Breast lift with an increase in plant

Breast lift with an increase in plant

If the breast has lost or does not have a volume, this problem is corrected, the installation of the equipment. If you extend the skin and the breast is drooping down, raise the help you surgical lifting or mastopexy. In the case where there are both of these problems, the operation is performed 2-in-1 — lifting of breast with the installation of the equipment. Combined surgery involves removal of excess skin and at the same time the installation of silicone implants.

Who is suitable for the lifting together with the installation of the equipment

The main indications for shoulder straps together with the increase in the presence of mastoptosis (breast sagging) and small volume breast. Combined transaction of the individual, and to say with accuracy as it adapts to the patient will be able to only a doctor.

The lifting with an increase in women often choose after 1-2 years after childbirth, and lactation, where the mammary gland that has lost the tone has become flaccid and diminished in size, and the skin due to the amount of milk is stretched and forced the chest to curl.

The degree of breast Ptosis

Used only three of the degree or type of breast ptosis:

  • Ptosis of The degree. The chest is lowered to 1-2 cm below the inframammary folds (i.e. in the place beneath the breast where it joins with the body), the nipple usually remains in its place. If, under the breast, you can hide no more than two fingers (for them) the width is ptosis of The degree.
  • Ptosis grade II. The chest drops in distance from 2 to 4 cm below the inframammary folds, the nipple also in this case drops below you, but not "look" towards the bottom. If under the breasts can put 3-4 fingers is ptosis of grade 2.
  • Ptosis of III degree. During the third grade, below the breasts can hide the width of the palm of the hand or most of it. The nipple may look downwards, and may be a few centimeters below the inframammary folds.

Techniques of breast lift

Techniques of breast lift

Breast ptosis any measure, eliminated by mastopexies — operations and lifting of the breast. The method of elimination of ptosis for each woman individually selected. Apply the following fastening methods:

  • Anchor. For removing strong of ptosis (II and III). This operation is similar to those who are in need of getting rid not only of excess skin, but also by a large number of the breast.
  • Vertical. Applies when ptosis of the breast is not very pronounced (I or II degree), and there is no need to remove large amounts of glandular tissue.
  • Periareolar. Made with ptosis of The degree (sometimes when II) when a sagging breast is not very pronounced.
  • SPAIR-technique. A new lifting technique, designed to remove quite a large number of the breast and of the skin.

During the first breast exam, the doctor determines which of the possible methods of suspenders applicable to the patient, but also the necessity of a further increase of the breast prosthesis?

Combined transaction

The simultaneous operation of the neckline and breast enhancement is suitable in cases where:

  • In addition to the presence of ptosis (of any degree) the chest of a woman "literally" empty, that is, the mammary gland became flabby, diminished and has lost volume.
  • The breast has ptosis, and also a sufficient quantity of the breast, for when you remove the excess skin chest and adopted a look that is fresh and young, but the patient wishes to improve further with the help of the prosthesis.
  • The patient is diagnosed with ptosis of the breast with prosthesis. She wants to do a facelift and install new plants (more or less volume).
Combined breast lift

It is important to emphasize that the combined approach is strictly individual. For example, two patients with ptosis, the installation of the plant in 250 ml can give completely different results. A chest will be full and body, but with ease without any the game down, and another — there is sagging it will not be visible. The reason for this is many factors — the shape of the breast, the weight of the patient, the volume of the chest, the quality and elasticity of the skin.

Often the women, noting that starts sagging breast, they decide that everything can be solved with only the installation of plants, in general, it is true, but it does not work in all cases. If your doctor recommends that you do the combined operation should not trust. The arguments of the surgeon can be based on what is begun sagging can only get worse because of the greater severity of plants, or the result of the installation of the prosthesis will not be what you expect patient.

What are the limits for the operations

For the performance of breast lift with the installation of equipment there are a couple of surgery general contraindications, which include:

  • Limitations doctor-mammologist in the case of the presence of a patient of breast diseases — cystic or cystic neoplasms;
  • Infectious processes and inflammatory in the body;
  • Diseases of the circulatory system, in particular the violation of the coagulation of the blood;
  • Neoplastic diseases;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • During pregnancy or lactation (prior to lifting need to wait at least a year after the end of full breastfeeding, post-partum for the shape of the breast may eventually take the form);
  • Hormonal diseases;
  • Serious disorders of the liver and kidneys.

