Breast Augmentation by implants

The increase of the chest explicit visual effect is possible only with the help of plastic surgery. Other ways do not give the desired result is to better understand both.

The history of the question of the increase in the volume of the breasts The increase of the chest

The first breast augmentation surgery took place in the 90 years of the NINETEENTH century. In comparison with that of the medicine of our days, they looked like a military unit. The effect coveted in the increase in the volume of the chest has been achieved through the injection of liquid paraffin, rubber, fatty tissue of animal origin.

Operations on the chest, that place today, have nothing to do with the dark experiences of the time, with the exception of the objective to achieve the desire of every woman to have lush ideal forms.

The structure of a woman's breasts

What looks like the internal of the internal structure of the breast? The main "component" — glandular tissue in the form of cloves — to be attached to the pectoralis major muscle through the thin layer of connective tissue (fascia). Fragile of the mammary gland of external influences, protects a fairly large amount of adipose tissue. In fact, this tissue is responsible for the amount of bust, so that when the weight loss (in a general reduction of fat of a body) size, contrary to popular belief, inevitably diminishes.

Already from these information, it becomes clear that the only effective method for breast augmentation is breast implants. The increase in the volume of the breasts without plastic surgery is almost impossible (a set of weights in the calculation do not take, it leads to the appearance of the volumes where they are unwanted). All other means, from exercises to strengthen the big and the small muscles of the chest and ending with the myths on the use of cabbage, which was absolutely futile.

The indications of breast augmentation implants

In no case is really worth thinking about in the increase in the volume of the breasts? Wholesale are not so many:

The indications of breast augmentation implants
  • the small size of the breasts, with the scientific name of "micromastia";
  • by the asymmetrical arrangement of the breasts;
  • ptosis ("sagging") of the chest, that appears after a period of gestation and lactation.

Naturally, any woman can go to a surgeon and make cosmetic surgery to improve cosmetic appearance, if no contra-indications.

Contraindications for the plastic surgery

The factors which mitigated against the plastic of the increase in the volume of the breasts, not so much. The main counter-indications:

  • the presence of an infection
  • inflammation of the internal organs,
  • autoimmune diseases of the violation,
  • poor clotting of the blood,
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • mental disorders.
How is a breast augmentation surgery

In short, the essence of plastic surgery to increase the drop to the placement of the implants. But simply, it is just words. In fact, the process of the surgery mammoplasty — multiple and complex (although the timing is not affected).

Before any operation of the diagnostic, after which the physician finds, perhaps, if a surgery specific to the patient.

Before the operation required is derived from analysis of blood general, biochemistry, coagulogram, blood group and rhesus factor, HIV, HCV, RW. As well as conducting a urine analysis, electrocardiogram, fluorographie or a chest x-ray, an ULTRASOUND.

On chosen the correct type and size of implant. An experienced physician necessarily will produce the measurements and calculations on the basis of the individual characteristics of each patient. And offers him the option that the breasts will look naturally and aesthetic depending on the size of the woman.

Continuation of the preparation of the plastic surgery that is concerned, primarily, of medical issues: choice of the location of the implant (just below the gland, beneath the fascia or beneath the pectoralis muscle), to a surgical method of access (local around the chest, where the incision for the implant placement).

Types of breast implants

The success of the operation depends, in large part, to the extent of a savvy doctor, and what materials she prefers.

Generally, we use two types of implants:

  • anatomical, which gives a maximum natural look,
  • round, which more create a magnificent view.

One of the best manufacturers of the implants is regarded as an american company "Mentor", whose production has passed all the tests necessary (including time) and approved by the FDA. Remember, implants Mentor the most studied, and objectively recognized as the most reliable (and limit the risk of complications is low - 1.1 per cent). However, even the highest quality implants for breast augmentation is not to meet the wishes of the client, if their characteristics (shape, size, hardness) are chosen incorrectly. Therefore, the choice of the surgeon is an approach that is not less responsible than the choice of implant.

Two methods of installing the implant
  1. In the mammary gland (method is suitable for the patients of the well-developed glandular and adipose tissue, which is able to hide the implant, but this option is excluded for the women of the size of the chest of the nature).
  2. Under the pectoral muscle (in this case, the implant is virtually palpation, the chest seems more natural; this method implants the doctor's request a certain amount of experience and skills).
Three options of access to, or the location of the cut
  1. At the bottom of the areola of the nipple (circumareolar).
  2. Under the thorax to the gland, through the crease under the breast (submammary).
  3. By axillary cavity.
What you should know of the patient?

First of all, the operation is performed under general anesthesia, in the obligatory presence of an anaesthetist.

Secondly, the pain last after the operation is not more than 3-4 days. After a week, it is already possible to return to a normal way of life, with the observance of certain precautions.

Thirdly, should not panic, if, immediately after the transaction on the chest of the effect would be different from what is expected. During the week after mammoplasty risk of swelling, therefore, to evaluate the result is the best, when the period of rehabilitation is successful. Get rid of excess discomfort in this period will help to wear a special compression machine, for example, the american society Marena, offering high technology and a model comfortable.

Fourth, it should be noted that in the next few months, you should use barrier or hormonal contraceptives. At the end of this period, you can think of the design: implants are not an obstacle for the joys of motherhood. However, it is recommended to put a surgeon in the glory, if you're planning a pregnancy. In this case, it chooses the method of breast augmentation, this will not prevent the normal lactation.

