Breast enhancement

breast enhancement

The main options of access

  1. axillaribus. In this case, the fabric рассекаются under the armpit. The method is non-traumatic. In this the mammary glands do not remain scars.
  2. periareolar. In this case, the fabric рассекаются around the areola. The technique applies, if the woman is not going to give birth and breastfeed the baby at the breast.
  3. submammary. Fabric рассекаются in the crease under the breast. It is very convenient for the surgeon, because this ensures the maximum access to tissues.
The method of intervention, mode of access, the type of implant are defined by a specialist. Our doctors are always listening to the numerous requests of the patients. This allows us to achieve the desired result.

The operation

  1. The incision.
  2. The formation of pockets for the implant. To create a bed of soft fabric gently exfoliate.
  3. The positioning of the implant in the pocket and give the breast the desired shape.
  4. consutam cutting.
The intervention lasts no longer than 1-2 hours. It takes place under general anesthesia.

Recovery after surgery

Usually after surgery, the patient is in a hospital 1-3 days. The stitches are removed 7-10 days (depending on the state of the scar). On the place the cuts for a few days pasted strips of a special patch. They do not allow you to scars stretch. During the recovery period a woman wears compression bra. The final shape of the chest takes after 3-6 months after the intervention. Important! For 3 weeks it is necessary to completely eliminate any type of physical exercise. 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital is forbidden to drink alcohol. Desirable to control the car. Within 1-2 weeks you should sleep on your back! To get the maximum result, the intervention is only possible in respect of all the directions and prescriptions of a doctor! If you're constantly taking some medication, please inform the specialist!!!

The major types of plants and their characteristics

Today the are used plant, called silicone. For the first time these products appeared on the market at the beginning of the ' 90s. The implant is a silicone case filled hydrogel gel pad of silicone or gel and a special Soft Touch. The same bag (elastomer) can be textured (rough) or smooth. Consider all the types of condiments to find out more:
  1. hydrogel. Plants with him called organic. Filler are absolutely harmless. When the break-up and penetration into the tissue has simply destroyed.
  2. Vysokokogezivny filler. This material is the most dense. With this filling are available for the prosthesis anatomical. The product practically does not deform and does not emerge in case of damage.
  3. Gel Soft Touch. This filler reminds of the previous, but has a lower density. The material is practically without defects, for this reason, the plants that are with him are more expensive.
The product with which the surface of prefer? We have already pointed out that the bag for the filling can be as smooth and rough. Products with smooth surface is considered to be a relic of the past. However, some surgeons offer to their patients. The body is able to form around an implant capsule of connective tissue. As well as the product has a smooth surface and has not been active in the growth of tissue may lead to seal the breast around. The same system can be deformed. With against of obsolete models also relate the risk to move after installation. The breasts can become deformed! Are smooth products and with dignity. To him refer to low-cost and a small weight, and also long lasting. Structured products have the pores. The connective tissue can penetrate into them. This does not allow you to grow around the implant. Most surgeons recommend his patients to such products. They are able to adhere firmly to the tissue and secure it will not change its position. Certainly, structured products are more expensive. There are implants of different shapes. Today they are installed:
  1. Round the product. These models are suitable for the increase of the breast with expressed asymmetry or ptosis. Usually they choose the women who want to make the chest of the body and raised. Unfortunately, round implants often do not look natural and also can roll in the process of using. They are easier to install than anatomical. The advantages of models is round, and refers to a relatively low cost.
  2. Anatomical (tear drop). These implants are the most popular, as they allow you to maintain the fluidity of forms of the breast and to make it more natural. Work with anatomical products more complicated. In addition, the models more expensive than the round ones.
What is the cost of the implants? The average cost of the products is 20-45 thousand rubles. The price depends on:
  • the website of the manufacturer;
  • the technical characteristics of the models;
  • the margins of the clinic.
If it is worth paying more for a brand? The answer to this question each has to give. If this must always be kept in mind that:
  1. Well-known manufacturers always have certificates for their products.
  2. On the brand of implants with a warranty (often lifetime). She is a quality brand.
Important! The choice of the plants should be the patient and the doctor together. Only an expert will explain exactly why he recommended to my client of certain products. You need to select the best not only for price but also for the quality option. Only in this case, after the surgery of breast augmentation you feel most comfortable with.

