Breast augmentation: achieve the dream of a lifetime!

breast enhancement

Increase the size of the breast is today one of the most common plastic surgery. To breast use women and girls, for any reason, dissatisfied with the true shape of her breast. However, before deciding for the operation, it is necessary to evaluate the "pros" and "cons".

Readings to lead operations

Medical indications to carry out operations to increase the breasts do so much. They are objective reasons for which the doctor prescribes the operation. But there is a natural desire to improve the aesthetics of the breast, if the natural shape and size do not meet their owner. In the number of "complaints" includes not only the small size of the mammary glands, but also their asymmetry. Fortunately, thanks to modern cosmetic surgery can solve nearly all of the defects! In addition to this, there are a number of other indications to conduct operations, such as: sagging of the breast after pregnancy, nursing a baby, or a strong weight loss, and also spent a mastectomy (removal of the mammary glands).

Breast reduction is often necessary and the right decision, if a woman experiences a sense of oppression and dissatisfaction for external data, but must be approved by a qualified plastic surgeon and a psychologist. Thanks to the success of the operation not only increases the self-esteem, but also disappear, many psychological complexes and problems. Also, a perfect body is a requirement for certain female professions of the field of, for example, the industry of the fashion. In order to achieve its objectives in this sector, you need to take care of the shape of her breasts. If the cause of surgical intervention of breast augmentation is only the dissatisfaction of the partner, the realization of the desired external features that will satisfy not only you, but your loved one, however, for what it's worth? On this you need to think carefully. Finally, it should be remembered that breast implants is the only breast enhancement method, giving reliable and long-lasting result.

It is worth mentioning that the operation of breast augmentation is contraindicated to women:

  • under the age of 18 years of age, when the mammary glands are not still formed the final;
  • with severe diseases of the internal organs;
  • with cancer;
  • during the period of flow of infectious diseases;
  • in the period of breast-feeding;
  • with blood clotting disorders.

Breast enlargement methods

There are several ways to increase the breast, which differ in their purpose and execution methods. Of course, this information is only test, the final decision on the choice of the type of operation and facilities must be the cause of a professional.

Breast augmentation with the use of implants

Is the most common type of breast. The systems allow you to get a chest of any size or shape depending on the selected type prosthesis. There are several ways of implementation of the systems, they differ in the shape and position of the cut. Also, different types of arrangements of equipment: between the muscle and mammary gland, entirely under the pectoral muscle or partially.

The types of plants

When you choose a plant not worth the effort to focus on its value. The criteria of choice should be the anatomical characteristics of the patient and the desired result. In this case, the final decision is up to a doctor, who, on the basis of his experience can take into account all the details and features of carrying out a breast. According to the system specialist to select the most suitable way of surgery.

The modern lifts have a weight, the high security features, and natural form. Plants vary on the basis of multiple criteria: the form, the mind of fill and density. The shape distinguish implants, round and anatomical, in possession of a natural drop-shaped. Anatomical dental implants allow you to make the appearance of the breast more natural. And those, and others may be of different thickness (high or low profile). Prosthesis round retain the shape of the breast, even when their movement, while the anatomical can deform.

With regard to the filling, there are currently no prosthesis in the gel based on silicone and saline implants filled with a saline solution with a salt content of 0.9%. The saline implants are a lower cost and increased softness. Gel implants have a higher elasticity and better to hold the shape. We emphasize that these modern facilities do not bring a woman any harm: in the event of damage to the sheath of the filler does not emerge.

Density show soft and full of dentures and dental implants, soft-touch. Soft plant density correspond to the tissues in the breast and not particularly well-keep their shape. Narrow implants are not deformed, but they at least look natural. Plants softtouch represent something of medium density and quite good to keep the shape.

Plants also differ in the structural features of the sheath: highlight the product with a smooth surface and a structured surface. Textured implants are less prone to displacements, that is, more resistant. However, they can cause the appearance of wrinkles on the skin due to friction in the subcutaneous tissue of the surface of the product. Smooth implants do not cause these problems, however, when integration risk of bias a lot more.

Breast lift

breast lift

Breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed with the use of implants and without them. The implants are embedded in the case in which the unhappy woman is not only the shape of the breast, but also its size. There are three main types of braces according to the place of execution of the cut:

  1. Anchor mastopexy with a cut in the shape of "anchor", which runs vertically from the nipple to the folds under the breast and then horizontally along it. This facelift is recommended for women with large breasts and large deformations.
  2. Mastopexy with a contour-brown-pink phase around the nipple is indicated for women with small breasts, and slight deformation. During the operation removed part of the skin around it, then overlap the joints of the contraction.
  3. Mastopexy with a cut in the shape of a crescent is suitable for women with minor deformities of the breast, if in the upper part there is the excess skin. During the course of this operation, the surgeon makes an incision above brown-pink ground around the nipple. Following the operation, move the nipple up to 2-4 cm

Endoscopic breast augmentation

This is, in fact, the development of plants with specialised equipment — endoscope. This type of surgery is necessary, if the incision is made under the armpit, as well as install the system through the selected section is only possible with the use of medical optical instruments. The plant in this case is located under the pectoral muscle, and the installation process is passed in a secure manner, you need a visual check, which, as has been said, is guaranteed by means of the special equipment endoscopic. It can be said that endoscopic breast augmentation is up to now the most modern and safe methods. The advantages of this type of intervention we will examine below.

