How to increase the breast

Small breasts – deposit complex for many women. And it is not surprising, because there, where beauty with a beautiful figure, it is sufficient to wear a blouse with deep neckline, their "flat" colleagues are forced to demonstrate ingenuity, to demonstrate their professionalism and value.

Today, the network is full of different breast enlargement methods without surgery, and for the care of the society, raise fabulous sums on the sales of tools that help you solve the "little problem" do not get out of the house. But if all of them are equally rational?

Why not grow your breasts

The key to successful resolution of any problem – its diagnosis. The more you collect the reliable information on what you're the problem, before finding a way to deal with it. And debated the topic – is no exception. Below are written the most common causes of a slowdown in the growth of the female breast.

  • The legacy. If you are satisfied with the size of a breast, initially it is worthwhile to pay attention to relatives in the ascending line (mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers). If most of them don't have great forms, because genetics has not been canceled, it can also be limited to zero or the first dimension.
  • Beri-beri. Possible that individual parts of the body for growth lacking some vitamins. The lack of nutrients slows down or stops is not critical for the vitality of the body processes, and is forced to hiccups ways to increase the bust.
  • Sport. Regular specific load – the basic cause to the unequal development of the pectoral muscles, which then interfere with the growth of the mammary glands.
  • An accident. If the breasts had already been heavily damaged, its growth (depending on the scale of the accident) may slow down or come to nothing.
  • Ecology. It is scientifically proven that the gradual change of an environment favourable to the development of various diseases in our body. By some it is detected the cancer, the other to stop functioning as immune mechanisms, and the third is "rounding" ends much before the deadline.
  • The adipose tissue. Women who die of a diet or by nature, suffer from excessive thinness, it is simply a place to take it.
  • The estrogen. This "female" hormone has a direct impact on the condition of the mammary glands. Consequently, the more its, the fastest added to see

As you can see, the problem can be linked to a number of assumptions. Also, to identify with accuracy the cause of forces only qualified mammologist, while self-diagnosis is both faithful only 7.3% of cases. So, even if you decide to make the breasts larger, pass a comprehensive examination before this, it would be superfluous.

If it is possible to increase your breast size without surgery

If it is possible to increase your breast size without surgery

Silicone coating, common in the beginning of zero years, today, more and more often, to make himself known. On the internet there is a lot of real-life stories, when, after the plastic appeared a hematoma and suppuration, and also was observed the death of tissue. Not surprisingly, therefore, dissatisfied with their forms, lady looking for ways to increase your breast without expensive operations.

If there are these ways? Of course. The history knows a lot of examples where the girls could reach their goals, not to go under the scalpel of the surgeon. So, let's take a look the more available and production of them, and those in effect from where to wait does not make sense.

Animals ways to increase breast size

In an attempt to discover ways to increase your breast size in home, the girls often go out in the wind. After seeing the new recipe, they rush immediately to test it out on themselves, without thinking of what consequences can lead the rush. Don't believe us? Then test yourself on the knowledge of the following options:

Creams and gels

Of this product on the market of cosmetic products are always in excess. And it is not surprising, because all that is required by the customer – rub solutions in the skin and wait for the result, and advertising slogans that promise almost the sixth dimension after the first partial. It will be a miracle? No, of course not. And the reasons are different:

  1. It is worth to finish the course, as a effect in nothing in a matter of a few days. Under the influence of active substances happens to micro-swelling, which strengthens the body and increases the its a couple of inches.
  2. In most of these drugs, you can find hormonal elements and allergens. Then, the reception of their (and wrong) and can then cause serious problems for the entire body.
  3. Increased sensitivity in the breast. It is worth to apply some cream or gel on the skin, like just half an hour at any touch to the torso simply will drive you crazy. And it is not only people, but also of clothing, wear that will be problematic.

Then, increase breast of a girl in this way makes sense only if she is willing to buy all new tubes and jars for the whole life. And this is already quite complete dependence, which, as we know, for example, tobacco-based products, to the good, it will for sure.

Hormonal drugs

Some women use indiscriminately all types of medicines and dietary Supplements, if in the title there is the word "hormonal". The result is that more than 2/3 of them do not seek to activity, why not pay attention to the composition of the funds selected. Can help only 2 types of hormones (and not always):

  1. Estrogen. Really effective this hormone is produced in the ovaries, only if taken in adolescence. In this period the body develops, but the mammary glands react to the slightest impact hormonal. The people in the age of growth bust after taking estrogen explains the characteristic of the hormonal drugs type of delay in the body of water and sodium. The effect is disappearing quite quickly, while overdose causes a range of diseases: an increase in weight of up to hyperplasia, or endometrium;
  2. Phytoestrogens. This group of herbal compounds could cause an estrogenic effect in people of the same age. Are much weaker than human hormones, but here the number is superimposed on quality. The moderate consumption of phytoestrogens leads not only to the regulation of hormonal imbalance, but also reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the body and reduces the risk of developing cancers. Overdose the same is fraught with the development of cancer.
Food products

When it comes to breast enhancement with home through food, the most popular answer – cabbage. However, given the approval of the "eating cabbage more, and then the breasts will grow" only with the stroke. In this vegetable is very high content of phytoestrogens, which has already been mentioned previously and, then, with reasonable use, the result will surely simply is not so evident, and not once.