Contraindications and possible complications

Enhancement surgery of the breasts are not made:
  • dangerous chronic diseases (diabetes, etc.);
  • oncology;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • mental disorders;
  • diseases of the mammary glands (inflammation, tumors, anorum, etc.).
In the postoperative period, complications may occur such as inflammation and bleeding. In the next period, in some cases, around the implant is formed fibrous capsule, there occurs the deformation of the breast. Important! The treatment tested in the clinic allows you to almost completely eliminate the risk of complications.

Other methods of breast enhancement: the efficiency and the characteristics

Some women are reluctant to plastic surgery and apply other methods of breast enhancement. He relates:
  1. Massage of the breast. This procedure aims at toning of skin and improvement of the processes of circulation. The massage is carried out with a special suction device. It consists of a silicone bowl, and base on the chest, and the pears with the valve. Usually, massage of the breast effective in the case where, if a woman just wants a bit of enlarge breast and improve its shape. The effect is not long lasting. In addition, there are risks overstretch of the skin. As A result of the chest only vagueness.
  2. The application of medicines. The synthetic estrogens are an artificial analogue of female sex hormones, and provide an excessive growth of breast tissue and lead to their swelling. With the help of such drugs, it is possible to get a breast enhancement is not plus size. The advantages of funds relate to the costs relatively low. Always remember that artificial drugs disrupt the hormonal balance in the body and often cause discomfort. In addition, the breast increases only during the receipt of funds. Long-term use of drugs is not recommended!
  3. Special gels and creams. These tools also contain vegetable or artificial estrogen. Gels and creams lead to swelling of the mammary glands and provide a certain effect.
As a general rule, operations in the larger clinics are more expensive. The cost of an intervention and influence the experience of the surgeon, the number of tubes, their interventions and their success. The doctors with the "name" traditionally carry out the operations of higher prices.

How to choose a clinic to perform your surgery?

Trust only proven centers, that are ready to provide testimonies of patients, have their own web site with detailed information on the services, all licenses and certificates of execution of the intervention. Specify in advance the cost. It should be clear that in an advertisement of some clinic prices can be without a different type of additional services and costs for materials. Add up all the costs! Only in this case you are not adept deprensus on marketing a fishing rod. As a general rule, the total cost of maintenance famous clinics already include the additional services such as:
  • prior consultation;
  • drafting of an action plan.
  • consulting in the phase of recovery;
  • checks and dressings.
It is often, therefore, the total cost in large cities is higher.

The cost of the work of the surgeon

About 2/3 of the total cost of the operation – the services of the surgeon. The price can appoint himself as the doctor and the clinic where he works. The minimum cost of the work of the professional is 30 000. Maximum can reach 200 thousand and more. The cost of labour is influenced by factors such as:
  1. Experience.
  2. The presence of different signs.
  3. The scope of activities and specialization.
It is not necessary to refer to the newcomers! Often they provide luxury services, but do not give any guarantee. They are not willing to take the risk and do not want to do the operation again? Better to turn to a proven clinical to a technician, a medical expert!

Signs of low quality of services in the clinic

  1. Not provide you with the selection of! Specialist simply to express the cost of the system, of his work, the additional costs and the total amount.
  2. We offer plants of unknown brands which do not have certificates of european quality.
  3. All the prices of the services differ from the averages in the city (or the market in general).
  4. Do not speak of as the operation is performed, for how long is the recovery. It is understood that to calculate in advance the very difficult, but examples of intervention time and the time of recovery after him must be expressed in every case.
  5. You do not send for a full examination. The doctor is willing to take and the results of the analyses that were made six months ago.
Remember! Turning to non-specialists, and may not get the result that counts, but and worsen the state of health!