, if this happens, viscous, non-sag gel that will maintain its properties and does not leave the shell. Another popular option for filler — saline. These facilities are issued as "blank", and you fill up already after the on-site installation. Known and fillers, such as soy or polysaccharide hydrogels (polyglukin, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) — but it is rather exotic.
  • Form. Implants can be round or anatomical. The increase of the breast prosthesis anatomical simulates the shape of the drop "the present" at the breast. The increase in breast implants round creates a push-up effect. Being righteous, of course, and watch those of others. Prosthesis round often put athletes: if active movement of the muscles will change their position, the shape of the breast remains the same. The increase in breast implants round they prefer, and those ladies who want to get more volume and fullness on the top of the breast. The ones that make it seem unnatural, choose the anatomic form. But the council, on which form of stop, it can give only a doctor, that will increase the bust.
  • The implant surface can be smooth or rough, structured. The modern implants with a rough surface, the less perceived by the body as a foreign body. This is one of the most ugly possible consequences of breast augmentation, when the body is trying to isolate the plant grows all around him and the fibrous capsule, to deform the chest.
  • Size (volume) is measured in cubic metres millilitres. Discussed with the patient, but the end result is determined by his physical, and the condition of your breast tissue. Are often installed plants with capacity from 300 to 450 mm3, but the possible options in a wider range — from 200 to 600 cm3.
  • The constructor. Today, there are approximately ten established manufacturers of silicone implants. The specific details concerning the choice of the brand, once again discussed directly with the treating physician. Any of the manufacturers, modern has plants of different sizes and shapes, which allows you to collect each patient's option, fully matching its individual parameters.

After you have selected the size and shape of the prosthesis doctor together with the patient decide how it will be arranged. There are different possible methodologies to position the plant with a breast augmentation, including:

  1. Subglandular. The system is installed directly under the mammary gland. This option is good in cases, when the iron is large enough volume, its tissue is saved to the density, and skin elasticity. The technique is minimally traumatic and allows you to quickly recover, but the plant itself is often evident.
  2. Subfascial. The pocket for the implant is formed under the fascia — the sheath of connective tissue of the pectoral muscle. Technically, this method can be considered as an option subglandular installation. His practice, the doctors speak of a better fixing of the implant.
  3. Submuscular. The system is installed under the pectoral muscle, which separates it from the ribs and that part of netscout. This option is more traumatic and requires a long process of restoration, but the plant is nearly imperceptible and securely attached.
  4. Combined method. The upper part of the implant under the pectoral muscle, low under the mammary gland.

Which breast enlargement method to choose from, decides the doctor based on the location of the mammary glands, their shape, the condition of the skin and of glandular tissue, the volume and the elasticity of the muscles.

Evaluating the results: the beauty is the cost-victims

Many women rejoice in her new breasts already in the early dressings. But more or less to adequately assess the results may be not less than six months, and the final conclusions is not worth to do it before a year after the intervention. And then, as it will be, depends on post-operative care to the same extent, that and by the skill of the surgeon. Keeping a nice shape to the breast can be many years, if not to overlook the departure, wearing a bra (the effect of the force of gravity can not be undone) and to avoid sudden changes of weight.

It was really the beauty of the victims? Most of the women who have decided for the intervention meet — without a doubt, it was worth it. The pain will pass, swelling melt, the scars become invisible. And self-esteem grows constantly thanks admiring glances of men.