Breast enhancement with iodine

If it is possible with the help of iodine to get a breast augmentation? It is very popular in young women. Great chest looks beautiful, woman, has, has been a great success with the opposite sex. There are several ways – this is a surgical intervention, and the involvement of exercise, the old and tested tools – massage, steam bath, a proper diet, contrast showers, etc. these include iodine. It is very helpful and saves a lot of money, because a drug is very cheap, the average price in the pharmacy of Moscow, just 10 rubles.

It is a safe procedure

The advantage of this method is its safety. Perhaps this procedure is not as effective as the plastic, but to go under the knife of the surgeon fear. It is a serious interference in the body, which can be fraught with complications, and many side effects actions. Yes, and the result is often not what I wanted to get a woman, and the price is exorbitant.

To avoid all these risks, it is possible to make use of iodine to increase the bust. Resorting to this, many women using such as effective and economical. This is the most effective method in the home. Requires only medication and a cotton ball to apply. chest

Because it grows at the bust

There are several circumstances that affect the natural growth of the breast.

On them depends the size of the volume. This:

  • Natural, genetically related to the size of the torso, muscles of the chest, the number and size of fat in the body in the iron, and the degree of development of the circulatory system;
  • Aging first put the times, and the stretch marks on the skin of the bust;
  • The mammary glands support the pectoral muscles, which can also lose their tone, with the result that they dicent prematurely, the breasts seem flat and small ;
  • The shape of the breast is genetically determined, change can only be an operation;
  • The state of the system the endocrine and reproductive systems varies a lot. Thus, if estrogens are missing or their number is small, the bust is small in size;
  • Proportionality total weight and volume of the body of a woman.

How it works

The medication increases blood flow, improves the function of blood vessels located in the mammary glands and pectoral. Iodine it is possible to create a volume greater vascular circulation-the circulatory system. The result of this is that the muscles of the mammary glands will come more blood and, therefore, are increased.

Not much works, but on one-two size fully.

How to increase the bust of iodine?

As already mentioned – it's fast, effective and is not worth the large attachments. In the pharmacy need to buy the iodine and cotton swabs. At home, in front of the mirror needs to be wet in the preparation of sticks for rubbing the cage of the mammary glands, so that the cage was uniform and not continuous. The nipples of manage in no case is not necessary, because their delicate skin can be so easy to damage.

Apply the medication is necessary at least once a day, all you have to do gradually, the hurry is not needed, the increase may not happen, but burns when uncontrolled application can easily reach. Chest in pieces of skin from them will be what not aesthetically.

And we need to remember: helps and works effectively only to the mesh, only the application of iodine will not lead to anything.

When you will result?

People who have used this method claim that the increase of a size and ' success after a month of using this medication. Other for the desired effect in one or two of the dimensions had to rub the shirt of three months. But the result, as they say in the reviews, it's always been all. The main thing – the gradual approach and attitude regularity, with their help, the problem will be solved.


As with any treatment, this procedure there are contraindications.

It is not possible to use the women:

  • If when you apply the product to body temperature, the more mass is celebrated fever. Necessarily, the interruption of this method. If the same, and the next time the temperature is increased – it is necessary to stop the procedure;
  • In order to avoid burns the mesh need to be taken with caution stripes should not escape one another, the cells, it is necessary to make orderly and regular.
  • If there is a genetic risk of cancer (relatives sick of her), the procedure is performed in any case, you can. You can go for a consultation to mammologist-oncologist and the results of its conclusion or not to make this the event;
  • Pregnancy and the presence of oncology to completely eliminate the use of this procedure.

What the doctors say

Doctors are skeptical to this method is justified only in the case in which a woman or girl is not receiving iodine in water and food. Then this helps. Some employees of this procedure and make a grid of iodine several times a day, that can only lead to burns and increase in the content of iodine in the body, and, as a result, endocrine diseases and allergies.

You can reflect on the fact that if this popular method helps, there would be the need to turn to plastic surgeons, the more the shape of the breast, this procedure will not change anything, but the consequences can be disastrous.