Breast augmentation with the help of plastic, picture before and after

In recent times the world has changed, and not only externally, but also the values become the other. The people were treated to the beauty that is far more serious, and sometimes, in the pursuit of ideal forms should be of such measures, such as breast implants. In the plastic surgery already, there is nothing unique, all the more so if it is change the volume of the breast. This typical operation that allows you to reduce, increase volume, or just pull on the breast.

Plastic surgery is very popular also for the reason that the cost of these procedures every year decreases because of the increase in the number of qualified doctors, as well as the appearance of a particular technique, which greatly reduces the risks and complexity of the operation. In addition, we must not forget that the plastic at any age, it can return the youth and beauty.


Features breast augmentation

Before deciding on a breast surgery, it is better to learn initially, that represents this operation, which experience has a physician and satisfied customers who have appealed already to such services. Only after you have collected all the necessary data you can be sure that the breast enhancement with success.

How to choose a clinic and specialist?

One of the most important issues, which are worth before you decide to go for a breast surgery is the choice of the clinic and the specialist. The safest way to learn everything you need, is to check the license and certificates that demonstrate experience in this field the doctor. It all seems simple, but in reality to become a plastic surgeon can be any doctor, who has come to a healthcare facility, and passed courses of practical training. This is why, faced with a choice of technical operations, you need to it is not easy to look in the documents, and pay attention to the health facility, where he has studied and length of service.

With the clinic the same rules apply. All you need is to find a copy of the certificate indicating the resolution of course plastic surgery. If the copy does not inspire confidence, every patient has the right to request the original of the document.

These medical checks and clinics, it is necessary to go for the one that lately has strongly increased the number of plastic surgeons, and this has lowered the level of quality and safety of operations. To do this, you can take a look at the statistics, which indicates that most of the errors committed by the doctors, you can find just in plastic surgery.

Increases the breast

Breast augmentation is a surgery that is only used to change the appearance. That is no medical indication for the development of breast, there is simply no. Each woman makes the choice alone, but he must not only have the courage to make an operation change of the breast, but also to choose the plants.


All plants can be divided in categories like:

  • the form;
  • size;
  • filler (saline or silicone);
  • consistency;
  • profile.

From the choice of plants will depend on the appearance. Familiarize yourself with the systems can be on-site in the clinic, but it is recommended to view in advance the photos mammoplasty and breast enlargement before and after intervention.

At the end, after the choice of the implant, the physician during the intervention will take place under the chest muscles. In some cases, their place at the top of the breast. In these moments it is very important to pay attention to. More precisely, it is necessary to discuss in advance with your doctor as it is better to place the implants, which will be applied to the incisions, and what is the difference between these options.

  1. Periareolar option of the installation of the equipment is different, because the stitching is well-masked, and after some time the patient is not able to detect. The disadvantages of this method is that the nipples of a woman can temporarily or permanently lose sensitivity.
  2. The method of plastic under the breast glands, and enjoys great popularity among the women who have not had children. The fact is that in this case without capsular contracture.
  3. Transaxillary method in breast rarely used, even though it has some advantages. Such a complex operation, because it is used for replacement and special endoscope for a more precise positioning of the prosthesis under the armpit. At the end the woman gets the beauty and the natural shape of the breast, but remains a large and long scar.

There is another technique of breast enlargement where not using the facilities, and apply the grease of the patient. From one side, it seems that this way is better, but, on the other hand, there are a lot of controversial issues.

after-plastic materials
  1. For breast augmentation, with the help of liposuction, to suck up to three times more fat than the one that will be used.
  2. This method can increase the mammary glands, only half the size.
  3. In direct, unlike the use of plant, can have a time limit, because the fat moves or completely absorbed by the body within 4-6 years.

The reduction mammaplasty

Unlike plastic, where the main objective is the increase of the breast, reduction, plastic, on the contrary, the volumes reduce. This operation can be carried out through the medical indications, in those cases, when the large size of the breasts can cause pain in the back, neck, or simply expresses discomfort.

As strange as it may seem, but the plastic is very different to the complexity of the work to be a normal breast enhancement. The fact is that the doctor removes most of the glandular tissue, fat deposits and skin. In addition, it is necessary to change the position of the nipple, which in some cases is problematic due to its inability temporary removal to move to a new location.

After this operation remain, the scars great, and also the possibility of repetition of breast augmentation, but this has not happened, it is recommended that you keep a constant weight and make you operate only after the birth and complete the formation of the breast.


A breast lift is a surgery, which is completely in technology dissimilar to the increase of the breast. Photos of the final result can be seen in a large number of online. This operation is suitable for women who suffer from sagging (ptosis) or tubular breast.

The same breast implants for breast lift is quite painful, especially when cutting the fabric, but unlike the techniques of reduction and increase of the breast when mastopexy recovery time much less. Doctors usually advise to combine the breast augmentation with mastopexy, because it is made an incision, and in the case of the installation of the equipment, the effect will be much better. The combination of the two interventions (plastic surgery, gives the breast the aesthetic beauty and the fullness in the upper part.



Breast implants — is a great way to regain the former beauty, and not fear for their health with a breast augmentation. The photos, which provide to patients in a clinic visit, show the final result of usage of plastic surgery. That is, it is possible to see significant differences in a patient before and after breast augmentation.