But, unfortunately, not everyone can possess winding. Someone's breasts are very small, some of medium size. But always want to have a rounded shape.


According to the statistics every other woman, that has a first dimension, wants to increase. With 70% of these women do not want to resort to surgery.

Today, there are several techniques that allow you to increase a bit and also tighten the breasts such as, intervention, and without her, at home.


Before you begin to consider different methods of breast enlargement without the use of operations, we consider the structure of the female breast.

They have heterogeneous structure, and composed of the following tissues: connective tissue, adipose, and glandular.

On average, there are about fifteen. Among these fractions, you find the nerve endings, glands, blood vessels and the ducts of the milk. This structure is observed every girl, regardless of the size.

The elasticity of forms of each one is different, as well as for her to meet Cooper's ligament and the firmness of the skin. If the weight of a woman changes regularly (all the time losing weight, or recovering), these ligaments become less elastic.

Also begin to lose its elasticity with age. As A result of breast SAG. The size of the shapes depends on the amount of adipose tissue that is located in the upper pectoral portion.

Every woman should regularly palpate the breasts. And, in case, if you have noticed some of the seal, must necessarily consult a doctor.


In our time there are several ways to increase the breast. The main ones are:

  • The installation of the equipment. This operation allows to obtain the shape of any size. It provides for the introduction of implants through incisions in the breast area using special equipment;
  • The lipofilling. The procedure is primarily produced also with liposuction. The belly, hips, thighs, or buttocks patient to get rid of the excess fat, and the same transplanted in the breast area with the help of the injection;
  • With the help of filler. The fillers based on hyaluronic acid also allow you to increase the breast. This operation is carried out through injection. Unlike other treatments, its action is of short duration. After a year or two of having to repeat the procedure.

All of these methods of breast enlargement suggest engravings on the body, and some of them, and the general anesthesia. Because this is very traumatic, not all women agree on these procedures.


That's why more and more girls often ask about how you can increase your breast size at home without resorting to operations.

Decide what type of operation is suitable for the given patient, can only plastic surgeon.


Because women do not want to increase your breast size with plastic surgery? Everything is very simple. Every man loves his own health. And no one wants to take the risk, the more the cutting of the body.

Mainly operating methods suggest general anesthesia, and that anesthesia is not for everyone and can be dangerous.

After plastic surgery frequently complications occur. Also, some women have contraindications to the realization of such.

So the only solution for these women is the use of techniques for breast enhancement without surgery.

Without a doubt, ways to increase a woman's breast without surgery there are. They, of course, is not much, but if you follow the instructions and advice, you will be able to achieve certain results. Then, the main ways to increase your breast size without surgery:

  • The massage. During the massage, toned skin, improves blood circulation. Good results can be obtained with the help of vacuum massage and a shower contrast.
  • Sports load. Of course, the special exercises will not help you to get a breast augmentation in different sizes, but with their help, you can greatly improve the elasticity of the mammary glands. Because we all know that with age they begin to sag and push-ups and upgrades barbells will help you avoid this.
  • Clothing. With the help of some of the leaders of clothing, it is possible to get a breast augmentation, but only visually. Bras with push-up effect, skinny, camis, corsets will help to visually lift the chest and do a little bit more. Just remember that, every day, to wear these things is not advisable, because the breast is being in a situation that is unnatural, that stops the circulation of the blood.
  • Diet. There are a number of products, which affects the growth of breasts.
  • Cosmetics. There are medications that contain hormones that increase the breast during use.
  • The passenger compartment of the procedure. With regard to professionals, you can get a positive result.
breast enhancement

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to increase the breast without surgical intervention. Choose your, and he will definitely help you out.

Not worth the effort to apply medicines without your doctor's advice. Prior to the purchase of such funds, be sure to consult an expert.

3 the most effective massage techniques

With the help of massage impossible to drastically increase the breast, and this is worth understanding. But a similar manipulation to improve the state of the skin, making it more elastic, and tighten his and visually increase.

New massage the area of the bust will lead to what will become the most gifted of oxygen, you will experience an improvement of blood circulation. The massage you can perform by yourself or entrust it to the professionals.

