Breast augmentation: pros and cons

Many women think of breast augmentation, considering such operations, such as breast lift, replacement of the breast and the post-natal plastic surgery.

Pros and cons


  • The operation of breast augmentation gives a long term effect.
  • You are better to look like in the dresses, and swimsuits.
  • The figure will look younger.


  • For breast implants require medical supervision.
  • Sooner or later they need replacing.
  • As with any surgery, there is a certain risk.
Breast augmentation: photos before and after the procedure chest

If it is necessary to increase the breast?

There are some of the most common and basic reasons why you should enhance your breasts:

  • It seems that the breast are too small compared to the whole body.
  • He feels uncomfortable in a bathing suit, tight-fitting clothes or with a plunging neckline.
  • Difficult for you to match clothes: what is tight, no thigh is too big in the bust.
  • The bust has become less or has lost the original shape, after giving birth to children.
  • The breast is decreased after the weight loss.
  • One breast visibly smaller than the other.

If you have good health, a positive attitude and realistic expectation, probably, you are the right candidate for increase procedure. If you decide for the operation, it is necessary to read the reviews about the different surgeons and clinics.

The procedure of breast augmentation

How does the operation of increase of breasts?

During operations with the use of prostheses, the surgeon makes an incision and pushes the tissues, form a pocket between the gland and the thoracic cage and put into it the plant.

The increase of mammary glands can take place through the swap autologous (own) fat. In this case, the surgeon removes the fat of the patient with the help of the liposuction parts of the body with plenty of fat (abdomen, thighs, hips), and then introduces her chest. This technique is still experimental due to the short history of application, but is considered to be very promising.

Where are the plants?

The position of the implant and the cutting, through which it is inserted, is determined by many factors – the anatomy of the patient until the method of work of the surgeon. The plant is located in the "pocket"


The position under the pectoral muscle less preventing the mammogram and maintains the ability to breast-feeding. The decision on the place of installation of the system is taken by a surgeon in a joint interview with the patient.

Sure if breast enhancement?/

Who has the courage to install the systems, it is necessary to remember that this is a change for life, and, also, with time, it may be necessary to the replacement of systems. After the surgery will have to undergo a periodic examination at a plastic surgeon to monitor the implants. Read the reviews, anyone who has done these operations, before venturing upon an increase of the bust.

Silicone helium systems have been studied intensely over the years. The american FDA state body for the control of drugs and medical production, conducted in-depth studies and the collection of detailed information and only after that has approved their application for cosmetic surgery to increase the breast. The communication between the silicone implants and breast cancer, diseases of the connective tissues, and reproductive problems has not been revealed. In addition, the FDA has issued a license for the development and marketing of breast implants and three companies. Currently we are still collecting data on their long-term safety and effectiveness. On the official website of the FDA is available with all the information regarding the research of breast implants.

The choice of a plastic surgeon

Select a surgeon who trust

It is important to choose a surgeon, on the basis of the following quality:

  • Education, training and certification
  • Experience in the conduct of the operations of breast enhancement
  • Comfort during the relationship with the doctor
  • Customer reviews

For the search and selection of qualified staff surgeon, it is best to consult the regional community of physicians in aesthetic medicine. In the UNITED states, for example, the American society for aesthetic plastic surgery. In Russia this is more complicated, a good surgeon will try first of all to reviews and recommendations.

After you have found a cosmetic surgeon that meets all of the requirements, you need to subscribe to him for advice. You can be paid for with in-depth character conversation.

The treatment plan

Depending on your objectives, the physical parameters of the patient, the training and experience of the surgeon, they will evaluate the recommended therapy and share the following information:

  • the approach to the intervention, including all types of procedures and their combinations,
  • future results,
  • the financial costs,
  • about the surgery risks and complications
  • the type of anesthesia,
  • that is necessary for the preparation of the intervention,
  • the post-operative period.

The doctor can show you pictures "before and after" of the patients, whose cases were similar to yours and answer any questions. Some surgeons use 3D-renderings to choose the right plant for the specific case.