If you really increase your breast size without surgery? Home remedies for breast enlargement

Men have the biological tendency to choose friends with a larger bust. After all, evolutionary advantage is for women, that may bring more children. By making this choice, the man unconsciously takes care of the welfare of the offspring. But, if nature has given you a dignity? Increase the breast in the house, at least visually, it is realistic.

breast enhancement

Exercises to increase the breast

Complex due to small breasts have to do with women miracles. Many are willing to believe in absurd myths, such as can be "effective" and "effective" to increase the size, do not go under the knife. There are fun, but ineffective ways:

  1. Eat the dough raw. Presumably, the yeast will help the milk glands to grow "by leaps and bounds". In reality, these yeasts to further the esophagus will not be
  2. An infusion of hemlock to the vodka. But hemlock is a poisonous plant. This "cocktail" in ancient Greece have ruined the criminals condemned to death
  3. Mustard-make a poultice. If you apply this tool to the chest, then in the morning after you find yourself... no, not at the contest "miss bust", and in the department burns. And after – oncologist. The high temperature causes the formation of tumors
  4. The mother's milk. It is not clear on which prejudice is based on this myth. It is believed that if you are unable to take the breast milk of another woman, and to prepare from it some kind of drink, this will help you to increase the bust
  5. Exercises. Through the exercise can improve the skin on the chest, adjust the form. But significantly increasing the size can only bodibildershi

What are the mammary glands. Simple ways to increase your breast

To understand why the correction of the breast without surgery is so complex, it is necessary to understand the anatomy. The chest need to nourish the offspring.

So, basically, it consists of the mammary glands. The space between them is filled with connective and adipose tissue. Muscle in the chest is almost not there. Inflate the chest is almost impossible.

There are two heads, and tangible ways to increase your breast size in home:

  1. Have a baby and start breastfeeding. The milk comes in, milk products, breast increase, and with them to grow and the chest
  2. Feel better. Considering that with each new kilogram of weight of the chest up to 20 grams
at what age grows the breast

At what age begin and end of grow mammary glands?

The breasts start to grow during puberty. Every girl has a different process. But most of all, the final size of the bust and earn at 17-18 years of age. Therefore, a surgical intervention of breast augmentation are not up to 18 years. Small changes may occur up to 25.

During the follow-up of life in the state of the bust is changing too. You can suddenly increase because of hormonal problems, weight gain, or breastfeeding. In any case, if in adulthood, the breast has increased for no apparent reason, it is necessary to consult with mammologist.

It is possible to accelerate the growth of the breast?

The girls already in the 12-13 years I can't wait for them to bust seemed to be an "adult". Methods of breast enlargement adolescent, proven medicine, not yet. But if your mother is a cabbage, do not give up.

In the popular consciousness, there is the belief that the vegetable improves the hormonal balance in the body. This favors the increase of the breast. Many try whirlpool – circular movements with a water jet of a contour to the breast.

Drink some kind of dietary Supplements or hormonal drugs for breast growth at this age is absolutely impossible!

Folk remedies for breast enhancement

Traditional medicine offers us different ways to increase breast by natural means. The basic idea is to provide the body with substances similar to female hormones. It is known that the breasts of women is growing under the action of the hormone estrogen. In some plants contains similar plant of these substances phytoestrogens.

Traditional medicine, invites us to drink decoctions of herbs such as, rub in the leather, make dyes. Not all the girls that have tried this method, it's good to talk to him. The main disadvantage – if the mammary glands and increase under the action of these drugs, and then, once the course has finished, the size is always the same.

Breast enhancement with olive oil of hops and cocoa, soybean oil and olive oil

Recipe and more popular to increase the size – hop. It is prepared in infusion:

1 tablespoon of hop cones.

a glass of boiling water.

  1. Infusion of 8 hours in a thermos. Then drink 2-3 times a day in half a glass before meals. Combine in an optimal way the drink with the oil of hops. You can buy in a pharmacy. After the shower you can do a breast massage with this oil
  2. Do not wait for the effect too quickly. The plant must accumulate in the body, and this happens along
  3. Olive oil and soybean oil, as well as the cocoa butter, natural hormones do not contain. But they are used to the tone of the skin of the breast is not decreased. The effect deflectens bust appears precisely because of the laxity of the skin
  4. However, in America practice the massage with the cocoa butter. Make it not on the chest and around the armpits, a little below and between the breasts. It is believed that this helps to increase the size
helps iodine

Helps iodine to increase the bust?

