The massage to increase bust: how to do, engineering

The presence of a small breast, it causes its possessors a sense of insecurity in their own attractiveness, so they are trying to find methods that favour the increase of volume of the mammary glands. Plastic surgery is one of the solutions to this problem, but it is not necessary to resort to this radical method to change the size of the bust.

There are different techniques of massage, many of which you can perform yourself at home.

Massage affects the size of a woman's breast?

When a woman has the desire to revise the form of the bust, experts recommend regular massage to increase breast. Well performed the procedure allows you to obtain espresso with the therapeutic and general tonic effect.

Accordingly, systematic massage, you experience many positive changes in the body:

  • Improves muscle tone, improves blood circulation.
  • Dilates blood vessels, increases the blood flow to the treated area and facilitate the venous outflow.
  • Accelerates the lymphatic flow and the elimination eliminates congestion.
  • Normal functioning of the nervous system (thanks to the action on nerve endings).
  • Hydration and relaxation of the epidermis.
  • Improved metabolism, increases the tone of the skin.

If to speak directly about the impact of the massage milk the breast, then after a couple of sessions, you can rely on a certain change of shape of the breast due to improve its elasticity.

Bust after the massage increase for the reason that the muscles that are outside the rib cage, they become more toned. However, this increase is negligible, so don't expect that the bust is difficult to grow.

Of course, women want to know how long it takes for a tangible difference? The results of the procedures depend on the characteristics of the individual. A year, the breast increases in size, the other two.

The massage is effective when breast-feeding for the design of a milk duct as it helps to strengthen the breast-feeding. It is important not to overdo it, to avoid an excessive supply of milk. Also, thanks to the different techniques it is possible to prepare the mammary glands at the lactation period. If the procedure is performed correctly, the bust after you have finished breast-feeding keeps the shape, and then attractiveness.

Contraindications and possible damage procedures

In possession of a massage, it is necessary to entrust to a qualified technician. Also, the massage for breast growth has some drawbacks, ignoring that will result in unwanted consequences.

The procedure is prohibited when:

  • Malaise, excessive fatigue.
  • High temperature.
  • Mastitis.
  • Infectious disease.
  • Different damage of the skin in the chest area.
  • Great neo.
  • Of the oncology.
  • Pregnancy (1 trimester).

Before like going to a massage that is performed for breast enhancement, you need to see a doctor for any the presence of any seals. If during the diagnosis is detected the statement, or the most common, the procedure is cancelled.

The woman must understand that massaging the breast is able to change not only its size, but also result in the growth of the tumor, which can be malignant. Therefore, it is important to pre-register to mammologist and gynecologist, to ensure a state of health of the glands.

General rules for the execution of the massage

breast massage

The process, thanks to which the breasts may increase in volume, requires respect of some rules:

  1. Before starting the session, must be evaluated, to verify the absence of contraindications.
  2. A woman in the position and breastfeeding must get the permission from the doctor in possession of massage.
  3. Before a session has to be rinsed in the chest and wash your hands thoroughly, if you plan to implement the manipulation.
  4. It is important to gently massage the breasts, avoiding strong compressions. It is not possible to avoid a painful and discomfort. Excessive exposure to the breast can cause the formation of hematomas.
  5. To strengthen the effectiveness of the procedure, we recommend the use of creams and oils. If I use a special oil to the chest, is to increase the effect of the massage, but also calms and relaxes the body entirely female. Well established funds in which contains the hops. For cleavage seemed to be growing younger, it is useful to almond oil. To delete form stretch marks and gain sap, we recommend the application of grapefruit oil.
  6. Move during the session, it is necessary for a certain scheme – from the nipple to the axillary area, and then from the nipple to the clavicle.
  7. Massage, the execution of which is useful for the growth of the breast, you should do it for 10-14 days, after which take a break.

At the end of the session, need a shower, you should direct the jet of water from the upper departments of the breast to improve blood circulation.

Common techniques of massage therapy

When the question arises of how to increase the breast of a massage, you should pay attention to the popular and effective technology, thanks to which occurs an increase of the elasticity of the skin and improve the appearance of the mammary glands.

If the massage is performed correctly, the sagging breast recovers its shape, we normalize the regeneration of the skin. This result is the consequence of increase the blood circulation and the saturation of the cells of elements that are useful.

If a woman is expected to perform the massage to increase bust in the house, must adhere to the rules of the selected technique. Otherwise, it's not worth waiting for any changes.

The classical technique

Better to do before going to sleep after the treatment of the water. To scroll through the fingers on the skin was more easy, it is not recommended to use oils of peach, apricot, olive, almond.

The massage of the water

Whirlpool – one of the main procedures, with which every girl or woman will be able to maintain the beauty of the bust. The essence of the technique consists in the exposure to jets of water, the pectoral muscles and the skin in the area of the mammary glands. An important condition technique – selection of an optimal load for the different stages of the chest.

In the traditional tub need to combine jets of different intensity:

  • If it occurs the impact on the mammary glands, the head of the selected media.
  • For the area between the ribs and phase under the breast, the pressure force can be increased.
  • So combine the bet and dissipated jet, massage the breast in a clockwise direction, avoiding the area of the nipple.

