How to quickly increase the breast

Despite the fact that the medicine is skeptical to the home methods of breast enlargement without plastic surgery, the practice shows that it is still possible.

Millions of women choose to continually improve and work on your body, adjusting the shape and size of the bust. If nature had given them the breasts of a woman splendor, attractive shapes and sizes, it's not worth betting on the cross.

Hormonal tools and medicines

By adhering to an integrated approach to work on your body, after a month or two will be obvious significant alterations. Before starting the search for effective methods, the woman must understand the anatomy and structure of mammary glands, only on the basis of theoretical knowledge, it is possible to find effective ways to increase the breast.

The work on oneself, or how to enlarge breast for 1 month

To increase the bust, many women decide to the cardinal-step — cosmetic surgery. In fact go under the knife of the surgeon and the rest of your life to carry a foreign body-a questionable prospect.

Where it is most wise to start independent of retracement of the body from the outside and from the inside. Increase your breast size quickly, in just a month is possible, if you stick in a complex of different techniques.

Hormonal tools and medicines

In the first place, the size of the mammary glands and their growth in the puberty stage depends directly on the hormonal levels of a woman. Therefore a hormonal imbalance can negatively affect the shapes of the breast. To resolve the problem in this way, it is necessary to consult an endocrinologist to check the level of female and male sexual hormones. Missing hormones, your doctor will prescribe you compensate for that or other hormonal means.

For the size of the mammary glands respond immediately, 4 of the hormone, and their correct combination: estrogen, xenoestrogen, testosterone, and prolactin.

In any case, it's not worth to choose hormone medication for breast enhancement. Irrational use of hormones causes serious illness and even the appearance of tumors.

Nutrition for breast growth

Nutrition for breast growth

The first thing that needs to know a woman, tries to increase the size of the breast — no diets.

The lack of adipose tissue, vitamins and minerals in foods lead to the depletion of the mammary glands. As well as the size of the breast also depends on the number of fat cells in the glands, a well-balanced diet will help you grow and fill in the mammary glands of the plant hormones.

  • Meat, chicken, dairy products, seafood, by — products, in which a large number of proteins to help strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the thorax;
  • The hops and the lump — produced, which is a major supplier of estrogen vegetable (broth cones — week);
  • Grains and grain — products rich in trace elements, namely, rice, oats, barley and millet;
  • Foods that are rich in fatty acids — flax seeds, avocado, fish with bold fillets, olive oil, sesame seeds (such as fats do not contribute to the weight gain).


For the woman who looks for quickly increase breast in home, self-massage has become a pleasant daily habit. Before him, the experts advise to take a shower contrast, helps to improve the tone and improve the flow of blood to the milk glands. Then, using a hot water jet of the shower, his chest massaged for some time in a circle, avoiding the area of the nipple. Even after the treatment of the water self-massage pass with the help of fat nourishing cream.


Distributed in the breast cream, light movements of his hands shredded from the nipple and up to the armpits and shoulders. It is very important not to make pressure on the chest, not to hurt and not stretch thin the delicate skin. For each breast will be sufficient to perform such manipulations for 3-5 minutes, repeating the massage daily.

The course of physical exercise

The relief and shape of the breast depends directly from the fortress pectoral, muscles, and ligaments.

Pronounced relief in the area of the neckline transforms visually the chest, improves the circulation and nutrition of the mammary glands oxygen, replenishing its nutrients, and a further volume. Today, experts recommend a large list of effective exercises to increase the breast of 2-3 cm of diameter, but the most effective are considered in the following courses:

  • Pushups from the floor, which must spend three times a week from 5 times to 20 times to the front of the principle. Effective these exercises will be, if doing them to keep a straight back on the tips of your toes and touch your chin to the floor.
  • Shake hands, and spend about 5 times for three sets. Folded hands in front of breasts, repeating the pose in the prayer of man, their need to more closely press to the other. In this state the palm of the hand record for some time.
  • In addition to this, useful for the chest there are exercises for arms with dumbbells.

If all of the above breast enlargement methods overall, after a month, it will be possible to fix the first positive changes.

How to increase breast in 10 minutes: the proven techniques and life hacks

For the ladies, that not ways to painstakingly work on improving his body, there are a few tricks for quick visual breast enhancement at home. Usually, in order to give the chest of glitz and shapes is possible with the help of suitable size of clothes and underwear.

With the help of these ways you can increase your breast size VERY fast!

How to increase the breast for 10 minutes
  • The bra. For small breasts experts already for a long time have created a special bodice with cup inserts push-up. As practice shows, this bedding will help you to increase the breast size. Due to atypical form, so the bodice lifts the breasts and brings them closer to one another, creating the appearance of fullness and the splendour of the breast. But, what is the underwear non-smoking doctors for frequent use.
  • T-shirts and hoodies. For the small breast has developed a special t-shirt, polo and V-neck. Such clothing must be snug to the body, by drawing prominent breasts.
  • Blouses and shirts. Hide small breasts can be using women's ruffles collar and ruffles in shirts and blouses. In addition, this style is perfectly suited to the tight skirt or pants, the creation of an office style. Colouring blouses must be clear or colored strip of color contrasts must be to a minimum.
  • Sweaters. A woman with the small breasts is better to choose cashmere sweaters, women's cut free. It's not worth to think that such clothing hides and without the addition of a small chest. To the contrary, the principle of "reverse" will not focus the attention on the small size of the bust, creating a sort of enigma. It is very important to prefer sweaters in pastel colors.
  • Vest. A woman who wants to transform the small breasts can wear a bra with insert push-up, and above the clothes on a denim vest. In addition, the jackets perfectly with the office style and classic dresses.

The "utility" for the female breast

No matter what size of the chest has the nature of a woman to keep the youth and its primordial forms of knowing the "utility" for the breast.

Plant hormones, which are rich in many food products, much better in health, "female" bodies, coordinate the menstrual cycle and give lush breasts forms. As practice shows, many food products are also considered to be programmes for the prevention of tumors. In the diet, women must necessarily be present in fruit and vegetables orange, all varieties of cabbage, olive oil, dairy products and seafood.

An active lifestyle and physical exercise can help to strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders and back, which has a positive effect on the shape and posture of the woman, as well as adjust the shape of the breast. In addition to this, the sport helps to improve the elasticity and flexibility of ligaments, which prevents diseases of the bones.

For the female breast and the general health must necessarily comply with the correct regime of drinking. Light and velvety, the skin, the normal metabolism and functioning of all the internal organs depends on the amount of drink. In a day the doctors recommend to drink from a liter and a half of clean water. It is especially important to drink water during exercise, to compensate for the fluid loss.

Also, fill the skin in the area of the breast tone and give elasticity will help you different homemade mask the natural composition, and also regular self-massage with the application of creams and nutrients.