What's the best cream for breast enlargement at home

Women with small breasts, to improve their sexuality and want to increase your breasts, make them elastic, to give the appropriate volume. But not all decide to go for plastic surgery, in order for them to cream for breast enlargement. But, in the composition of cosmetic products shall be those components that affect the number of the glandular cells of the bust. This function performs the estrogen hormone, captivating endocrine glands in women. And while his is sufficient in the body, the chest and give shape, elasticity.

The structure of female bust, how to increase

The structure of a woman's breast is different from their identical male. Lady breast appear in the form of two convex semi-spheres, located on the third floor-sixth a couple of ribs.

Every woman can boast that pertain to only the shape of the breast:

  1. The chest as a disk, a broad base and a small height bulge.
  2. Form of semi ball characterizes the identity of the dimensions of height and diameter.
  3. With pear chest height exceeds the base.
  4. Significantly lowered the iron down on the whatever the weapon, in the shape of a bust.

The size of the bust depends on the amount of adipose tissue in the mammary gland, from its shape. Have the same bust more girls. Sex hormones influence the appearance of the breast. With age, the amount of estrogen decreases, and chest aches, as well as ferrous layer of cells becomes thinner.


There are several ways to increase your breast, make it elastic, bella:

  1. Active sex will lead to a greater blood circulation in the tissues, the penetration of these estrogen.
  2. Can I increase the volume of the breast massage, which makes it a specialist or done alone.
  3. Positively act for the chest sessions of vacuum massage. Attaching a plastic bowl, free of air, the chest, and pump pressure. As A result of a procedure is the squeezing of the tissues the breast, which swell. In this way, increase the bust in two dimensions.
  4. Women use this technique of increasing the bust, as contraceptive medicines, to which are connected two types of hormones – progesterone and estrogen. But the hormones you need to increase the breast only on the prescription of the doctor.
  5. Specially selected complex of physical exercises help to make the bust more.
  6. In the diet for women with a small bust need to include the products with phytoestrogens. To him refer to dishes of soy, fennel. Often the consumption of bananas increases the amount of hormones in the body. The seed, linseed oil helps to make the mammary glands of most, if drinking infusions of the seeds or packing of the oil.

Lately beauticians offer use the cream for breast enlargement.

Popularity creams

For many, enlarge breast cream is then:

  • safety for health;
  • the simplicity of use;
  • no risk of complications;
  • the possibility of applying to the breast at home.

Often women are ashamed of their nakedness, they are ashamed to go to a specialist, and by purchasing a cream to increase the bust, will be able to improve their appearance.

How to increase breast cream

It is understood that the increase of the forms of the bust, only a special cream. In its composition must be such a high amount of phytoestrogens, which allow you to actively growing cells of the tissues and of the muscles of the bust.

To enlarge the breast with the help of a cream with phytoestrogens, you must have it the presence of such components, as:

  • complex of vitamins a, E;
  • essential oils of jojoba, rose, pine;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • extracts of algae, soy, nuts.

For the cream it has increased the breast really should be properly applied:

  1. To clean the skin of the breast with circular movements, applied the necessary amount of cream, not more than five minutes. Better to massage the area from top to bottom up to the nipple.
  2. After you have applied the cream to increase your bust you must use a peeling, cleansing of the skin.
  3. To enhance the effect, you need to use the tool, which increases the volume of the glands, within six months every day. Then make a pause of two to four weeks. This is necessary for the hormones remained in the norm.
  4. In the interval between the treatments, lubricate the chest moisturizer. This can be ointments, gel with plant extracts.

Cream for the bust selected taking into account the fact that you need to do:

  • increase the amount of glandular tissue;
  • strengthen the circulation of the blood;
  • help enlargement of breast fat.

The mammary glands will increase, but to maintain the volume for a long time, it is not always possible. In the case of an increase in layer breast tools components, the effect of the cream will be long, and the other will give you a short-term direct. Therefore, it is necessary to know what type of cream you really leads to the fact that the breast becomes more full, more.

How to make a cream with your hands

Folk remedies can also make the bust larger and more beautiful dimension. Increases iron chest, if you prepare with their own hands, this cream:

  1. Take thirty grams of white clay, twenty – talca and alum, mixed with warm water until a state of cereals. Smeared of cream and décolleté and breasts, avoiding the area of the nipple.
  2. Two egg whites and a tablespoon of lemon juice prepare the mix, adding a teaspoon of flax seed oil. After a careful assemble, put the cream on your bust area.
  3. Great lifts and firms the breast tissue based cream yogurt, egg-white, two-three drops of liquid vitamin E.

At the base of any instrument of vegetable components is the linseed oil, that can be mixed with grated radishes, chopped herbs – mint, lemon balm, and nettle. The effect of the cream prepared in the home, can be achieved using for a long time.


The effect of the cream, contraindications

Probably, many women believe that the execution of a series of sessions with the use of cream, the bust will be at once increased, is three-dimensional. Lifting effect can be achieved with the constant use of cosmetic products. If you throw in the procedure, the skin on his chest once again becomes flaccid. In addition, together with the cream, the above elasticity, elasticity, the increase of the bust should work, using:

  • massage of the pectoral muscles;
  • lessons of physical culture, to strengthen the sector of the mammary glands;
  • complete diet that includes foods with phytoestrogens;
  • extra massage in the area of bust serums, sprays, the imposition of nutrient masks neckline.

With the cream for breast growth you need to be careful who has the cancer, because the hormones of the funds may cause the growth of a malignant tumor. The components of some creams can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before applying the tools, it is necessary to verify the response of the body on him. To this elbow is applied a little bit of substance, if redness, itching, apply the tool is not possible.

In particular, the category of the restrictions in the preparation of cosmetics, breast enhancement, are elderly people. Because for them to take hormones, even through the skin, full side effect. This may be an allergic reaction, increased blood pressure. Caution never hurts, even if you have to make your bust elastic, three-dimensional. Sometimes health is more expensive beauty.