breast enhancement

The hyaluronic acid used in cosmetics is very large, both in pure form and as a composite component gel. Breast enhancement hyaluronic acid is made through the introduction in the mammary gland of a special gel, in which there is this acid. Hyaluronic acid has the property in the course of time solve. This is why its application gives a temporary effect – at about six months or a year, after which the procedure should be done again.

Pros and cons

The main advantage of this procedure – humilis-impulsum and fast direct. In this, perhaps, everything.

But the disadvantages are numerous:

  • gel with hyaluronic acid can be distributed non-uniformly, the knobs;
  • as already mentioned above, the procedure has a temporary effect, that is, his need to repeat it at intervals of six months to one year;
  • the expensive procedure, the constant repetition will cost more, breast implants;
  • it doesn't help, if you want to change the size or shape.

In general, all injectable methods of breast enlargement are considered less effective than complete mammoplasty. Some of the gel for injection with the passage of time dissolves (as in the case of hyaluronic acid), others can cause a lot of complications (silicone gel). The presence of the gel in the tissues of the breast also causes difficulty in the diagnosis of cancers.

The application of hyaluronic acid for the correction of the breasts can be effective if you need to bring the chest in tone (for example, a bit has lost some of its elasticity after the birth), and provided that the changes in breast minimal. In other cases, our surgeons suggest and recommend only mammoplasty. In "Klazko" breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid is rarely, if minor problems with the chest, and in the absence of contraindications.

What should I do exactly in your case – mammoplasty or is it allowed that the correction of hyaluronic acid – tells the story of the surgeon's visit, after inspection and conversation. Call us and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Serves the best option for correction of your breast!