Plastic surgery of the breast: how much is the cost of putting the silicone implant

Plastic surgery of the breast up to today is probably the most popular service in profile clinics. As is well known, large and beautiful breasts is a reference point of the attraction, so that more and more women are trying to increase your milk the breast surgically.


There are many ways to increase your breast size, but plastic surgery with the use of silicone and other systems – the point of them. How much is breast augmentation, what are the indications and contraindications to surgery, it will be said below.

Features plastic surgery of the breast

In essence, to do a breast surgery are used, special implants can be silicone or made from another material, they also differ in shape. The choice of silicone or of another system depends on these factors:

  • as much as you want to increase your breast size;
  • if you need to change its shape.

The implant put under the muscle or the breast itself, the seams can be positioned in a different way, this also depends on the shape and size of the plant:

  • the incision may be in the armpit area;
  • near the nipple;
  • in the bottom line of the mammary glands.

If they occur at the same time abdominal plastic access for the installation of the system is possible through the anterior wall of the stomach.

After that was done the plastic surgery of the breast is necessary to keep in the clinic for at least a day. The same operation of plastic surgery performed under general anesthesia about two hours.

The stitches are removed after one week, and after a week after surgery you can return to your rhythm of life. However, in the course of the month you will have to take special compression garment, and her need of attention to collect under his figure.

The final results of plastics will be visible after about three months after the intervention. Of course, this is not a day, but worth the wait.

Directions to plastic surgery breast

The breast enhancement surgery is performed in these directions:

  • the small breasts;
  • too large;
  • asymmetry of the breast;
  • the loss of shape and volume of the breast after breastfeeding;
  • characteristics of age;
  • congenital abnormalities;
  • prolapse.

Depending on the situation you selected the option, more viable operations and developed an individual program. The plastic of the breast, for many women, it is not only a change of appearance, but also the change in the quality of life.

Besides plastics, increase the breasts and other methods without surgical intervention, but are not as effective as the operation.

Also you need to follow in his breast:

  • maintain the posture. The head needs to keep high and your back straight, this has a positive influence on the figure in general;
  • take a shower contrast, and the chest need to rinse with cold water separately during the treatment of water;
  • do not take the sun in topless, since the strong sun will damage the delicate skin of the breast and can lead to serious consequences, in particular breast cancer.

<Contraindications to plastic surgery

Each plastic surgery preceded by numerous analysis and investigation, without which the patients cannot tolerate. There are a number of contraindications to plastic surgery of the breast, which can serve as a refusal of the doctors:

  • the presence of diabetes mellitus in the patient;
  • oncological diseases;
  • all the diseases of the internal organs severe;
  • the presence of mental health problems;
  • infectious diseases;
  • during the breast-feeding.

Selecting a clinic for plastic surgery

The plastic is quite complicated surgical process, however, to correct the errors of his course of error in the result will be even more difficult. That is why it is very important to find a good professional to run the operation. Come to choose the plastic surgery clinic and the doctor very carefully. Of course, the clinics now a lot, but what do you pay attention in the first place:

  • the time of operation of the clinic. If you have opened a lot of years on her, there are positive reviews and are skilled professionals utilizing modern equipment and techniques, the choice will be faithful;
  • the experience and the competence of the doctor. Ask how many years have you worked directly in the plastic surgery, if he had awards, certificates and titles;
  • what is the key for the selected profile in the clinic, if it has an operating system for the development of plastic and its hospital;
  • how much is the plastic of the breast. If the price seems suspiciously low, we talk about the low quality of the service, or the price does not include the cost of anesthesia, facilities, hospital, etc This is not very good, when you initially do not know the entire cost of the procedure.

How much is breast augmentation?

The price of the plastics can be different depending on many factors. Most often, the price for the transaction includes the cost of the following services:

  • examination of the patient prior to surgery. It includes ECG, analysis, expert advice, x-rays or chest x-ray, ULTRASOUND of the breast. In a number of clinics of this examination is not included in the total price of the transaction;
  • the price of the transaction, which depends on the experience of the surgeon, his experience and professionalism;
  • the service of nurses and assistants during operations;
  • the labor cost of an anesthesiologist and the material;
  • price underwear compression;
  • supplies for the operation;
  • to stay in the hospital before and after intervention with meals or without him. As in the case of the preliminary examination, this article may not be included in the total price of the transaction;
  • the price of the plants.

Also the price of operations can influence and factors such as:

  • the complexity and the type of operation;
  • the materials used;
  • the positioning of the clinic;
  • the individual characteristics of the patient;
  • the awareness of the medical.

As we have already stated, the operation itself is not cheap, and rely on the low prices here, not worth the effort. With the exception of cases, if the clinic carries out certain actions. However, it is not worth to rush to go under the little-known surgeon in doubt, the clinic, if you have promised to increase the breast very cheap. Do you think that the quality can be in this case, the materials used, the installations, the means for anesthesia, etc. Better not to risk and choose the more expensive but more secure.

Care of breasts after plastic

No matter where you have done the plastic surgery, the normal or specialist famous expensive surgeon, must be strictly implement all the recommendations, which he shall appoint after the intervention.

If neglected, they may appear complications. For example, the movement of the system is clearly not fun, nor a lady. Follow all planned procedures, and do not forget to wear a special compression garment. Remember that the shape of the breast after plastic changes, and change its position and linens allow the muscles to adapt quickly to these changes, in order to support the breasts.

Thing to remember before surgery

When you stop your choice on one or the other clinic, and to a certain expert, you never do this is only because of the low cost of the services. Too high and too low, the service price should arouse suspicion.

If you have seen the offer, that the clinic offers a big discount for the development of the plastic surgery, but never on her has not heard, it is better not to be shocked, otherwise, the result will be very disappointing. And you still have to pay twice, the second time that pays the previous medical error or special treatments. Remember, the number of tv programmes has been filmed on the theme of failed plastic surgery, and those problems have led the patients, at times, also very famous.

And if the low prices offers a popular clinic with good doctors, therefore, want to attract more customers. Here you might think, but remember that anything can be done to "improvise", or will surprise you, that some positions need to pay further, and after their execution.

Consensus about the correctness of the choice of clinic and surgeon no. Can only recommend to listen to their acquaintances, who have resorted to the help of plastic surgeons and study the reviews. And only then, when you make the right choice, you can count on a good result after the plastic surgery. And save money on your health, and the charm does not apply in any case.