Long each area is carried out not less than 10 in a circular motion. The jet directed to the area of the armpit, runs along the surface of the breast and is displayed at the top of the neck. The total duration of the massage – 10-15 minutes (5-7 minutes for each MZ).

Effective technique is a combination of massage and a shower contrast. The warm water promotes muscle relaxation and purification of the skin and the cold – activation of metabolic processes and increasing blood circulation. However, it is worth taking into account, that the high temperature of the water promotes the strength of skin, so the cost is not abuse of the procedures.

Massage Qi

It is one of the massage techniques of the taoist and provides for the impact on the mammary glands, which stimulates the production of prolactin. Increase the levels of the hormone will result in an increase in the volume of the breast. The technique is particularly relevant in adolescence and the period of breast-feeding, when it occurs, the restructuring of the reproductive system.

For the breast began to increase, you will need a lot of time. According to experts, the visible results are observed after six months, and the sessions must be carried out regularly in combination with exercise. The recommendation is particularly relevant for the adolescent.

Massage Qi is performed in two stages:

  1. Pre-the palm of the hand vigorously rub, to well-warmed.
  2. The hands are placed on the chest, with the fingers should be spread apart. Forward have been made movements of rotation in the direction from the shoulder to the center of the chest.

The number of spins – a number that is a multiple of 36, while in the day of their should not be more than 360.

Thanks to the massage Qi it is possible to eliminate the imbalance of the glands. The chest, with a smaller volume, is performed only on the inside. Another problem massage initially inward and then outward.

This technique will influence not only the growth of the bust, but also to prevent the formation of cysts and tumors.

Shiatsu Massage

The technique is advanced, a variety of acupressure (finger pressure), which is actively practiced in eastern medicine. The essence of the technique is to strengthen the production of hormones, which causes growth of the mammary glands.

To perform the Shiatsu massage must make an expert, since for a correct exposure on the acupressure points it is necessary to have a practical in the long term. In a week you are allowed a couple of sessions that last from 30 minutes to an hour.

As a step-by-step fact acupressure?

  1. First, the therapist exerts pressure with the fingertips 8 points, localized in the area of the thyroid gland – close to the jugular depression. The number of compressions – 5 times on each point for 2-3 seconds.
  2. The above is carried out 5 seconds of exposure to the point where it joins the spinal column and the skull. It is important to avoid uncomfortable feelings.
  3. The area above the clavicles – the place where you find the other 2 points. Click on them, it is necessary for 5-7 seconds.
  4. The final phase – the area between the shoulder blades. There are 6 points (the first at the base of the blade, the other two are under the cm of distance from one another).

When you do the technique is important, do not differ from those of the points, otherwise movements will be unnecessary.

Chinese massage

For the procedure, it is necessary to make a supply of small balls. In this case, they are used with tennis balls or those that have been designed for the training of the fingers. With the help of the inventory, it is necessary to act on some points. Their position:

  • the palm of the hand;
  • of the foot;
  • brush (the place where you connect the thumb and fingers);
  • the rib cage (approximately 13 cm from the solar plexus on both sides of the sternum).

According to experts, the foot is the area, the effect that causes the growth of breasts.

The technique involves the serialization of the action:

  • In the course of 30 seconds, massaged also 2 points on your chest with this move follows in the clockwise direction. Then take a break in half a minute, after which the movement is repeated.
  • In the space of a minute, it is necessary to roll the ball between the palms of the hands.
  • The balls put on the floor. Run catania barefoot (1 minute).
  • You need to place the ball on the right brush and massage the point for 30 seconds. Then the ball is passed to the left hand.

Thanks to the simple manipulation of a good body relaxes and fills up with the right energy.

Preventive massage

To notify the congestion of the mammary gland, but also to prepare for the next massage to change the volume of the breast, it is useful to perform a simple warm-up:

  • The palms of the hands, it is necessary to tighten each gland, while the central part of the palm should sit on the nipple;
  • Next you need to do 9 laps, going from the outside towards the center;
  • After a deep breath you should exhale, and perform the game of 9 strokes).

Massage in with alternating circular movements and compressions are done for 5 minutes.


The procedure provides for the discovery in the course of a certain period of time in a special chamber with liquid nitrogen. For the development of the session observes the expert.

If the massage is done in-house, are used ice cubes. For their preparation it is recommended to combine herbal teas, oils and juices.

The exposure to the cold invigorates the skin. The ice is necessary to drive with circular movements. Excluding the appearance of strong discomfort, why is it important to prevent hypothermia.

Massage gua sha

massage gua sha

The chinese methodology can be combined with the techniques listed above, how beneficial impact on the condition of the breast. With the help of massage, gua sha, you can start the process of self-healing. The area of exposure are the back, head, neck, abdomen, thighs.

The results of the session:

  • It improves the circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Rid of the pain.
  • To get rid of swelling.
  • The normalization of the metabolism.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin.

For special procedures scrapers (copper, minerals, wood). Before a session, treated skin with oil or cream. Massage therapist has resorted to different types of movements in nature, intense and smooth with a light push.


Thanks to a great variety of correction techniques of the bust is available every fairer sex. The appearance of the results you can expect only with a regular step of the massage sessions, but don't count on drastic changes. And because the manipulation of the breast are contraindications, it is necessary initially to make sure their absence.