The cost of breast enhancement: how much does lush bust

The most radical and effective way for breast enhancement is plastic surgery. How much it costs this depends on different factors.

In addition, medical indications and contraindications, before you consent to a step so serious need to evaluate the material capabilities.

Promotional materials the clinics often claim the cost of these procedures only by considering the work of a specialist, however, the costs for the operation, in the last analysis, can be much higher.

An important role in shaping the cost of surgery to increase the bust held the position of clinic. If it is a capital or a big city in the centre of the country, then the cost will be significantly higher than the clinic on the outskirts.

Plays an important role in the location of the clinic!

Yes and medical centers in a city may offer the same service at very different rates. If it is a clinic with the name, prestige and reputation, all the services will be much more expensive that just opened or not is yet to be done.

The breast augmentation cost you more:

  • in Moscow,
  • in St. Petersburg,
  • in a prestigious clinic.

For those who need to know some useful and fresh information.

Look at the pictures tubular breast here. Aesthetic defect, which can solve the problem.

What to pay

The patient before opting for a clinic or physician, be sure you know what is included in the cost of breast enlargement. This will help to avoid unnecessary surprises.

As for levelcity chest

For example, the promotional materials declare the value at a clinic in 100 000 rubles, while in the nearby 80 000. However, in the second case it is shown only the cost of the procedure itself, that is, the services of a surgeon.

If we add in other implants, the anesthesia and the hospital stay, then at the end of the intervention in the second clinic will be much more expensive.

The cost of the surgery depends not only on the image of the clinic, but also from its equipment. This factor is very important, as it depends in great part and of the results and the safety of the client.

Equipment equipment, tools, professionalism is not only the surgeons but also the anesthesiologists and nursing staff.

Attention! Some of the clinics to attract customers put the lowest prices because of the fact that you do not include in the price the price of the plants.

Then, before being tempted by an attractive offer, it is worth clarifying what is included in the cost of the service.

The cost of the work of a plastic surgeon

From one-half to two-thirds of the cost of a surgery breast augmentation dealing with the services of the surgeon.

The price can assign the same specialist or the structure in which he works.

Highly figured separate.

Example of minimum cost of the work of a plastic surgeon may vary from 30 000 to 200 000 rubles. Most of insignia, experience, and positive feedback from a doctor, the more he assigns the price for their operations.

The availability of degree also provides the opportunity to rate their work above. The surgeons with an impeccable reputation and great experience always in demand patients, in spite of the high prices.

Beginners and experts can not afford to declare the high cost of services, as they need to attract customers. Therefore, the amount awarded for the services of a plastic surgeon, it can be a kind of indicator of the quality of these services.

There is a warning because it would be appropriate to increase the mammary glands. The same doctor can work in several different clinics, and the cost of his work can also be different, as well as a certain amount always has a clinic.

For example, the operation is the same doctor in Parma can cost you 30 000, while in Moscow 70 000 rubles.

So how much is an operation to increase the bust may also depend on the complexity of the operation. The main difficulty is to access, through which it is carried out the installation of the system.

The simplest and most commonly used for the execution of a surgery breast augmentation through the fold under the breast. Little more difficult, and therefore more expensive, when you run an engraving on the border of the areola.

The axillary access is more complex, so the operations are performed through an incision under the armpit, is always higher than the cost. The main advantage of this method, the absence of visible scars and scars.

In a note! After breast augmentation live resistant. But once again, it is worth to take into consideration and follow-up of the pregnancy and fluctuations in weight, and the natural aging. For a number of reasons, with time, the aesthetic result is a surgery of breast augmentation may change.

What is included in the service of the surgeon

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Drafting of an action plan
  • The execution of more operations,
  • Counseling during the rehabilitation period,
  • The binding,
  • Inspections.

Necessarily need to to clarify exactly what is included in the cost of the services of a plastic surgeon, in order to take account of any additional costs.