Another way to increase the breasts iodine mesh. Presumably, the iodine gives the increase of the temperature, this improves the flow of blood. Makes the bust more. The efficiency of the method is not proven, but the damage is evident.

The overheating of the mammary glands causes the formation of tumors. Then the retina should not be the most common cause, the lines should not overlap. May not be applied to the nipples and the area around. The probability of obtaining a burn time increases.

The trick for breast enhancement

In cosmetology, the concept of "person" does not end on the chin. The face is all that opens clothing. If you are wearing a gown with a plunging neckline, the makeup you need to apply on the neck and the open part of the breast.

To amplify the volume of your breasts, you need to:

  • bronzer or powder, for a couple of tones more dark in the skin;
  • highlighter.

The first is to darken the space between the breasts and to emphasize the natural roundness. At the end must be a figure reminiscent of Y. Highlighter need to lighten the protruding parts. Well, therefore, to blur the border of colors, for a gradual transition.

How to choose underwear for the chest was?

Visually increase the size can properly the bra. It stitched card: soft or gel-based. Should not increase your charm in more than one dimension. Otherwise bedding would be bad perfectly to the body, the iugum demittere in and out of.

A couple of tips:

  1. For the bust looked larger, choose light clothing. Expands the volume
  2. The visual effect that you can get with a plunging neckline
  3. There are bras without inserts, which increase the volume, lifting the chest
creams and lotions

Creams and lotions for breast enhancement

Cream for breast enlargement using already known to us mechanisms. Some contain phytoestrogens that replace the natural hormone that influences the growth of the bust. Others favor the production of adipose tissue in this field. Still others simply improve the blood circulation and tighten the skin.

Whatever the mechanism used, none of the most influential producers does not promise to increase the quantity of more than one dimension. And when you stop using the cream, the volume goes out again.

The power supply for the breast enhancement

Diet for breast enhancement contains already familiar to us the products with phytoestrogens. Are spices (fenugreek, fennel), legumes (soy, lentils, chickpeas), cereals (rice).

Recommend to eat more fruit and vegetables. Directly on the size of the breast does not have effect, but also help to maintain the natural balance of hormones and fight with the aging.

Another way to achieve the growth – consume the fats. But not fat, and bread with butter and unsaturated vegetable oil, or fish of the sea. This grease will not end at the waist and on the hips, and gently distributed "where it is needed".

Breast enhancement japanese methodology. Dried seaweed for breast enhancement

Japanese scientists insist on the fact that the one who takes care of her bust, regularly there is a dry laminaria. The world of medicine recognizes that it is a very good defender against breast cancer. "Amplificandi Potentia" the effect has not been demonstrated.

Correct posture — deposit beautiful breasts

Don't forget that the hump is able to "hide" a couple of dimensions more important of the breast. By incorrect posture of the torso languishes and loses its shape. Then, before doing the exercises, you work with the posture.

Sports and breast augmentation. What exercises to do for breast enhancement?

Muscle in the chest a little, then pump them hard. But also a series of daily exercises can affect the shape. The muscles give the chest tone, and form a beautiful relief. Let the volume do not add, but the visual impact is great.

  1. Get in the door. Put your back to a door-post, and hands – on another. Make an effort, as if you try to push them
  2. Reduce the palm of your hand in a gesture of prayer. Highly push them to each other, then a couple of seconds of rest
  3. Stay on your feet. Alternatively ventilabis on a, then on the other hand, compressed in a fist. The movement is as if you want to hit the ceiling
  4. Great help simple push-ups and any exercise with dumbbells or extensor
helps the sex

Helps sex to enlarge breast?

Women do notice that after sex the breast becomes bigger. This does not mean that with a regular sexual life, the bust will grow to infinity. This is a temporary phenomenon. It is caused by the inflow of blood to the erogenous regions during excitation. Sometimes the chest swells when you are using the contraceptive pill. But this is only a side effect.

Breast augmentation with the help of acupressure

Chinese medicine believes that the Shiatsu massage helps to increase the breast. For this you need each day to massage a couple of points on the body.

  1. Below the clavicle
  2. High above the nipple, between the second and third fins
  3. On top of the nipple, where he began the roundness of the breast
  4. Between the second and the third points
  5. Under the armpit
  6. Between the previous point and the nipple
  7. Near the nipple, near the outer side of the breast
  8. Under the nipple
  9. Around the nipple, closer to the inner part of the chest
  10. Between the breasts