Exercises to increase breast growth in home

exercises to increase the breast

Even with the most ancient times, women have tried to have a model of the form. Certainly, in ancient times, the reference point of the beauty of the girls was considered the completeness and rounded shapes, now thin and shaped in life. Unchanged remained only one - elastic, and luxurious chest.

What girl would not want to have firmer, larger breast, it would be nice to not only you, but also others. The absolutely reward all the ideal parameters may not.

Someone has a fat form, someone ugly or small breasts. If you are still with the stomach fight is possible: attack any diets, exercises, enlarge your breast much more difficult. Can only help you a series of exercises.

To resolve the problem, bad chest, up to today there is a great quantity of physical exercise that affects the muscles of the chest, so you strengthen and increase their volume. Because of this our chest and becomes larger and more elastic.

To switch to a complex of exercises, it is necessary to keep the warm-up. Run, jump, do the slopes on the side, so no less than 15-20 minutes.


For the shortest time to reach the result, almost all of the girls begin to do each day.

This is a mistake, because the muscles grow during rest between physical activity. Sense trained every day absolutely no. The best program of loads of strength - do 3 times a week.


Swimming and rowing - the most effective types of sports to strengthen the muscles of the chest. Hedgehog if you decide to go to the gym, then it will not help you fitness equipment with a greater weight.

The most important thing - listen to all the directions of an experienced instructor, who will explain and show you how to do exercises for breast growth. Great weight - 80% the weight you can lift.

Exercises with a greater weight will need to perform in different approaches. The ideal rod. The first approach can be lifted without pancakes. In the second - 60%. The latter approach, we perform with the maximum weight.

To give the effect, each exercise should be done no more than 10 times, otherwise the exercise will acquire the forecast of burn fat and would have no effect. Once you feel heat in your muscles, do not stop, repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Remember that during training the most important thing is the breathing. Breathing needs to be calm and rhythmically: to force to do the breathing, relaxation and exhalation.



Exercise will help not only to increase the volume of the breast, but make you strong and pumped hands.

Many women after the age of 30 years begin to sag, the muscles in the upper part of the hand. Dumbbells can help in this matter.

To perform the exercise lie on your back, grasp a dumbbell and start working with the hands: the hands alone (not completely straighten, a high point should be slightly bent) - towards themselves, then dilute in part - squeeze the breast.

Better to start with a lung handlebar, and then gradually increase the load. During the financial year is not necessarily the right to breathe: the breath away from the hands during exhalation, to bring you near to himself. The exercise you must do 20 times.

For this exercise you need to add 15 reps to the position of the arms with dumbbells: right hand, dumbbell is elongated along the left thigh is raised in front of the chest; it is necessary to alternately change hands and places: to the left along the right thigh to the top.

Remember that exercise to increase the bust with dumbbells will not be able to help you find useless 2-3 size, because the composition of the breast is composed of glands and adipose tissue. The muscles just a little bit to increase his, but will be tight, and elastic.


One of the most effective exercises is "the Palm of the hand". For this we sit down on a chair, or we become close to the wall. The most important thing is to make a smooth back, otherwise, the entire load of spin he will take upon him, and no action will not. Connect the palm, as in prayer. Very nadavlivaem on the palm of your hand to feel this strength in the shoulders. Keep your hands under tension for 10 seconds, not less, to achieve a result.

After an interval of 10 seconds, the remote hands on the 5 cm and leave them in that position again for 10 seconds. Bring your arms and shake them as possible. This task place twice.


What is the most simple exercise, you will be able to increase the size of the breast is not trivial to do push-ups. How to do this exercise, they know absolutely all men, because it is taught in physical education classes. Push-ups should be no less than 30 times to approach. But in practice many women it is difficult to make it 3-4 times, not 30.So the first time you have to do twenty push-ups for employment, regardless of the number of approaches. Then you only have to easily reduce the number of approaches, not decreasing the number of push-ups.


Must become the face to the wall, and put the palm of the hand, and then the pressure force on the wall, as if walking to move. Push should be so strong, to feel the tension in the muscles of the chest. 10 seconds press and 10 are relaxed.



This exercise usually perform together carriers, for example, dumbbells or heavy books. The movement should do is similar to what the skiers, starting from two sticks during the night. But to do this you need to slowly, raising his hands from the hips up to the level of the chest, delaying them for a couple of seconds in this position, and then slowly lowering. This exercise for enlarge breast is performed for six times in three approaches.


Is it necessary to go to a chair with his back, put his hands on him, then lean back on your hands. Pull the legs forward. Descend down and climb, to bend and there is a rigid hand. This exercise should be done in 3 sets by 6-8 times.At the end of the workout, perform the exercise for enlarge breasts "Stretching", for this it is necessary to lower the arms with dumbbells and hold them in this position for a certain time, or perform an exercise of "the Wall", but not pressure to the wall, but simply "hang" at your fingertips.


It should become straight with your feet should be shoulder width apart. Then his hands raise so that your elbows are at chest height, palm to bend in front of him, that the fingers are facing upwards. "One and two" need to push the lower parts of the palms on each other. The "three" turn the palm of the hand with the fingers to himself, "four" palm of the right hand. On account of the "five" hand dipped down, and the "six" to return to the starting position.