Breast augmentation with fat

This procedure of plastic surgery has received the title of lipofilling. With its help, you can not only increase the volume, but to eliminate the various disadvantages associated with the shape of the breast, including the problems arising from the use of the plants: the appearance of folds and waves, the deformation of two bubbles". The lipofilling is suitable enough specific candidates. In other areas of the body fat should be sufficient to transfer it to the breast area. And the skin of the bust must be sufficiently soft and elastic to stretch and accommodate the inserted fat. lipofilling

As the operation is being performed

Typical operation of breast augmentation with fat lasts approximately 2.5 hours is the time required for liposuction for the harvesting of fat, processing, and the introduction. If a woman is lean, for the collection of adipose tissue may be need more time, because its more difficult to find in the required quantity.

In the normal consequence, laser and ultrasonic liposuction in the membranes of the fat cells are destroyed, and to obtain live fat cells do not succeed.

This evil?

No, after the enlargement of the breast natural weather and moderate sensitivity for a week or so. The area of liposuction will be painful for a couple of weeks.

What is the cost of breast augmentation with fat

Primary the procedure of transplanting adipose coast about as well as the procedure of breast augmentation implants (120,000 rubles), while, on average, helps to increase the breast only offers half the size. As well as breast implants usually increase the chest in two dimensions, in general, the cost of fat transplantation will be higher.

What results to expect

You must understand that the transfer service fat radically different from plants, in the sense that to predict with accuracy as it will increase the size from the transplantation procedure, it is impossible.

On average, good technique allows you to increase the volume of approximately 150-200 cm3 (an average of 1/2 size for a chest) for a transplantation procedure. To further increase the volume of three months after the procedure can be repeated. In this case, if the patient has agreed on the use of a device for breast enhancement BRAVA with a kidney transplant (which, in fact, is the external extensor), data are available that speak, that for a procedure the volume can be increased to 300 cm3 and over. Until now, the results of the patients reached through 4-6 months after the intervention, are required already in the span of 4-6 years. breast augmentation with fat

About 50-60% of the patients managed to maintain a constant survival rate of the fat cells, gently transplanted into the region under the skin of the chest close to the muscle. In smokers, the percentage of surviving cells is so low that the procedure for transplantation of adipose tissue-it is not advisable to do it before 2 months after quitting smoking. After the intervention the same way, must abstain from smoking for at least two months.


80% of bruising and swelling usually takes place at the end of the second week. Before important events, such as marriage, the operation should be performed for 6 weeks prior to the event.

The practice shows that patients between the ages of 20-30 years, for the recovery requires about 3 weeks, at the age of 40 years – 4 weeks, 50+ — 5 weeks, 60+ — 6 weeks, and so on.

Risks and complications

The main side effect, that gives the most concern, − the scars on this. They are the result of what some non-survivors fat forming dimmable and can cause concern to the radiologist (which may be the cause of changes, which in appearance is similar to a breast cancer). Other side effects: the risk of infections, death of the fat cells (necrosis), the resorption of adipose tissue, resulting may be necessary more operations of the transplant fat. The healing of transplanted tissue can be partial or incomplete and move differently on each iron chest, the result of which can become a different size breasts (asymmetry).