If it is worthwhile to increase the breast? Pros and cons of breast

The operation of breast augmentation, or as other call it mammoplastika, is today one of the most popular operations in the world. And because almost every woman dreams of an elegant bust. Sinuous shapes always aroused great admiration, and were considered a true and proper pride. That's why many of the fairer sex are sent to the surgeon and they do mammoplastiky. But if it is worthwhile to increase the breast? Dangerous? These and many other questions we will answer in this article on Elgreloo.com. Know the pros and cons of this operation, you will be able to decide for themselves if it is worth breast augmentation or not.

Why women want to increase the breast

There is a huge amount of glossy magazines, in which the stars, the models seem to simply amazing. And many of us also desire to have a flawless skin, beautiful hair, the makeup, the slim waist and, of course, luxurious chest. Most of the women trying to look like a girl on the cover of a magazine and believe that it is necessary in the first place to do the chest. Here, then, is mammoplastika is very popular now.

The people there are various reasons for which they want to enlarge their breasts. As already noted, the main reason for the desire to meet the stars and models, admired. Another reason is the desire to recover the chest, if it has lost its shape because of disease or breastfeeding. Also, the increase of the breast make for their partners and to improve his self-esteem.

Because men like the breasts of a woman

To all men like the breasts of a woman. And then not deny it. Their views are divergent only in the excellent size. The girls know that men like the breasts of a woman, but to the question of why, few people can answer.

Because men like the breasts of a woman
  1. Men like the breasts, because it is a symptom of a woman.
  2. Secretly stimulates the imagination of men;
  3. The women breast are multifunctional. Men will often confused the chest with a pillow. And yet proven that the breasts helps men to get rid of stress.
  4. The chest fits perfectly in the hand;
  5. The breasts of a woman is a real hypnosis.

Those in need of mammoplastika?

Since ancient times it was believed that the woman with high, elastic breast is very nice. Even despite the fact that at all times the ideal size of the breast was different. In the middle ages, it was considered beautiful, small but very high chest, then his delay in the corset. Then the fashion changed and became popular curvy, big breasts. Now it is difficult to say what is the chest now in vogue. Every girl for you to decide which type of breast she wants.

With the help of modern medicine, it is possible to increase or decrease their breast to the desired size. Here is a list of those in need of mammoplastika:

  • Those who have undergone a mastectomy (which is necessary for the cancer of the mammary glands). After this operation the woman will experience severe, complex, stress, depression. Mammoplastika will help you to rediscover in themselves the confidence, and feel beautiful and desirable.
  • For those who have health problems because of a large chest. It so happens, that this operation, breast reduction is a medical indication. Because of a too large breast in women occurs a lot of problems, that is to say: she can not do sports, there are a lot of problems with the spinal column, and much more.
  • For those who want to improve its appearance. Of course, increasing your chest, you will notice that the man has become more to give. But this does not mean that men choose a partner only in the breast. There are many men who do not like large or made chest, and prefer women that are left, even if it is small, but their.
  • To those who want to improve their self-esteem. Most of the women, after operations for breast enhancement, they began to say that he started to feel a lot more secure and get rid of the ancient complex.

As long as you understand that the operation is really necessary

The decision for a surgical intervention of breast augmentation, a patient accepts herself, and the doctor in any case is not willing to do this. The doctor just has to explain how it will be performed the procedure, with what means, how long will it take for the rehabilitation and many other nuances. Coming to the doctor, the patient herself says that it would resolve itself, for example, adjust the breast, remove the asymmetry, etc, And then the doctor tells you that you can do to resolve the problem.

Sometimes there are cases that doctors refuse patients all the operations. Very often this happens because of the fact that this can lead to various health problems.

If it is worthwhile to increase the breast before giving birth

Many young girls dream of breast augmentation, but I don't know if it is worth to do it prior to delivery or already do, after having passed the period of breastfeeding. On various forums do not recommend breast augmentation before childbirth. And all because during pregnancy the breast increases several dimensions. And after childbirth, the breast implants and a highly vague, and you will need to make mammoplastikyy again, but this time, the surgeon will make large plants.

