Or maybe not: the breast enhancement at home remedies popular

Increase the breast the dream of every woman. Because it is on her, according to the fairer sex, men pay attention in the first place. Breast size can vary for different reasons, depending on what they are matched to enlargement methods.

Increase your breast size at home can be. The main thing, choose the desired option and constantly to adhere to the following recommendations. It is worth noting that the increase of the bust just a few days – is not realistic. So it is necessary to tune in to a long and meticulous work.

If it is possible to increase the breast at home?

Woman measuring breast

Today, medicine offers women a variety of options for increasing the size of the breast. But most of them involves surgery. The installation of implants or lipofilling are not suitable for every patient, as the cost of such procedures is high, and the risk of complications to think about.

Increase the breast of a house, without resorting to surgery, you can. For this it is worth knowing the main techniques and choose the most suitable option.

The basic principles

To enlarge your breast at home, you need to know for what reasons, the bust may not correspond with the desired size:

  1. The deformation of the breast after childbirth.
  2. Diet and often change the weight of the body.
  3. Physical exercise.
  4. The lack of estrogen.
  5. The legacy.

After you have identified the real cause, you can do and the selection of methods to increase your breast size without surgery. The basic principles of an increase in the bust:

  1. classic massage;
  2. power supply;
  3. application of iodine;
  4. exercise;
  5. folk remedies;
  6. hormonal drugs.

Classic massage

Massage is an effective way to increase your breast and to prevent the formation of oncology. In possession of a classic massage is the following:

  1. Caresses. Touch must be light, sliding. Develop caresses the need of the nipple, gradually moving towards the base of the glands.
  2. Rubbing. The movement must start from the nipple and moving towards the armpit, and then to the stomach. Not to cause damage to delicate skin, it is worth to use essential oils.
  3. The vibration. A light beat in the chest with the tip of the fingers helps to improve the circulation of blood.
All the movements must be careful and not bring the discomfort and pain.


Honey and walnuts

Increase the size of the breast, helps and proper nutrition, which in sufficient quantity contains the hormone estrogen. They are rich in the following products:

  1. Green apples.
  2. The root of licorice.
  3. Honey with lemon and walnuts.
  4. Sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt.
  5. Fruits of the sea.
  6. Cabbage.
  7. The soy.
  8. The chicken meat.

Thanks to these breast enhancement products without surgery becomes very real, if you combine still and other techniques.

Breast augmentation with the help of iodine

Iodine mesh – one of the most popular methods to increase breast or two. To do this, put the grid on each chest, repeating this manipulation every day for the entire month. It is usually during this period is sufficient to get the desired result.

The grid should be applied only once a day and in different sections, so as not to cause skin burns.

Contraindications of this method applies:

  1. breast-feeding and pregnancy;
  2. the presence of tumors;
  3. diseases of women;
  4. thyroid problems.


Increase your bust for a couple of months will be special exercises that you can perform in the usual domestic environments. If lessons to complete and each day, the first results will be noticeable already after a couple of months:

  1. Stand face to the wall, raise your arms to chest level and extend them in the wall. When you fold the hands at the height of the elbows need to tighten your pectoral muscles. An approach you can make up to 5 years.
  2. Lying on the back, there is a need to raise the hands up and raise them by hand. This exercise can be done with dumbbells.
  3. Lean back on your knees and hands, perform 10 push-ups.
  4. Sitting in the lotus position, you need to bend to the level of the chest, elbows, and fold the palm of the hand. Within 5 seconds need to squeeze hands, and then relax. This exercise can be done several times a day for at least 20 times.
  5. The standing position, the strait connecting the legs. From this position, a hand is raised, you start back and returns to its original position. Alternating hands, exercises, repeat for 5 times.
  6. Lean on a stool in the belly, stretch your legs and stretch the floor with the fingers. From this position it is necessary to pull hands forward and Flecte in on the back.
  7. Put the feet at shoulder width and the hands raised above the head. Extend the arms and abruptly he rubs his hands just above the crown.

The increase of the sine of the data exercises at home, you can call the best option, because their realization will take a minimum of time, and the result will not be worse than in a fitness club.

Folk remedies

The big breasts – the dream of many women since ancient times. Then a couple of hundreds of years in a row have been chosen, and the traditional methods, can help increase the breast without surgery.

Nettle tea

3 cups of water, take a teaspoon of nettle, sage and lime blossom. Put the herbs in a ceramic bowl, pour boiling water and steep for 5 hours. The tool used in the day on an empty stomach 1 glass. The result is the increase of the breast becomes evident already after a month of taking it.

Oregano Infusion of oregano

To increase the breast at home, you need to pay 70 grams of dry oregano a glass of boiling water. Defended solution to apply 3 times a day before meals. The maximum dose is 100 grams.

Flax seeds

A tablespoon of seeds just added in any fermented beverage. Yogurt with flax will help to increase the pectoral breast without surgery after 2 months.

Hop cones

The infusion of hop cones alters the hormones, therefore, occurs, and the increase of the bust. For infusion must take a glass of boiling water and 20 grams of inflorescences of hops. The broth should be 2 hours. After that it will be possible to drink ½ cup a day.

Hormonal drugs

Breast augmentation will help hormonal, and means, in particular, of contraceptive drugs. It is precisely to this method of breast enlargement is not for a dimension of appeal to many girls. The danger of this approach to the solution of the problem lies in the presence of a plurality of contraindications and side effects not hormones. Then prescribe drugs must only specialist after the examination of the mammary glands and the delivery of a series of analysis.

Visual breast augmentation

To do less surgery, and the application of various drugs, you can not only visually increase the breast size with the help of some tricks and accessories:

  1. T-shirts and fitted t-shirt. Thin ladies can afford clothes, even not having a good bust size. The important thing was to deep V-neck.
  2. Highlight your bust with the help richly decorated with bodice and high waist. Tunics and dresses with similar cut help to "build" your breasts without surgery.
  3. Lace and ruffles, situated in the area of the breast, also will increase volume.
  4. An increase in the visual will give you and clothing with drawings, transverse stripes, and waves in the area of the neckline.
  5. Sweater, depending on the seizure, may increase the breast not 1 size. It is important to choose the right color, opting for a solid color, lighter tones.
  6. Bra with push-up effect – currently the salvation of many women. In his help, the breast can be done at least in 2 dimensions.

Whatever option for breast enhancement at home that you choose, the important thing to know is that the result is not manifested in the first few days. Experts recommend to adopt a couple of ways to get the maximum result for the minimum time interval.

The bust has become more elastic and lush, you must make the maximum effort, starting not only to eat well and to do special physical education, but and give up bad habits. Everything that the aging of the female body, can affect the condition of the breast.