Augmentation or reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy

Breast augmentation with the use of implants

The removal of the breast (mastectomy) is a radical way of the treatment of cancers that affect the mammary glands. Fortunately, plastic surgery can restore the breast size. This requires a highly-skilled surgeon with great experience. The increase of the breast occurs with the use of own tissue of the patient and/or with the use of implants. That is, it is possible to a combined method.

Methods of performing an operation of

As mentioned previously, the technology of surgery of the breast augmentation depends on the location of the cut. Access through the area around the nipple provides for the execution of the section at the border of pigmented skin nipple, with seam after you have performed the operation remains virtually invisible. This method is not suitable for women, that in the future, intention of breastfeeding, as well as during operations can damage the ducts.

The second method involves an incision along the crease beneath the breast, through the seam remains relatively inconspicuous, and the access for the surgeon becomes more convenient. The only problem for the patient is the need for a certain time to wear a bandage gauze elastic, to avoid irritation of the scar in the bra.

Breast augmentation with access through the armpit, the depression is more gradual and less traumatic method. In this way, there is a series of significant advantages:

  1. Thanks to a small section in the reduced period of post-operative rehabilitation: the recovery period lasts 10-14 days, and the tripe reversed after 4-5 months.
  2. The method provides a good fixation of the prosthesis and reduces the risk of displacement due to the fact that the system is installed under the pectoral muscle.
  3. When the operations are not the breast tissue, which is especially important if you are planning a pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  4. The surgery takes only 40 minutes, thanks to the convenience of the introduction of the implant with the endoscope.

Preparation for the intervention

Preparing for surgery breast enhancement includes a visit with a plastic surgeon, a professional psychologist and an anesthesiologist, a necessary step in the hardware survey, the rest of the analysis. In preparation for the surgery should also give up smoking, consumption of alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, the use of hormonal contraceptives, but also drugs with a high content of aspirin and other blood thinning drugs.


Complete rehabilitation after the surgery usually lasts about 2 months and consists of several stages. The first 2-3 days is necessary to keep in the hospital and special to wear a compression garment, that keeps the breast form and prevents the movement of the plants. Also during the first five days of not raising his hand. After discharge within one month should continue to enjoy compression underwear, with the ban to lift weights and do sports, the best type of activity is a walk. In a first moment, the sensations of pain and discomfort in the chest area, which are removed with the help of pain-relieving drugs. The first two weeks after surgery, it is only allowed to sleep on your back, then on one side, and a month later — on the belly. For two months can not participate in a Turkish bath, a sauna, a solarium and a sun bath. The patient should necessarily consult a plastic surgeon for your scheduled scans in calendar time.

The possible negative consequences

Adverse effects that may occur after the surgery, include the development of fibrosis, contracture, particular reactions of the organism to the introduction of foreign bodies, the movement, the damage and rupture of the implants. In addition to this, perhaps, that the transaction does not get the chest of that form and size, which was expected initially. It should be noted that in the majority of cases, these effects occur because of the lack of skill of a surgeon. So, if you are going to breast augmentation, the most important thing is to choose a reliable clinic and surgeon professional with significant experience of working in the field of plastic surgery.

The cost of breast enlargement

The cost of breast augmentation depends on several factors: the selected clinic, its geographical location and level of service; the qualifications and experience of the surgeon; selected plants; the differences between the original and the desired size of the breast; the method of intervention; the number of days that must spend in hospital.

The operation of breast augmentation — is the surgical procedure complex. And whatever the purpose of the treatment in the clinic: purely aesthetic or for health reasons, need very attentive to the choice and medical center, and surgeon.

How to choose a clinic?

Clinics of plastic surgery in the capital and in the whole of Russia a lot, every year it is opening new medical centers. To attract customers, many offer reasonable prices and favorable terms. However, do not blindly choose "where is cheaper". It is worth mentioning that there is a table from the price threshold below which you cannot count on a high level of service. The clinic should be a good reputation, it in theory should work, at least, a physician "with a name", the equipment must be modern. But inflated prices are not always a sign of quality. Choose a clinic where the prices are fixed in combination with the positive reviews of the customers, which can be pre-study on the specialized forums.