The implants and their cost

The implants and their cost

The costs for the installed systems during the operation are from 10% up to half of all the expenses.

The average price for installations with no additional features 20 000 — 45 000 of rubles.

Depends on what the cost of the plants

  • From the technical characteristics,
  • By manufacturer and brand,
  • From the scam of the clinic.

The manufacturer's selling price and what they offer the system in the clinic, can vary significantly. Is available a variety of models of such products.

The specifications include a variety of settings. Materials are used several, and in a may be gel of different densities, this makes the product more expensive.

The shape also affects the price, in the round always cheaper under the same conditions, of breast implants of anatomic form.

If it is worth paying more for a brand? This question everyone decides for himself. However, you should know that the price of a product consists of costs not only for its production, but also on the advertising, marketing, and operations, to establish sales in a particular region.

Review with the manufacturer's warranty!

Therefore, the cost of products of famous brands, always above. If the manufacturer of breast implants has the european certification, the difference in the quality of similar products and technical specifications will be very small. For this reason the brand, if it is a product, it is possible to save.

Before to stop your choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the warranties of the manufacturer. If funds permit, then worth buying a product with a lifetime warranty. These prostheses breast are, for example, companies Natrelle and Mentor.

Their round implants on average cost 45 000, products anatomically shaped and 60 000 rubles. Warranty on the products give their own producers. Lifetime warranty — is a sort of mark of quality of the product and the tranquility of the patient.

The choice of equipment should be discussed to consult a plastic surgeon. Necessarily have to explain exactly what it is and why it offers itself to the patient.

You need to select the best option for quality and price, to later the woman felt comfortable, but at the same time everyone wants to avoid unnecessary waste.

Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous doctors, who do not care about the health of patients, and only to their advantage. They may offer poor prostheses or services, essentially to inflate the prices.

Signs of bad faith

  • The price of a clinic on a system very different from the average values (as in the smallest and the biggest).
  • The surgeon takes the decision of the marche region and the shape of the prosthesis without discussion with the patient.
  • A spokesman for the clinic categorically insists on choosing only a plant without the reasoning correct.
  • The plants offered in the clinic, do not have the european certificate of quality.

Preparation for the intervention

The operation to increase the bust is done in a hospital under general anesthesia.

Preparation for the intervention

In the face of such manipulations always necessary to go through a series of studies to rule out any contraindications or pre-treatment.

Basically it is the exams that you can do in a normal hospital district of residence or in the any medical center.

Set of standard analysis, and hardly worth it for this turn to expensive health facilities. In some cases, are already incorporated in the cost of the operation.


On average, the duration of surgery is 1-2 hours depending on the characteristics of the specific case.

Anesthesia and medical services anaesthesiologist, without which the operation is not performed, it is necessary from 5 000 to 10 000 rubles.

Of hospital stay and post-operative costs

After the operation the woman must stay in a hospital under the supervision of medical personnel for at least a day.

Next, has need of daily consultation, checks and dressings. This time is 3-4 days. Depending on the sutures, it may be necessary to remove the stitches, usually do on the seventh day after the surgery.

Each day of your stay in the hospital will cost 3 000-6 000 rubles, depending on the clinic and the comfort of the chamber of commerce.

Postoperative expenses may include counseling, checks and dressings. They can be charged for, and can be included in the cost of breast.

About 5 000 cost you a compression garment. Without it it is impossible, as well as provides the correct position of the mammary glands, supports them, prevents displacement of the implants, in excess of the swelling.


Then, the cost of surgery breast enhancement is a couple of positions. If you add up all together, the approximate cost of such a procedure in Moscow will be from 150 000 rubles. The upper limit may be 300 000 and even more.

Take care with offers for a price under 150 thousand p!

Of course, the price is not in itself a guarantee of quality, but it is unlikely that it is worth to focus on the clinics that offer prices well below the average.

Better to turn to such institutions, where they can discuss openly all the time steps, and calculate once all the possible costs.