Presentation of the procedure

Presentation of the procedure of breast augmentation silicone implants Mentor

There are a few ways to increase the chest and the installation of implants Mentor.

Implants mentor are made of silicone gel. Cohesive gel is different natural softness and elasticity. The manufacturer of mentor has developed three types of this gel of different densities. Anatomical or round implants mentor (mentor ) individually for each patient.

After the operation, you can be sure that the firmness of the breast in a silicone implant from mentor (mentor) will not be excessive or insufficient. Anatomical dental implants and the round implants fixed by a plastic surgeon, will look completely organic. During touch contact of the chest will not be different from the softness and elasticity of the skin of the body.

In addition, implants mentor are easily installed through a very small incision. The average length of only 2.5-3 cm. After the restoration, the scar brighten and will be almost imperceptible.

Before the operation

Before the breast augmentation surgery silicone implants, you must consult a specialist. During the conversation, you should discuss your wishes and listen to his opinion.

At least two weeks prior to surgery is necessary to succeed in the sharing and biochemical the blood, which show how the body is ready for operational intervention: the absence of anemia, inflammation, the rate of coagulation of the blood, are also selection criteria.

Also, you need to do a pregnancy test, fluorography pulmonary, and ecg. And tell your doctor about the receipt of medicines and dietary supplements that may affect clotting of the blood.

A week before the operation must stop completely alcohol. All also weakens the vitality of the organism: the period of recovery can last, because nicotine constricts the small vessels, which comes oxygen and nutrients in the tissues.

The presentation on the surface the size and shape of the breast of each woman is different, and they may not coincide with the opinion of a doctor. The surgeon will examine your chest and produce the necessary measures, to explain the characteristics of a magnifying glass plastics, because of your age, state of general health, the condition of the skin, the shape and size of the chest.

Before the operation, the surgeon will discuss with you any questions regarding the type of anesthesia and the methodology of the operation.

Breast augmentation surgery and cochlear implants

Plastic for breast augmentation, the implants may be performed as an outpatient or in the hospital. Usually, the operation is done under general anaesthesia and lasts 1 to 2 hours.

During the operation, the surgeon dissects the tissue as a function of the cutting head and the shape of the cavity for placement of the implant. After the installation of the implant cut sutured and the stitching bandage is put in place.

The recovery from surgery

The duration of the recovery period after the breast augmentation, cochlear implants, in each particular case. The most discomfort is felt in the first 24 to 72 hours after the operation. May have swelling and tenderness of the breasts. Generally, little exercise are resolved to the patients from the first week after the operation.

Wearing a post-operative lingerie and bra special design can significantly speed up the recovery. We recommend to pay attention to the professional brand in house linen Marena.

Watching doctor will give you recommendations to follow during the rehabilitation. If you are experiencing complications related to the surgery, you should immediately consult a physician.

Types of incisions

During the installation of the breast implant there are three main options of surgical access:

  • in the region of the armpit (axillary incision),
  • around the nipple (nipple),
  • an incision in the breast crease (an incision under the breast).
The axillary incision

When the access to the armpit of the cut line (3 to 4 cm) is more pronounced, however, women do not want to have scars in the area of the breasts, prefer this option.

When the access to the armpit to form a pocket, the surgeon can use the probe, equipped with a chamber, and tools of small size. This method is quite complex, this is why only an experienced surgeon can successfully install a prosthesis, professionally forming a pocket using the endoscopic equipment.

When selecting this type of cut, you need to consider a few great moments:

  • high risk of injury and damage to the nerve nodes, which in turn can lead to disorders of the sensitivity of individual sections of the mammary gland;
  • close enough to the location of the lymph nodes at the incision.
Near the teat cup

The advantage of such access is that it enables, in an operation carefully to form the pocket for the installation of the implant and to completely stop the bleeding as possible to hide the line of the cut — guts then almost not visible.

The incision creates a contour, dark, cup of the areola, at the border with a slight tone of the skin. This allows you to hide the scar post-operatively.

However, in the wake of this option may have problems with breastfeeding. Also there could be a loss of sensitivity of the areola of the nipple.

An incision under the breast

A very popular option to hide the incision line in the crease under the breast, which is formed by gravity, at the junction of the chest in the lower part and the thorax at the level of 5-6 ribs.

This section view has a number of advantages:

  • the implant is fixed in any way — under the pectoral muscle, under the mammary gland or under the muscle and the gland at the same time;
  • the surgeon there is the possibility to optimize the view during the installation of the implant.

During the preparation to the surgery, your surgeon will give more detailed information on the characteristics of each method and help you choose the best option.

Installation Options

Implants Mentor can be placed under the muscles of the chest wall (sub-muscular) or above the muscle layer under the breast. The first method is the most common.

Sub-muscular placement of implants Mentor (Mentor) under the muscle, pectoral

It is interesting to note that in this case it is the partial location of the breast implant under the pectoralis muscle — 2/3. It is in this case we reach the maximum aesthetic effect with a minimum of complications. Complete sub-muscular location of the implant has a number of disadvantages: abnormal shape of the chest at the bottom of the reason for the location of the implant Mentor, below the folds of the mammary gland; soft the volume and the height of the staff of the chest due to the density of the muscles, hiding from the implant. Therefore, the full provision of the breast implant under the pectoral muscle are in rare cases; in particular, this method is contraindicated in women who practice the sport.