How to increase the breast at home?

increase the breast of a house

Many women ask how to increase the breast of a house, why not all ready to resort to drastic methods such as plastic surgery. This goal can be achieved in different ways, each of which requires individual, and often an integrated approach. Then, if they are effective and can help to avoid the operation, and you will go forward.


The theme, how to increase breast in home with the help of popular ways to time concerned about women's minds, and then had the time to acquire a good number of myths. The most common relate just to the products, among them — consolidated opinions of the abuse of cabbage, beer, and raw dough. In fact, nothing, except eating disorders, excessive consumption of these ingredients will not bring. But there are foods that can increase the breast of a house? First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the food, consisting of healthy fats and plant components, having in its composition of female hormones. This:

  • vegetable oils, increase the breast they can, if consumed fresh (for example, fill their salad or drink a tablespoon per day);
  • products that contain a large percentage of vegetable oils: avocado, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin;
  • the fish, rich in healthy fats: trout, herring, tuna, sardines, mackerel, halibut;
  • legumes: beans, peas, sainfoin, chickpeas; soybeans and products from it;
  • the honey with the walnuts.
products to increase

Also, you need to follow for the care of the skin, for she was tense and elastic. This will contribute to a balanced diet, based on fresh vegetables, fruit and cereals. It is worth to become and intake of vitamins are also able to increase the breast.

Drugs based on hormones

All of the medications that help increase the breast of a home, acting in the same way — that increase the production of female hormones (estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and growth hormone) or are missing their number. This can be done in several ways — synthetic, or with the help of vegetable components. Then there are different types of medications that allow the house to enlarge breast:

  • pills;
  • contraceptives;
  • biologically active supplements.

It should be noted that the drugs have a wide range of contraindications and side effects. Them must be strictly on doctor's prescription and under his control. Also the application of all the means involves complete following the instructions. You should know that the effect of all the drugs it will last until you take it.


To increase the breast of a house, not causing damage to your body, you can resort to physical exercise. They help to strengthen the muscles of the chest to form the thoracic cage. And that, in turn, raises the breasts. This method is suitable and enough young girls and women of all ages, bringing the whole body in tone and, at the same time, increase your breast size in 1 dimension.

  1. Hand dilute it in different directions, bend the elbows (which must be strictly parallel to the floor). With an effort to land on the palm of the hand, tied between them, even with the strength of the breed, by in both cases, the spring of the movement.
  2. Perform push-ups in the following order: a decline, with a focus on the arms, under the breast, the following — arts, dilute it as widely as possible. Continually alternating, make a series of approaches.
  3. The bench in the supine position. Is performed on a bench or a bar with an additional weight. First handlebars attach to the breast, then it is necessary to straighten the elbows and straighten the arms, directing handlebars strictly upwards, the brush must be all the time on a single level.

These simple exercises that you can do at home, also in the structure of training, or do a single exercise. Instructional Video demonstrates the correctness of execution, and a couple of exercises.



The main reasons for small breast include genetics, hormonal disorders, and a small mass of the body. Weak muscles are capable of even a larger breast to make a soft, visually conceal size. The elasticity of the muscles, which adhere to the chest, depends on the posture. Back straight ago, and the skin and muscle tissue strong and elastic, and a nice bonus will be that laxity on the stomach, even in the correct posture will begin gradually to disappear. Train yourself to direct back need to be a teenager, with the age of do this, it will be increasingly difficult.

With the help of massage

Another effective way, which is easy to make at home to increase your breast size is a regular massage. The basis of his action is the normalization of the circulation in the mammary glands, which causes the flow of blood to the chest, giving it volume. All actions must relate to confricantes movements over the entire surface of the breast towards the areolas and from them. The result of this massage gives you quickly, but it is of short duration, therefore, must be carried out before any event or every day a couple of times.

Tip: to make the massage with a special cream, which added a few drops of essential oil (rosemary, juniper, ylang-ylang or geranium).

An increase in visual

Increase the breast of a house is possible with the help of visual ways. Here are the most common:

  • choose the underwear with push-up effect, this will increase the sine of one-and two-dimensions;
  • V-neckline dresses is also able to slightly increase the chest;
  • the most effective visual method can be considered to be a breast enhancement at home with the help of cosmetics — cleverly done contouring and give the bust with delicious forms;
  • collecting clothes with particular attention to the breast area, it is also possible to increase, for this reason are used for large prints, horizontal stripes, multi-layer details of the ruffles.
an increase in visual

Step-by-step instructions to contouring the chest

To make a contouring in need of foundation cream texture, primary and secondary. Base should be 2 shades darker than the color of their skin, and even further in 2 shades darker than the base. Also need a powder foundation, which is close to the color of the leather and the tools for blending (brushes, sponges).

  1. The most tone applied to the line in the shape of a crescent in the field of one of the breasts.
  2. The same line of draw with the other side of a mirror. Both strips must be regular and symmetrical.
  3. Feather with caution.
  4. For the lower limit (within any semi-circle) inflict a further foundation. Also well-shaded.
  5. Settle the difference with the help of dust.

Improvised means

Among the ways even a couple of recipes, that can increase the breast of a home.


The result of the application of iodine is based on its warm-up series of quality that improve the blood circulation, and to supply its flow to the chest. To apply this method you need to with side effects — dryness of skin, lack of iodine in the body during pregnancy and lactation. You should also comply with the schema: apply the solution no more than 1 time per day for 3 months. It is done so: a cotton swab or a small swab of iodine is applied over the entire surface of the breast except areas'.


Many herbs and natural ingredients can also help to increase the breast of a house:

  • tablespoon of hop cones, pour a glass of hot water. Leave for 10-12 hours in the heat, drain them from the cones and drink three times a day for 3 large spoons. The course is 3 weeks, after that you need a week of rest and continue again;
  • hop cones, it is possible to integrate other herbal ingredients — oregano, and licorice root. All the components are in equal number and mix between them. A tablespoon of this mixture, pour a glass of boiling water. Let it rest a quarter of an hour. Take three times a day for 3 large spoons. The course — a month with a week away.


Increase the breast of a house is possible with the help of masks made of natural components:

  • teaspoon of yeast dissolved in warm water and apply on the mammary glands. Survive a quarter-hour, rinse;
  • mix the following components: grate the boiled potatoes, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, as much honey and low-fat sour cream. Apply for 20-25 minutes.

In order to increase the breast of a home, there are a variety of ways. But they are most effective each of them will be, if used in combination with other, performing all the manipulations necessary exchange rate.