Before proceeding to the procedure, it is worth checking their health, as well as in the presence of neoplasms, is contraindicated.

Show how the score of massage options:

  • Tub. Its recommended that you repeat every night. The first movements to scroll by rubbing the chest with a sponge, then on it to aim the jet of water (it should not be hot). It's worth moving around to the nipples, which does not need to act. Useful to change the temperature of the water. These manipulations continue for about 10 minutes.
  • Massage manual. You can do self-massage or to entrust this job to my husband. Better initially chest moisturize cream. Rub the breasts, avoiding the nipples. Make circular movements in different directions. Continue from the areola to the clavicle, ribs, and armpit. At the end of the iron chest with a light touch.
  • Vacuum massage. For this procedure, you apply a special vacuum device. First moisten the area of the treatment, wear the device and start to work. The effect is really there, but it is of short duration. In addition, many doctors against such manipulation.

A series of exercises for the chest

Without a doubt, enlarge breasts at home will help physical exercise. We give you some basic exercises, which will help give elasticity to the breast muscles:

  • The prayer. Sit on a chair, straighten the back, connect the palm of the hand to the front of the rib cage. Press down on the palm of the hand to tense the muscles of the chest. Count to 10, and then slide the palm of the hand on the 5 cm, and again push to the bottom, counting up to 10. Repeat this exercise 4 times.
  • Push-ups. This exercise will help you strengthen the tone of muscles, a little to increase your breast and give elasticity. Run can be at home, and in the gyms. Press about 15 times in three approaches.
  • Bench. Lie down on the bench, take in the hands of a handlebar. Lift their exactly above him and lower. Do three series by 8 times.
  • The wiring. Put your feet at a distance of 10 cm from one another. Take in the hands of the handlebar, it is necessary to bend down, extend your arms with dumbbells in hand. Repeat this exercise for about 10-15 times in the three approaches.

There is a large number of exercises that will help you achieve the desired result.

If you are in the gym, then be sure to ask your coach, he is painting a training program, starting with your individual characteristics and the desired results.

beautiful breasts

As soon as you will be easy to perform the exercise, increase the load. Do it gradually.

Visual aid of clothing

The chief assistant to the owners of small breasts is the bra. Sometimes you just need to a correct choice of this attribute is wardrobe, after that your bust look bigger.

As research shows, despite the fact that all women every day wear bras, not everyone knows how to choose the right model. We recommend that you visit the specialised stores, where the professionals will help you in this task.

If a woman wants even more to be clever, you can take advantage of push it. This special bras that increase your breast size, which greatly increases its. There is a double Push-Up.

In addition to this, it is possible to use a normal bra, but wear special devices, which raise the breast.

For summer dresses, where the straps of the underwear will be bad, you can make use of the silicone adhesive bras, but also special adhesives.

Not worth to wear huge pearls around the neck, so as to reduce visually the bust and distract attention.

Correctly choose the clothes. The chest should be bright fabric. Advantageous to look at various prints in this field, ruches, ruffles.

Incredible statistics: about 70% of the representatives of the female sex did not like her chest, nearly 30% want to do more, and about 10% – on the contrary, dreams of reducing the size.

Cosmetics for the beauty of the skin

There are a couple of good cosmetics that help and improve the firmness of the mammary glands.

Today very popular creams that improve the inflow of blood to bodies, and therefore the breast is not increased, and swells. The main advantage of this method is relatively low cost and ease of use.

But separately from the note that the funds are not only advantages but also disadvantages:

  • Use creams and gels must be regularly, if not, the breast will always return to the starting position. But, too often, to use the data of the cosmetics is not recommended, because they contain hormones, with a negative effect on the human body;
  • Swollen breasts become more sensitive, and so this method is not for everyone. In addition, experts advise not to apply these tools to increase your breast.

As an alternative to creams, there are special oils, which contain phytoestrogens, strengthen the skin of the breast. Therefore, the wheat germ oil, olive oil, flax seeds and almonds will help you make forms more elastic and hydrated.

techniques of breast enlargement

With their help, you can not only increase a little bit the breasts, but and smoothing out a few wrinkles in the neck area.