The increase of the breast. Photos before and after the surgery, the features of the performance.

Currently it is very relevant to the topic of breast enhancement, to watch constantly, effectively, and irresistible. If we consider the photo to enlarge, and after, the latter will exactly satisfy the desire of the opposite sex.

breast enhancement

What is the breast implants

Breast implants is a plastic surgery, which is carried out on the mammary glands of women, which is the changing of their sizes or shapes. The doctors increase the chest of his patient through the insertion of the prosthesis. This procedure involves the alteration of breast contour.

There are different types of breast. The first – augmentationem. This type of surgery is the most popular among women of all ages. With the help of this process, the experts give the breasts an attractive shape, and also make it even more lush, while maintaining all the natural functions that he performed before the operation.

For this type of surgery using a special system with a sealed silicone capsule, and inside the capsule has of physiological solution.

According to the mastopexy. During the course of such an operation is not always used in the plant. During this procedure, the doctor gives a beautiful view at the bust, and also eliminates the effects of cancer.

The advantages and disadvantages

The breast has its pros and cons. It is worth to take into consideration their own laws.

The main advantages of this procedure:

  1. the effect of this operation is very long;
  2. the probability of getting a good result is very large;
  3. this operation quite simple to execute.

But the gaps do not forget, because sometimes they are the cause of many women's health issues.


  1. if a woman has mounted systems, must always be under the supervision of physicians, to control the whole situation;
  2. breast implants cesset, so the day will come where they will need to be replaced with new ones, with a choice of quality materials for operations only prolong their life, but won't make them eternal);
  3. during the course of this transaction, the woman is still a risk to their health.

Sure if breast enhancement?

All the silicone helium plants, the scientists tested and studied over the course of many years of life. Many american organs, which usually pass to the control of medicines and other products, collect detailed information and once this information has been found and proven, as to approved plants for use in breast enhancement surgery.

The physicians already answered a question on the fact that the silicone implants in any way influence the development of cancer, problems with connective tissues and reproductive functions.

And currently in progress is the development of whole of three american societies of new plants, which in the future will still more time to be in the female body, as well as to prevent the occurrence of health problems.

Photos before and after, that demonstrate that the effect of such systems will be evident immediately with a breast augmentation.

Types of plants


The increase of the breast (photos before and after confirm this fact) is made of the different systems. All of the prostheses for the female breast are presented in the form of a shell, which is filled with the particular composition. And it is precisely from this trick depends on what type will be this plant.

Variety of dressings and their characteristics:

  1. A physiological solution. These breast implants are very rarely used in aesthetic surgery, because it can't provide all of the girls long-term cosmetic effect. After a certain time of use in patients appear different folds and bulges.
  2. The gel. These plants, unlike the previous, are very much in demand, because the gel that is found in them is not flowing freely throughout the content and not ruin created the shape of the breast. These plants have a solid shell of silicone, so that they are safe to use even when occurs the rupture of the implant. The gel is still inside and does not spread throughout the chest.
  3. A mix of solutions. Data systems better, in the sense that an expert trying to collect the compound by mass, based on the natural shape of the breast. To this are applied a number of solutions, which give a perfect shape of the breast. But they are also more expensive than the previous types of implants.

When choosing plants, it's worth the be sure to consult with many doctors. Worth coming from the natural shape of the breast. For example, if the patient has a chest plate, is suitable teardrop-shaped implants, but if sagging something round.

Even in plastic surgery are applied to two types of breast implants: saline and silicone. Silicone help to achieve a greater effect of elasticity, of salt. And here salt – a lot softer when the sensitivity, but it creates the effect of "gurgle" and, in the case of their breakage, are completely emerge in the mammary gland, which creates the unpleasant feeling of pain, girl.

The shape of the plants

The increase of the breast (photos before and after clearly show) takes place on plants of different forms.

They are:

  1. round
  2. anatomical (tear drop).

Prosthesis round very often are used to adjust asymmetrical breasts. Are usually suitable for women who dream of lush and cheerful shapes.

This type of low-profile, and profile. You can't guarantee the naturalness, as well as can easily roll over. But the prostheses that are most simple when you work, so many doctors work with them.

The anatomical, or, as they are called – teardrop-shaped implants are widely used to increase very small breasts. Moreover, this form gives the naturalness and fluidity.

The dentures more expensive than the previous, but are more effective when you use it. But they also have a downside: it can easily move, so that their breast can buy deformed features.

The analysis and examination


In front of such a procedure must fully examine the entire body. These actions will help identify all the contraindications, which are available in this procedure. For the breast it is necessary to check in the common analysis of blood and urine, the results of which will be valid for 2 weeks.

We also recommend that you present the biochemical analysis of the blood, which includes the presence of liver samples, the total protein, creatine and electrolytes. Necessarily need to carry out an analysis for the detection of glucose levels. A medical expert will prescribe koagulogrammou, the control on the rh factor and the presence of blood of the patient, but also all of the analysis on presence of antibodies to HIV and markers of hepatitis c and B.

It should also pass the physical examination of the body, which includes: ULTRASOUND breast women, chest x-ray, and ECG.

Preparation for the intervention

The increase of the breast (photos before and after, you can analyze the sites clinical) necessarily requires a careful preparation of the surgery.