How to prepare for your surgery

After the first visit, the surgeon, the patient begins to prepare for surgery. On average, the preparation takes no more than a month, and includes:

  • Blood for syphilis (RW), HIV, hepatitis b virus;
  • Biochemistry;
  • The analysis of the blood;
  • An electrocardiogram (ECG);
  • Chest x rays.
Go through the advice of experts:
  • Mammologist;
  • Therapist;
  • Phlebologist;
  • Anesthesiologist.

It is advisable to first do all the analysis, and with them to consult with doctors in their first few days of the operation, to be able to see the complete picture of the state of health of the patient.

For a couple of weeks before surgery, and also during the recovery period, the patient will need to quit smoking, for the seams healed better. At least two weeks before surgery, the patient should not take blood-thinning medications — Aspirin, Thrombo-ASS, Cardiomagnyl and others, a detailed list of which will provide the surgeon.

How it performs the operation of lifting the breast with the installation of the equipment

Combined transaction usually goes through the 2 hours, so for this operation it uses only general anesthesia.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor makes the markup in the body of the patient, and spends the first cuts, chosen in according to the methodology of intervention. Note that, when the combined operations may not be used all of the methods, but only some of them. Thus, during the installation of the plants and at the same time the intervention is most often used vertical incision with an offset area of the nipple, or without. Depends on how much the omitted areola of the patient.

The advantages of the vertical cut in the combination transaction that gives the possibility to the doctor comfortable remove the amount of skin that you want. This method allows you to retain the possibility of a patient for breast-feeding. Vertical section — the most convenient method for the installation of equipment.

The installation of the equipment

Another possible type of shear during the lifting and the increase in breast — periareolar. Its great advantage is that it allows you to remove a sufficient amount of skin tissue, not creating visible scars. The seam to "hide" around the areola of the nipple, and with time it will become what is not obvious. But this has limits, as well as ptosis should be is not very pronounced. Usually this technique is ideal for patients with pseudoptosis, i.e. when the general distension of the breast, and the nipple remains at the level of the inframammary folds.

During the lifting and the increase is not used the anchor technique of cutting, as it implies the removal of large amounts of skin and removing part of the breast. The combined operation does not delete the mammary gland, but, on the contrary, "integrates" the installation of the system. It is not also applicable to endoscopic the method of breast lift, which does not involve the removal of excess skin. The endoscope is removed part of the breast.

During the operation, the surgeon first installs the system. A bed for him, it is formed or under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland. After the system is installed, the surgeon sees the exact amount of skin excess that you want to delete. The final phase of the operation comes after the removal of excess skin — suturing and dressing. When a vertical section of the weld around the nipple and down to the inframammary fold. Moving away from the anesthesia, the patient finds himself already in a special linen for the house, which will need to wear about a month after surgery.

Rehabilitation after breast lift with the installation of the equipment

After the surgery within two weeks you will need to adhere to a strict regime: do not lift the hands upwards, to sleep on your back, does not strain the breast area exercise. This period is considered to be the most difficult, as patients experience the discomfort, they can also be weak and moderate pain. The first couple of days under the skin will be installed and drainage pipes, not to accumulated lymphatic fluid. The swelling can be quite strong. The first few days after surgery you can grow, and already after 1-2 weeks it starts to decrease rapidly.

The first two weeks usually are not allowed to shower. Even after that the doctor will give you the welcome to the water treatment, they are worth doing very carefully, not rubbing the skin of the breast, and pressing on her.

Rehabilitation after breast lift

After two weeks, the patient can return to work, but for this it is necessary to continue to adhere to the rules — still sleep on your back, not to make sudden movements with your hands, do not load the body. Go back to doing our work can be after a month after surgery. You can also start doing light exercises.

The final result can be assessed after 3 months after the intervention. At that time, the swelling finally started to subside, the position of the implant is finally formed in his chest, and the seams become less noticeable. The seams after a breast lift, remain, but gradually disappear, and no later than six months after the intervention from their usually no trace is left.