The lipofilling of the breast: breast augmentation own fat

The lipofilling of the breast is currently safe and unique method in terms of efficiency. Because this procedure fulfills the desires of women to have a beautiful bust quickly, safely and painlessly. It is shown that the increase of the volumes by using the right fat will allow you to completely change the shape, size and volume of the breast. It is necessary to examine the details of this operation and its consequences, that we can expect.

breast augmentation with fat

Description and price for most transactions

Many do not know what is lipofilling of the breast. Under the lipofilling means an increase of volume of the breast with the help of body fat, that come from other parts of the body. Before this procedure always do the liposuction. The lipofilling of the breast usually does the plastic surgeon. The operation to increase the bust lasts for about two hours.

For such a transaction, it is possible to make the breasts of a size. Transplantation of adipose tissue was made many years ago. After this procedure has evolved and improved. A procedure fails to achieve the volume of dreams, so it is better to repeat several times. Because the fat can resolve, and accumulate under the skin in the form of hits.

For breast enhancement they need of about 200-300 grams of fat. Is made of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Unlike silicon or implants, this procedure is more natural, as well as under the skin does not internalize the foreign object, and human fat. It is possible to adjust and figure flaws, and also get a breast of your dreams.

The gradual sequence

The lipofilling breast is done with the help of body fat of a person, which is pumped out from the area of the belly, buttocks, thighs. These cells are particularly active, faster and are able to settle. Grease pumped in a simple way: make the bites in several places, introduce a special syringe.

He then injected in small quantities into the holes. This procedure can be repeated several times until you get the desired effect. The breast gradually increases. During extinguishing are pain with the anesthesia.

The lipofilling of the breast is composed of three phases:

  1. Pumping of your grease method manual or mechanical suction. Here it is important to make sure that the structure of the fabric is not broken.
  2. The division of fat in most parts. In the upper part is the oil substance, in average the fat cells, low - blood. All these layers are needed for the transplant and for the chest using mostly just the fat.
  3. The third phase is the lipofilling of the breast. Ordered the introduction of fat cells in the subcutaneous layers of the skin to different depths. Important to make sure that you are not formed scars and cysts.
Pros and cons of the operation

Whether your fats a little, or they may not be used for some reason, the material you take from a special donation to the laboratory. Breast augmentation with fat will be carried out successfully, if all the cells of put the roots of success are formed new blood vessels.

Now many of you know, how to increase the breasts without silicone and chemistry, and complex operations. It's very simple, the important thing is to find the medical professional who agrees to do. The volume is maintained for several years.

To those who can and can't do

Often the lipofilling is prescribed when no miraculous creams and ointments, no exercise don't help. The doctor conducts an examination, and decide that it is really possible to increase your breast this is the only way.

This procedure is and its contraindications. If you have some kind of chronic disease or a tumor in the body, complications may occur. Not do the procedure in diabetes mellitus, mental deviations, vascular diseases, pressure increase. Even with caution for those who smoke, because the blood vessels have weak.

While nursing a child, pregnancy or menstruation is not recommended to do manipulation on the mammary glands.

Those with a breast lift is not with his fat, usually are restored longer. Extra fat take donors.

Pros and cons of the operation

The lipofilling of the breast by the time required between the women, and it is a service popular of plastic surgeons. The lipofilling has its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits you refer to, rapid results, and safety procedures. Because the lipofilling does not cause irritations and allergies. The operation on the breast lipofilling is carried out with the right material, there is no need to spend time to additional analysis and investigation. Due to the fact that everything is done quickly enough, you can do it without general anesthesia.

Many people are interested in, how many years is missing the volume, which was obtained in the course of these actions. The increase in breast self-fat lasts for up to two years. Then you can repeat the procedure.

The disadvantages of this operation may be considered to be complications. Swelling, bruising, redness, and bruising - all of this may seem to those who want to inflate the breast lipofilling. Even after surgery, there is the risk of getting an infection. Therefore, the patient is advised to take antibiotics for a couple of days to reduce this risk.

The recovery period

The recovery period

Usually the plastic of the breast implies that after a while it should be the recovery period. A girl can feel a certain discomfort, even pain. In this moment after the action necessary is under the supervision of physicians.

Someone from the anesthesia, farther along, someone appears strong swelling and bruising. In the standard, complications should be absent. But there are exceptions, and women get after the procedure other results. Especially if the woman has sensitive skin. On the spot, where they were introduced injection, may remain a bit of bruising. You need to have patience, and all will be held in a couple of weeks. The doctor warns that only after a couple of months is a woman really able to evaluate the effect of breast enhancement without implants.

You will need to periodically published medical. He will look, how to flourish in your fat cells. The doctor prior to discharge will tell you if it's possible to perform physical exercise, how to behave, and to restrict.

Every woman a period of rehabilitation is done individually. Someone in two days, someone has a month. Special skin care is not necessary. However, your doctor may recommend for a speedy recovery anti-bacterial treatment cream.

Non-serious work may already be done from the first day of issue. It is not possible, up to complete healing to the Turkish bath, sauna, swimming pool, swimming in open water, in the sun, take a hot bath.

Sport it is best to move on at another time. Daily a hot shower, it will be useful, frequently changing the linens clean. The lipofilling of the breast can be repeated after a couple of years.

Where and how much is the lipofilling

Breast enhancement your own fat they do in many clinics in major cities of Russia. Plastic surgery develops already for a long time, and the specialty of the surgeon-mammologist is marketable. Currently are possible to increase the volume without silicon. Correction of the breast without the installation of systems has become more like women, because in the chest pumped only natural fat, and nothing more.

Where and how much is the lipofilling

This will help to make trained the large towns. Their service includes a full examination, consultation and the further maintenance after the recovery period.