8 ways to increase your breast size without surgery

8 ways to increase your breast size without surgery, One of the most sought after operations in the field of cosmetic surgery throughout the world is breast enhancement. The method is most effective and fast – operating, but not for all.

The question of how to increase the mammary glands, and preferably without the intervention, affects many women.

Today there are more than enough reliable and safe methods that allow obtaining the desired result without damage to health.


The factors that influence the size of the breast

Before you can understand how it is possible to increase the pectoral breast without surgery, it is worth to understand, which is striking for its size:

  • Hormones. Otherwise, which begins with the onset of puberty, the girls body starts to increase the level of estrogen, which promotes the active development of the breast. This same reason affects the increase of the breast during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the use of contraceptive drugs.
  • The weight of a woman. The mammary glands have a single structure and composed of glandular, connective tissue and adipose tissue. Then with significant weight loss or weight gain bust size increases/decreases.
  • The legacy. This factor is one of the major, and nothing we can do. Very likely, the daughter will be the same chest, like his mother.
  • Posture. An important factor, but on him it can easily influence. Correct posture is fairly simple, because if the girl does not hold back, even the big breast will be imperceptible.

Considering these factors and the physiological characteristics of the configuration of the mammary glands, it is necessary to choose the most efficient non-surgical method of breast enhancement.

What are the methods of breast enlargement without surgery?

Today in plastic surgery the procedure of breast most in demand, they turn to the women.

However, the medicine is developing rapidly and offers a variety of new techniques surgical breast lift without surgery.

We offer the most popular methods that give good results in a breast enhancement without surgery.

Hormonal pills

Most effective breast enhancement of a woman with the help of hormones, but at the same time is the most dangerous because, in violation of the hormones in the body, can cause serious damage to your health.

Before taking these drugs, it is worthwhile to study their impact on the body of a woman:

  • The estrogen. This hormone is responsible for the construction of a female figure. Its lack is expressed in the formation of the male physique, and an insufficient development of the breast. Excess estrogen, as a general rule, is a disease of the heart and obesity, while it slows the growth of the muscle fibers of the chest.
  • Xenoestrogen. Inhibits the activity of estrogen, it suspends the development of the glandular tissue. Normalize the growth of the breast is possible only by adjusting the selection of secretion of the hormone.
  • Prolactin. It strengthens significantly the formation of fat in the breast. During pregnancy and in the period of the menstrual cycle, its concentration increases.
  • Testosterone. The male hormone, helps to reduce the amount of bust, so the breast of a woman is more similar to the male torso.

Choose the hormonal drug is not smoking.

Not properly selected, the dosage could lead to serious consequences, as a minimum, the fail of the menstrual cycle.

With the help of hormones can actually increase the size of the breast without the operation, but this therapy should only appoint a doctor endocrinologist, after having studied the hormones and the characteristics of the body.

Injections of hyaluronic acid

Increase your breast size without surgery you can use full of fillers. This is the modern way without steps to increase your breast size in 1 dimension.

Hyaluronic acid has a texture gel to a low viscosity, and closely fills the cells of the skin, making the breast becomes a nice rounded shape.

  • The advantage of this breast enhancement method is the most deep hydration and relaxation of the skin.
  • The reverse of the medal – the reabsorption of the gel after 6-7 months.

The process requires no more than 30 minutes, and after an hour the patient can do the usual things.

Breast enhancement gel, like all procedures, it has contraindications:

  • Stopped the blood from clotting.
  • The period of the menstrual cycle.
  • Infectious diseases and viral diseases.
  • Intolerance to the component.

Breast enlargement injections of hyaluronic acid costs less than plastic surgery for breast augmentation, but the price for the procedure remains high.

Hardware cosmetology

Make the size of the larger breast without surgery is possible with the help of vacuum exposure.

Modern cosmetology offers some effective ways effects on the mammary gland:

1) the Vacuum system. The procedure is done with the help of glasses as special as the banks, and sinkholes. Massager is installed on the chest, during the session of inflation adjusted and pumping air vacuum. Result of an increase in breast manifests itself through swelling and filling of the breast tissues of oxygen. On average, the application of this procedure increases the breast size to a size. The results before and after 2 months

The first vacuum massage does not require more than 5 minutes, the subsequent procedures to increase gradually up to 20 minutes. The recommended course of 10-15 sessions.

(2) Special bodice. A special device in the shape of the bra is installed on the chest. The air that enters the machine gradually shrinks, creating a negative environment. Creates the low pressure, which increases the blood flow, so as to create the effect of a small edema of the tissues. To obtain a long-lasting effect, you'll need to not less than 600 hours of this impact (the session is equal to 10 hours).


Another technique that allows you to increase your breasts without plastic surgery. Its essence consists in the transplantation of own fat deposits in the breast tissue.

If this is true?

The procedure allows you to add at least one dimension of the breast. The material lies with the buttocks, abdomen and inner thighs, after that is processed in a special machine.

The advantage of this method is the lack of scarring and a minimal risk of complications.

We now consider methods of breast enhancement, which are suitable for self-application.

This can be suitable for such measures:

  • Massage,
  • Exercises
  • Contrast showers,
  • Cream for breast enlargement,
  • Services special products,
  • A popular way.

Every article we examine in more detail, with recipes, instructions.

If it is possible to increase the breast of a massage?

A good massage can adjust the shape of the breast to give them greater volume and to improve their appearance, visually increase slightly.

Massage – a good method of correcting the shape of the breast without surgery which can be performed at home and in the salon.


Home-the massage is carried out after a hot bath or a sauna, pre-for a better sliding on the skin and neck apply a generous layer of oil or cream fat.

Exercise for the chest

There is a lot of exercises that strengthen the chest muscles and improve the shape of the bust in a natural way:

The most effective – push-ups. You need to perform 3 series. The number of repetitions you should gradually increase up to 30 times.

Lessons with dumbbells. Exercise to be carried out, lying on his back. Dumbbells take in hand, to ward off from themselves to the top and to the side, separate the hands. Initially it is best to use a light weight, but little by little, the load can be increased. We recommend that you perform 20 repetitions of an exercise.

Tug. Need to sit on a chair. Palm connect, and then press them to one another, by dragging and dropping then to the left, then to the right. The hands must maintain in this position for 10-15 seconds.

If it is worthwhile to increase the shape of the breast without surgery, the personnel file of the patient. Modern methods are effective and allow without surgery adjust any form of bust, without damage to health.

A shower of contrast

Each breast under the powerful jet of water is treated with circular movements for 2-3 minutes.

The shower must be to contrast, for this it is necessary to alternately change the water ( hot and cold), will create the conditions for the frequent contraction of the muscles, which will help maintain the muscle tone of the chest.

The jet is not possible to drive on the nipples!

Products that help increase breast

Do the relief of the body and strengthen the growth of the breast helps to have a special meal. Simply enter in your diet the following foods:

  • Cabbage – the most famous product, causing the breast growth, which is especially useful during adolescence.
  • Nuts (contain phytoestrogens). It is recommended that you mix it with the honey.
  • Eggplant (also rich in natural plant estrogen).
  • Milk with turmeric (a good people recipe for breast growth: in a glass of milk, take 1 teaspoon of turmeric, taken before meals).
  • Cheese – is still a product from the dairy group-dairy products, which causes an increase of the breast in the house.
  • A great way to increase your breast – take flax seed. With the regular intake of flaxseed breast female acquires a beautiful form and literally rejuvenated for the eyes!