Breast enhancement without surgery - myths and truths

If it is possible to increase your breast size without surgery? This query on the internet, entering the top 10 of the most common health problems. The world wide web offers many ways and advice. We have chosen some of them and decided to test their effectiveness in practice.

breast enhancement


How it works: Thanks to the stimulation of the area near the nipple, strenuously produces estrogen. Are the causes of increase of breast size, according to the manufacturer.

Result: After applying the massager within our participants in the experiment is increased by three centimeters. It is true, the result was of short duration. The effect of this procedure lasts only a few hours, but the damage it can do much more.


How it works: if you believe similar instructions creams stimulate the flow of blood to the milk glands and breast muscles, which involves swelling and a significant increase in size.

Result: our second member of the experiment put the gel twice a day for several weeks. But in the end, the real volume to the breast is not increased. Yes, it has been discovered that estrogen, which enters the composition of many creams, and is dangerous for the female breast.


How it works: this way, try to imagine who will trust the people methods. Calefactionem cunctam properties of plasters of mustard seed are known to all. This and stimulates the blood circulation in the chest area and contribute to its active growth.

Result: our third participant had to apply the mustard to the breast twice a day, but the girl has been forced to suspend the experiment. The delicate skin appeared irritated. Furthermore, it was discovered that the heating of the mammary glands can also cause tumor diseases.

Out, bezoperatsionnaya breast enlargement methods there is. Don't take the bait scams on the internet, take care of your breasts!


Many women ask if it is possible to increase your breast size with exercise. Alas, it is not possible. The fact is that the mammary gland is composed of two tissue types: adipose and glandular. Their pump does not work. But the solution exists. You can tighten the muscles that lie beneath the mammary gland, and so visually lift the breast. And here's a couple of exercises for this.

Exercise with a towel. Rolls normal towel series and grab it with both hands for several of his end. Make circular movements with the hands behind the head and in front of him, unclasping the fabric. Repeat the movement 20-30 times. This exercise will help stretch the chest and develop the articulation of the shoulder.

Exercise with the bottles. Take two one-litre bottles with water. Lie on your back, the chairs and lift the tank above the rib cage. Slowly untie the hands in the hand of the inhale, the exhale, lift back to the top. Repeat 15 times. This method will help you strengthen the shoulder belt, and the chest will be in stricta position.

Exercise "Boat". Lie on your stomach on the floor. Interlock the hands behind in the area of the coccyx, keep the blades and tighten your abs. In this position, it is necessary to slightly raise the body and feel the tension in the upper back. Repeat the exercise up to 15 times. The fact is that the blades and the muscles of the back should be in good shape for the chest was held in the right position.


For young women it is extremely useful for vitamin A. you can Get carrots. This orange vegetable is rich in beta-carotene. Once in the body, this enzyme and is transformed into vitamin A. Furthermore, carrots inhibits the wilting of the skin, therefore we propose to cook a magical dessert with this product.

For this you will need:

  • Carrots;
  • Pear-shaped;
  • Ricotta cheese (200 gr);
  • Sugar;
  • Nuts.

How to prepare:

Cut the carrot and the pear in small pieces. Add low-fat cottage cheese. Slightly insert into a pot of sugar or honey. Sprinkle the top favorite nuts and seasoned with the sweet juice carrot juice. Mix all the ingredients well. Very useful and delicious dessert is ready!