Here are the only other vegetables and food products of these herbal compounds not less. And because you can easily dilute your diet:

  1. By legumes (peas, beans, lentils). You can use both for first and for second dishes. But do not forget, they are quite high in calories and are difficult to use, then a need not more than 2 days a week;
  2. Nuts. They are tasty and are useful in and of itself, but if you want to reach the maximum effect, blend the walnuts with the honey and lemon juice, after you eat a couple of tablespoons of before and after the main meal;
  3. Cereal crops, cereal and milk. The simplest combination of these products – porridge. But its consumption has benefited, to cook you need, and do not do "quick breakfast", useful substances that do not exist a priori. Especially for breast growth useful of corn, wheat, oats, and rice;
  4. Fruits (pomegranates, dates) and vegetables (carrots, garlic). They not only allow for the "reconstruction of the volumes", but also a beneficial effect on the connective tissue, reducing the rate of sagging of the breast and reduce the risk of the appearance on it of stretch marks.

Show good results and who tries to increase your breast size with exercise. However, a fundamental role is given to the nature of the work. Focusing not on those of a group of muscles, you can stop it completely and without that the slow growth of the bust, while the right sport to bring the first fruits are already a month after the other. But what are the exercises considered faithful? The ones that hit the pectoral muscle, which lies under the breasts, and also the ligaments of Cooper's, responsible for the elegance and tone the bust.

  1. The wall. By placing your back against one of the uprights of the door, it is necessary to rest the hands in the opposite direction the rack and put pressure on her for 1 minute. Then follows a profound inclination of the floor, and repeated pressure for even a minute. It is an approach, for a lesson to perform their required three.
  2. Push-ups. To get the result of an approach that must contain no less than 30 push-ups. If to fulfill their lump sum is difficult, initially, it is possible to set a growing number of approaches for employment with a lower number of push-ups: it is not an approach to the 30 push-ups, and two at 15, three out of 10.
  3. A fall from the chair. Sitting on a chair, you need to shake hands, and sit at the sides of the body and stretch the legs forward. Then slowly raise your body and sit on the floor, without remove the hands and do not bend the legs. Way to straighten hands, lifting your body upwards, and again to bend, to drop down: 8-10 times in 3 sets.
  4. The skier is. For the initial position to position exactly and grab a dumbbell of a weight of not more than 1,5 – 2 kg. Below is a little bit bend the elbows and move them forward/backward, simulating cross-country skiing, for a minute. Repeat three times.
  5. The prayer. Palma add up in a gesture of prayer, elbows, rise to the level of the bust. Next, you need to strong pressure with the hands to each other and to maintain this pressure not less than 10 seconds. Then relax the muscles and repeat. This is considered to be one time only, for activities to fulfill their required for 10-to-2 approach. Optimal: 10 times as a warm-up, 10 – at the end.
Fitness equipment

Before simulators, today on the market of sports equipment you can find a large number of. Some are designed exclusively for the pectoral muscles, others give the full load on the whole body, however, unlike the "murky" creams and tablets, the effect is guaranteed. The truth will be apparent, only if you approach the training in a responsible manner. And for this you need to choose the form of lessons:

  1. Fitness equipment in the gym, will be happy to provide you with all the possibilities that offers the modern sport;
  2. Home fitness equipment is more limited in functionality and ability, however, to engage on them can at any time convenient for you, and absolutely free;
  3. Fitness equipment in a private room, coach – is a middle way. Here, there, and will have to pay moderately, and there is no need to be afraid of getting hurt or do some exercise properly.

This procedure not only deals with the fatigue accumulated to a person for a day, but also helps protect the fabric of the bust by a reduction in the tone and partial deformation. For optimal effect, run the its must professional massage therapist, however, if the funds to visit one of the salons do not have, you can cope with its own forces. For this you need to lie on your back on a flat surface, and your partner to accommodate you in the head and, alternately, to perform the following techniques:

  1. Slide the hands along the median line from the chest to the belly, and then go back, but after boca. Skin with this settling should not.
  2. Without the drive to tighten the wrist to the clavicula patient, and fingers to track the path of the median line to axillary area. Stabilization sap guaranteed.
  3. Ask the patient to put the hand under the head, after which work the muscles from armpits light touches and light strokes.
  4. Spend a couple of circular strokes (on the way and down, up and spiral) in the area of the stomach.

If to trust such an intimate procedure by strangers, and you are not going to help the classic self-massage, which is performed thus:

  1. Press the palm of the hand at the center for the nipples and make them 3-4 circular movements towards the inside. Then take a deep breath, tightly clutching the hands to the chest, and the continuous rotation of touch than 5 minutes.
  2. Slide the palms on the skin below the collarbone and back, and then replace the pats on the bike as if it were a saw.
  3. Secure the chest, holding a palm and lifting it up. Fingers, the second starts to pound the leather in the bottom. If at the end of the massage to sleep you are not going to wear a support bra.

Do not forget to follow the hygiene and use a cream or specialized oil to facilitate sliding. Use massage regularly, and the bust to keep its elasticity for years to come.