Even mom, who had the dental prostheses before the birth, you complain that breast-feeding is very painful. Here, then, is if you plan in the future to have children, it is better to wait, and after the birth to get exactly the chest that you want.

The operation of breast augmentation: pros and cons

As with any surgical procedure, mammoplastiki has its pros and cons. In this section, we will tell you about all the positive and negative sides of the operation to increase breast.

Below is a list of the advantages of this procedure:

  • The possibility of correcting physically defects;
  • The possibility of not soffire with the choice of clothing;
  • Improve the psychological state;
  • The appearance of self-confidence and, as a result, this can lead to a career advancement;
  • Beautiful personal life.

As far as the cons, they are much more than advantages. But not many girls are afraid, and are willing to take the risk to be beautiful. Here's the negative side of this surgery:

  • Quite painful surgery that is performed under general anesthesia;
  • After the surgery is very long period of rehabilitation;
  • Can occur complications;
  • The new breast may not like it;
  • It will not be a little bit of time to do sports;
  • You will need to avoid the procedure of water, it is not possible to sit in a steam room or sauna;
  • Can appear new psychological problems;
  • You will need to some time of intimate wear special;
  • There is a small probability of rejecting the prosthesis;
  • The breast can come down to the bottom;
  • The procedure is rather expensive;
  • Loss of sensitivity;
  • Scars;
  • The difficulty mammografii.

How is the operation of breast augmentation

After choosing the clinic and doctor who will do a surgery of breast augmentation, you should be in the board to him. The ideal breast should look natural and proportional. Before that you wake up with new breasts, it will take several phases of work, namely:

  • In the preparatory phase. The doctor examines the patient, the selected material and content, the shape, the size, the manufacturer. The surgeon recommends the patient in all matters, tells the same operation, rehabilitation period and answering all of your questions. The physician chooses to view operating access.
  • Pre-surgical phase. Before entering the operating room is necessary to make a huge list of laboratory hardware and research. That is to say: the examination of blood, urine, HIV, syphilis, do ECG, mammografiu and much more.
  • The operation. Before the surgery, the doctor stretches the mammary glands, observes the contours of future cuts. Patient make a couple of shots, for the preparation of the operations. Then put it on the table and spend the anesthesia. The surgeon performs the surgery.

What types of breast there are

When you select the breast is not worth to pay attention only on the price. When choosing plants it is necessary to consider the anatomical characteristics of the patient, as well as the desired result. The dental prostheses are distinguished by the form, the mind of fill and density.

What types of breast there are

The shape distinguish:

  • Round. They retain the shape of the breast, also in case of displacement;
  • Anatomic (natural teardrop shape). Make the breast more natural, but they can become deformed.

For filling them, are divided into:

  • Gel. Have elasticity and better to hold the shape.
  • Of salt. Soft, are inexpensive.

Density are:

  • The surface is smooth. Great the risk of bias.
  • The structured surface. They have less probability of mixing, and therefore more sustainable.

How to choose the surgeon professional, clinical

This is a very important matter, and to him should be addressed in all of the responsibility. Today, throughout the world there is a huge amount of clinics and doctors that do this procedure. And because the patient is very difficult to make the right choice. After all, many clinics perform a variety of actions, and bring you at reasonable prices, to attract a lot of customers. However, do not blindly choose the clinic where it would be more cost-effective." But and inflated prices, is not always a sign of quality. So, before you do this, you must do the following:

  • Carefully read the curriculum vitae of the surgeon (where he studied, trained, and operating income of seniority, etc);
  • Please note on the reputation of the clinic;
  • Read the reviews of the clinic and the plastic surgeon on the various forum;
  • Ask on the social network;
  • Ask around-friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

Contraindications to the intervention

Of course, as with any surgical procedure, the realization of mammoplastiki they also have their drawbacks. This operation is not possible to make those women, who are:

  • Malignant tumors;
  • The mental illness;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Poor clotting of the blood;
  • The thyroid disease.

Also the doctor does not carry out the operation of a girl, of which less than 18 years of age. Will have to come to the surgery only after you become an adult. Now you know all about all the positive and negative sides of the operation, breast augmentation, and only up to you now to decide if it is worth doing or not. You moral need to be ready for a change, and also in discomfort, which will be after the surgery. It's up to You.