But what happens is that you worry about the metamorphosis of your body, not for personal initiative, but because of natural handicaps, which prevent them from living a healthy life. One of these characteristic and deeply personal problems need to solve, how to increase the nipples.

The consequences and the causes of small nipples


Flattening the nipples, reduction, or natural small – this is a symptom of shortening the ducts of the milk. Female or male nipple of this type is practically non-salt, non-hardening when it is down, but it simply retracts under the skin.

In some cases, the sensitivity of a small nipple has a minimum value, and he does not respond to touch or temperature changes the environment.

A similar physiological feature, that you can meet almost 10% of the female population of the planet, is difficult to classify the category of anomalies, because she is not in any way does not interfere with breastfeeding. Of course, if the nipple very, very small, and the baby is simply unable to capture his lips, it is worth reflecting on the necessity of the correction of this part of the body.

In other cases, the problem of how to increase the size and sensitivity of the nipple, is exclusively psychological in nature, and can be resolved with the aesthetics, but not with therapeutic medicine.

In addition, the small nipples cause some difficulties with breastfeeding, there are still some minor inconveniences, to which we must get used to it. So, for example, some men experience erection problems and sexual desire, if their partner has observed a similar characteristic structure of the breast.

The woman begins to feel disgust, and tries in all ways to please her chosen. In this case, helps numerous methods to correct the size and shape designed nipple.

Methods and techniques

Future and keep the moms who are rocking your baby breast milk, just as willing to make his body perfect and ready to natural feeding. Why always the demand creates the offer, one after another began to appear technique, thanks to which artificially increased female taken or a small nipple already does not become an impossible dream.

This direction in medicine is constantly improved and developed, giving the end user the most effective and safest methods that we propose to examine in more detail.

Correction surgical technique under local or general anesthesia has need of high professionalism of the doctors and a long period of recovery, which is difficult to endure alone.

In the course of the procedure, all of the ducts of milk, or some of these, they cut, giving a pacifier to the possibility of "escape". A similar operation, even if it gives the desired result, but completely excludes the possibility of breast-feeding.

Increased or decreased, the nipples are the men and women often lend themselves to ribbon and pleasant massage. After a few treatments from a specialist in medicine, you are able to apply the methodology at home, with chases, as long as he wants.

Massage involved or small nipples the guys or the girls need to do even in the age of puberty, when the breast is positive, responds to various manipulations. Even if it is not very suitable increased, the nipples are girls or boys,will be able to chest the completeness, the susceptibility to the weasel and harmonious forms.

Cap-checker gives an affirmative answer to the question if it is possible without a surgery to increase the nipples. Because of its newness, to rate this method in the way until you find out.

For the moment there is only the ability to understand the operation of this device, and its structure. At first glance the cap like a normal thimble, in which he made a hole in the middle. Thimble need to put on the nipple, and with the help of a syringe to aspirate the excess air and create a vacuum effect.

Similar concealer should be worn for 8 hours per day, and not less than 3-4 months in a row. Despite the apparent wickedness, you need to stop using the cap, if it causes pain and discomfort.

increase nipples

To the purely cosmetic methods can be classified tattoo that is visually correct this natural defect. Permanent coloring the area near the nipples is very similar to a correction of the eyebrows, of the lips or the lash line, in the course of which are used for colored pigments.

This technology has no contraindications, even if the new sexual partner can cause a lot of unnecessary conjecture and question. But if the tattoo is done qualitatively, "false", won't even notice anyone.

The important thing is to choose the right shade of the pigment and the width of the area of its application. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that it is a very painful procedure, which can be compared with the perforation, lobe of the ear piercing.

That causes an increase in nipples

It also happens that the problem is the opposite: nipples acquire unnatural large parameters, swell up and painful to react to any touch.

The answer to the question of why you have increased the nipples, may become:

  • Puberty, which is applicable in respect of children and young adolescents;
  • Excess weight, during which under the fabric alone and the nipple accumulate fat deposits, causing the appearance of an increase in traction; the length of the chest;
  • The consumption of a particular category of drugs that have side effects specific;
  • Gestation and lactation of the child;
  • The chronic diseases that cause hormonal disorder.

In mothers who are breast-feeding often raises the problem of how to surgically or increase a hole in the nipple.From the beginning, which can be extended only in exceptional cases, when the baby well it is very difficult to look after themselves. Initially, you need to familiarize yourself with the reason why this procedure is necessary to make, that is fraught and how it happens.

It is likely that with the increase in the amount of breast milk and the growth of the nutritional needs of a child, the problem disappears.