The funds for breast enhancement. Browse, can and incredible

Every year, thousands of women have resorted to breast enhancement. Unhappy sizes are easy to find - is that not all of you have decided for the surgery. And how many of the funds for breast enhancement is sold every day - you can't count on it! Therefore, it is possible to increase your breast size, in that way, and as if this will not harm your health?

The history of the funds for breast enhancement

the funds for breast enhancement

The funds for breast enhancement is a myth or a reality? We seek to understand. In times of lack of plastic surgery for women there was nothing, like to drink herbal infusions miraculous or hope of activity of the hormonal system. Which only tricks did not appeal to women - it is said that the mistress of French kings are also particularly become pregnant, the breast is raised, and then called him at his failure to interruption of pregnancy with the help of a broth with special herbs.

Of course, well-known and less barbaric methods. So, still popular tincture and oil of hops. It is well known that hops is a phytoestrogen, on the one hand, it can really affect the growth of the mammary glands, but with another - its action has an effect in the short term and is often caused by retention of fluid in the chest, and may also cause disorders of the hormonal balance and the menstrual cycle.

Among the folk remedies for breast enhancement, the glory that extends until today, are particularly popular cabbage, carrots, and buckwheat. Unfortunately, to confirm the effectiveness of these breast enhancement products is almost impossible - in the first place, the size is due more to inheritance, and in the second place, the breast is formed up to the 21st year, and what exactly has affected its growth, it is difficult to say. There are also methods such as eating the raw dough as a means of increasing the breast!

Very probably, it is based on a general increase of fat mass, and chest adds equal. In China's long-popular practice of the massage balls special ki-gong - li massaged the point that, presumably, affect the growth of the breast: the breast, the hands and the feet.

The modern means of breast enhancement

The Internet teems with ads for the sale of the funds for breast enhancement magic pills, ointments, and creams, and the mechanical equipment for the fitness. Consider their attention. Biological supplements. Most of these drugs are made on the basis of hops, radix Pueraria, and other plants that contain phytoestrogen. Are substances of vegetable, pharmaceutical female hormones. The increase of their number in the female body can cause the growth of breasts. But, alas, this effect is not guaranteed - in the first place, phytoestrogen can affect the chest, and, for example, on the hips.

Or cause disorders of the menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance. Even if the breast and increase the effect will last for a long time and completely in the void, until you treat the consequences and the side effects of the presumed increased bust.

The mechanical impact. Are not credible and fitness equipment, which is itself a pump, and a funnel. The chest supposedly should increase by what needs to be put in a cup and create with the help of the pump in this cup of empty. The manufacturers claim that this stimulation causes an increase of the mammary glands. This method is objectionable for the simple reason that such rough stimulation of the growth of the breast, rather, causing relaxation and deterioration in the form of a significant increase.

Physical exercise are good by themselves, can also is nothing wrong in training the chest muscles and muscles of the back do not. But we must understand that, by strengthening the muscles, you can just pull on the breast to improve its shape, but it does not change the size. In addition, in the case of intense physical effort some of the fat may burn, and the chest, on the contrary, decreases.

Creams, serums, ointments, wraps, bandages, pouring - all of these procedures and instruments for breast augmentation significant role do not play, but have a positive effect on the firmness, elasticity, skin tone, the shape of the breast. Miraculous creams breast enhancement do not contain phytoestrogen.

The massage. It is believed that the stimulation of the breast massage increases the circulation of blood in its tissues and causes the growth of the cells of the mammary glands, for which the increase of the breast. How effective is the method - it is difficult to say, but in any case, it is the most useful application of dubious creams, mechanical or vacuum simulators.

The plastic of the breast is the only tool to breast augmentation, which guarantees a specific result. The quality of this result depends on the skill of the plastic surgeon and the state of health of a woman, he decided for the operation. Today there are different types of plastic surgery to increase the breast.

The most popular and modern, the view is contour breast implants - the patient are made small incisions in the skin under the mammary gland, form a pocket for the prosthesis between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle, and there is introduced into the silicone prosthesis. With another method of surgery, the prosthesis is injected under the muscle. Breast can increase your breast size without damage to the breast and the possibility of breast-feeding in the future. But we must understand that, in every case, the surgery has a lot of contraindications, the long period of convalescence, and the possible serious consequences.

the funds for breast enhancement to take the decision

In one way or another, and until now there is no any means for the increase of the breast, which may go some way to radically change his size, as well as surgery. All with the aim of only slightly improve the shape of the bust, or on the gain on account of hormonal tides - which, alas, has temporary and not always predictable effect. It is time to reflect - and so if you need a big breast and it is worth the increase in risk to health.