It consists of the following points:

  1. the patient meets with his doctor who will perform mammoplasty;
  2. the expert observes the woman and evaluates the main indications for this operation;
  3. the patient and the doctor discuss the choice of system;
  4. a woman passes the obligatory examination of the entire body and forces the doctor all the necessary analyses, confirming the authorization for the conduct of the procedure.

The operation

Every woman must cover not only the result of such an operation, but also the main stages of which it is composed. In the first place, the doctor first makes chest-specific indicators. Via anesthetist feeds the anesthesia, and after its effect, the surgeon begins to make the incisions for the label, which she left before surgery.

the operation

These cuts can be done in different places: at the top boundary of the areola, through the cavity in the axillary, or brisket crease. The choice of these places, the doctor takes the hands of professionals. If, during the operation of the start to bleed blood, he immediately sears.

The second phase is the creation of the plant. The doctor specifically makes "pockets", and then installs the prosthesis. But initially the holes put cotton swabs, which departs from a stop of the blood and kill germs.

Before install the systems specialist also disinfects. These plants can often be located over a large muscle of the chest, under the fascia of the muscle of the chest, or between the big and the small muscles of the chest.

After the insertion takes place sewing of all soft tissues, and then the surfaces of the skin. And the last action of a doctor for the seams impose sterile bandages. The duration of the intervention depends on its complexity and the level of preparation of all professionals. This is usually about 3 hours.


After the surgery the woman went off into her room, where she walks away from the anesthesia. The next day, if you are experiencing pain, the doctor prescribes anesthetics.

After two days the patient is sent home. But not the end of the rehabilitation process, she must face a long time to wear a compression garment that supports the breast tissue and prevents violations to be prosecuted for stitches.

Also the woman is required every time their treatment with antibacterial agents for the inside has not affected the microbes. After 6 days, the sutures are removed. For a couple of weeks after the surgery of breast augmentation should forget about the physical load, it is recommended that you look for a budget massage. Usually the rehabilitation period lasts about 4 weeks.

How long do the results last


Some experts believe that these results are maintained for the entire life, especially if during the surgery, the doctor used the silicone implants. It sometimes happens, when the system broke down, and had to be repeated plastic surgeries just to replace it. If you are using another type of system, you will have to change again 15 years after the implementation of this procedure.

The increase in the volume of breast with exercise

Often you can hear that the breasts can increase with exercise, but it is not so. Increase the volume this way it is possible, perhaps only improve the shape. On the contrary, when the woman running the complex aggravations of the year, you lose the fat is not only on the belly, or in other places, but also chest.

To pull on the breast, it is recommended that you perform some physical exercises:

  1. perform pushups with your knees (so they will be involved in all pectoral muscles and shoulders and back). It is recommended to bend the legs at right angles, and, exceptionally, lowering of the trunk due to the bending the hands to the elbows. Declines to about 13 times per day;
  2. also, don't forget the classic push-ups (run 13 times on 4 the approach of each day);
  3. it does not prevent the exercise compression and unclamping of the palms (bend the elbows, put them at the level of the chest, and then exercise the contraction). Repeat these movements need approximately 7 times over 11 seconds in a day;
  4. we recommend that you do a year of "emphasis on the wall" (should occupy the starting position at the sides of the pass door, and then begin to push your arms forward). The duration of treatment should not exceed 5 minutes for 3 approach;
  5. useful for the shape of the breast will bench and dumbbells in lying position (need to lie down under an angle of 25-28 degrees, put your feet on the floor, and the forearm upward at a right angle). It is recommended that you do 3 series of 11 items.

The massage to increase breast


Breast augmentation (before and after picture to prove it) it is possible to produce with the help of massage. Allows you to adjust the circulation of the blood in the mammary glands, improves the nutrition, in this way, the breast size increases. There are 4 types of massage techniques: water control, vacuum, and japanese.

  • The massage of the water shall be performed with circular movements and strong jets of water. On each breast it is worth to dedicate about 4 minutes of attention.
  • Modelling massage can be done with any fat cream or gel. We strongly recommend that you use circular motions all over your chest, over your nipples. Way to pay attention to the nipples, performing sliding exercises for 3 minutes. There then follows a hand to take the chest, and the second to do a flip, about 4 minutes. After Pat need to do the itching.
  • Vacuum massage is also done with the help of creams, moisturisers, but the vacuum nozzles. This nozzle must be worn on the chest. And then try to suck from this measure all the air. Such a nozzle has to be mounted on each breast for 20 minutes.
  • Japanese massage needs your help to make it a second person. Features of procedure: pressure at 8 points around the thyroid gland, 6 points about blades, and 2 on the shoulders. The pressure must be carried out for 6 seconds.

How to increase your breast size visually?

For the chest seemed more visually, a woman's worth is to choose the right bra. To get the best effect possible to buy push-up bras, which has special pads on the half moons, giving lush breasts and a nice shape. It is also important to choose the right size.

an increase in visual

In addition, you should choose and wear those things that are constantly emphasized their forms, giving their views. It is recommended that you work on the posture, because the back straight also makes small breasts more visually. Some women also lead the contouring of the breast with the help of blusher and a brush for the contouring.

Breast enhancement can be a variety of ways, even without surgical intervention.