Oil to increase the bust

Oil to increase the bust

All women dream to be an owner of a beautiful breast. Since ancient times has been used the oil to increase the bust. Helps lift and an increase in the female breast.

Natural oils have a great advantage over synthetic drugs as they are made of natural components.

The use of oils for the bust

With time, the breast changes shape, becomes flaccid and sometimes reduce. For the prevention of the use of complexes of essential oils and plant oils. Increase the elasticity of the breast and increase its size. Improves the appearance of skin for a younger, eliminate the stretch marks. Any oil from natural ingredients that can have a positive impact on the chest. However, some oil procedures is not enough. Together with them, requires the execution of physical exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy life style.

The condition of the skin and body in general depends on the style of life. If a girl or woman is passive, is powered irrational and has bad habits, that oil will not give the desired result.

The correct application

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to know the right way to work with oils. Incorrect application technique may not bring the desired results.

  1. Before the procedure the oil should be heated to body temperature. This will be useful substances that have the maximum effect.
  2. To pull on the breast, the oil must be applied according to the particular lines of massage: underneath the breast line should go from the center to the armpit, and the top of the opposite. To do this you need to, smoothly and without pressure. Going to the sternum, and the need from the centre to move to the chin, and then on the clavicles and shoulders.
  3. If you only use the oil, the surplus necessary to remove the absorbent paper.
  4. If the skin was affixed to the mask, then it is cloudy soaked in warm water and wrung out carefully with a cloth. Then, the nutrients remain on the skin.
  5. Apply the oil after bath or shower. Useful substances better absorbed in the skin, which increases the efficiency.
  6. When applied to oils should not cover the nipples.
The correct application

In the procedures there is nothing complicated about it. If everything is run in accordance with the rules, the effect of this care will be much better.

The result is that you can get

With the help of treatments with oils can increase the breast. Great results to reach does not work, but will make bust larger size is quite real.

Also, the effect of the increase, with oils, can reach improve the elasticity of the skin, improve its firmness, and other characteristics.

The most effective plant oils

There is a wide range of oils, that can cope with the task. In addition to promoting breast growth, you have a number of other positive qualities. All oils can be purchased in a drugstore or in specialized shops. Good results in an increase of the breasts and improve the general state of the skin indicate the following oil.

Flax seeds

It is produced with the pressing of the flax seeds. Contains a large amount of nutrients, as well as phytoestrogens.

You should apply it not only on the outside, but inside it every day, and 1 spoon. Product affect the growth and appearance of the breast. It also prevents sagging skin, increases the elasticity of the tissues and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Flax seeds

Sea buckthorn

It is made of berries and seeds of sea buckthorn. Recommended for sagging of the breast. With the goal of strengthening the action you should take in.

Sea buckthorn oil is included in most of the recipes in women's cosmetics for the body. In addition to increasing the size of the breast, the sea buckthorn oil helps to even skin tone, hydration of the tissues, improving their elasticity, relieve inflammation and improve the appearance.

The castor oil

Before application it is recommended that you warm up between your hands. It contains nutrients and minerals. Increases the elasticity of the breast, it softens the skin and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

The cocoa butter

It is the leader among other oils, thanks to an effective improve the elasticity of the breast. Has a strong regenerating action, and makes the skin elastic.

Olive oil

It is produced from the fruit of the olive tree. Because of vitamins and antioxidants slows the ageing of the skin. Increases the elasticity of the breast, regenerates dry skin, and rejuvenates. Contributes to mitigating the skin and in the presence of irritation, eliminates them, has an antibacterial effect. Is unique, as well as in its composition it has a large number of moisturising ingredients.


It improves the elasticity of the breast, but also eliminates the formations in this area. Slows down the aging of the skin, nourishes and cleans. In addition to the main property of this oil has a nice flavor.

When applied on the skin is a barrier for ultraviolet rays. Balanced composition gives the possibility to regulate the functioning of sebaceous glands, which prevents it from expanding again.


It is obtained by pressing the pulp of the coconut. Is included in most of the species of cosmetic products. Recommended for dry skin.

Revitalizes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Coconut oil is used in dealing with stretch marks and successfully manages the task.

The breast enhancement essential oils

Such oil should not be used as a monoproduct. You need to add a few drops to the base, which are often vegetable oils.


Applies compression, but also in the normal rubbing. Has a tonic effect, tightens the bust, but also affects the pigmented skin.

Is actively used in the removal of scars. If in equal proportions add the camphor and oil of sea-buckthorn cream will whiten the skin.



The essential oil not only helps to increase the breast, but it has a regenerating effect. It is better to use it as a supplement to oil-based. You can take almond or olive oil.

Suitable for any skin type, which makes it a versatile tool. Considered ideal for aging and sensitive skin with dilated pores.

The oil of black cumin

Contains estrogen, and is also appreciated as an antioxidant. Contains large amount of acids, minerals and vitamins. Has a positive effect on the health and growth of the breast.

In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties and, according to some, prevents cancer.


Suitable for aging skin, as well as has a remarkable rejuvenating effect. You reorder the good with the wrinkles and has a bactericidal effect. The product is quite allergenic.

It is recommended to use in combination with exercises. Often applies to the following recipe: 4 drops spruce oil, 2 cedar, 1 drop of eucalyptus, anise and rose oil, add in a tube of cream, mix, and apply after the completion of the exercises.

Oil of fennel

Has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, which help to eliminate inflammation and stagnation in the mammary glands.

During the procedure increases the secretion of sexual hormones, which causes an increase of the breast. However, it is better to use it with any foundation.

A further positive effect of oils

Breast massage is a useful procedure. The process itself is fun, relaxing and uplifting. The main condition - the movements of massage it is necessary to do correctly, without harm.

Through massage can not only increase the size of the breast, but and make it elastic. If exposed on the skin, open the pores, which promotes the elimination of waste and toxins. This is the prevention of disease of mammary glands.

That it is important to remember when using essential oils

There are some rules that you must remember when holding the breast massage with essential oils:

  1. Prior to the application to perform a test of an allergic reaction.
  2. Essential oils should not be used in pure form. You need to add to the base.
  3. During the massage, and compression should not affect the nipples.

It is important to follow these rules, as well as particularly serious consequences can cause an allergic reaction. In respect of all these recommendations the risk of a negative impact on the body will be minimal.