How does endoscopic breast augmentation

breast enhancement

The term "endoscopic increase" implies a normal operation to increase the volume of the bust with the help of plants, but are introduced into the plant using equipment endoscopic. This allows to reduce to a minimum the risks of complications and adverse reactions, and improve the appearance of the breast.

In the developed world, in various ways, the most subtle of which is to make a cut to the navel. Even if the board is not healed perfectly smooth, not affect the appearance of the patient and the plastic surgeon.

In Russia endoscopically perform the operation to increase(breast augmentation) only through an incision under the armpit.

Options cuts

The incision in the skin fold under the mammary gland

Usually the cut make not more than 3.5 cm in length. But even with the most favourable issue, when the seam heals, ribbed thin, you can still remember its owner or the owner's man on the operation.

The incision in the area of the nipple

In this version remains the coasts. But even worse is that with this cut affected the glandular tissue and ducts, which makes it impossible for the subsequent feeding, if a woman wants to get pregnant and have a child.

Also one of the complications periareolar access may be the loss of sensitivity of the nipple.

Access from the armpit

  1. During the course of the operations of the access axillary is not affected tissue and breast, which will be important in the future for those who intend to have children.
  2. Coast, which remains in the cutting position, little by little (4-5 months) reabsorbed, because it does not spoil the result.
  3. It is much easier to insert the implant under the pectoral muscle, but requires the use of equipment and endoscopic, to make a cut of the muscle tissue, but not damage the step in this field, large blood vessels.
  4. The operation takes less time (about 40 minutes).
  5. Shortens the period of rehabilitation thanks to the fact that during the course of endoscopic surgery of less injured tissue.


  • hypoplasia of the breast;
  • the small volume of the breast;
  • in mastoptosis (sagging of the breast) after the breast-feeding or an abrupt loss of body weight;
  • the lack of symmetry of the mammary glands;
  • deformation of the breast due to injury or surgery.

The breasts of a woman during pregnancy goes through some of the most significant changes. Probably many people wonder if it is possible to do breast enlargement during pregnancy?


Before making a surgical breast enhancement, it is necessary to verify the absence of contraindications.

For this you need to pass a series of tests:

  • Breast ULTRASOUND;
  • common analysis of blood;
  • determination of the clotting time of the blood;
  • analysis of blood from a vein for biochemical analysis, AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis b and C.

In addition, it is necessary to go through the advice of an anesthesiologist, to reveal the chances of complications of anesthesia.


  • the presence of a well or of tumors in the mammary glands, such as cysts, breast, breast cancer;
  • the presence of infectious disease;
  • diseases of the internal organs, sharp and part chronic;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • disorder of blood coagulation;
  • up to the age of 18 years;
  • the first year after nursing;
  • the precarious psychological state.

How it performs the operation

At least a month before the surgery, it is necessary to begin to eat normally, if the women, following a strict diet, as well as the lack of protein, vitamins and minerals may not affect the speed of tissue healing.

Two weeks before surgery you must stop taking drugs that reduce the ability of the blood to clot. This is aspirin and a number of other medicines, a list of which you have to give the surgeon or the anesthesiologist for consultation. At least three days before surgery is necessary to give up cigarettes, as smoking promotes the formation of the large scar on the spot engraving.

Alcohol intake is not valid, neither before, nor after the intervention, as well as the alcohol is not compatible with the drugs for anesthesia and medications, which must be taken in the postoperative period.
the operation

The operation of breast augmentation is performed in a classical operative room, where are respected all the rules of asepsis and antisepsis (that is, there is supported infertility).

The first surgeon in the possession of a special layout, which later will help to install the systems in a symmetric manner. Then the patient is positioned on the operating table and given the anesthesia. Cutting of the skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue is performed under the armpit. Usually this cut is not more than 3 cm in length.

Cutting in the direction to the place of installation of the system is done in a tunnel. The system can be installed under the mammary gland or under the muscle.

Subsequently, the implant does not move and does not rotate, there is a large number of techniques, such as surgeons, experts are divided reluctantly. But without equipment, endoscopic perform minor manipulation of inconvenient access is virtually impossible.

After the plants are installed and secured, is held mandatory the examination of the wound postoperatively for the presence of bleeding. If the hemorrhage is arrested him. If is not there, but the wound in layers stitched.

Usually the bleeding with endoscopic method of surgery do not exist, as well as the endoscope used coagulation. In the video, which is closer to the beginning of the article, this device shown. It seems like a small handle with wire. This is essentially similar scalpel, only the coagulation allows you to not only cut the fabric, once seals blood vessels, the patient has not lost blood.

After operating the wound is sutured, the anesthesiologist begins to see the patient for anesthesia. Already in the operating room, the department, the patient wears a compression garment to avoid displacement of the implant and the deformation of the breast.

The post-operative period

  • On the first day of having to spend in a hospital under the supervision of medical personnel.
  • During the first week may disturb the pain in the operating point of the wound, because it requires the intake of painkillers.
  • Even in the first 7-10 days, it is necessary to reduce the physical load, avoid sudden movements with the hands, raising the hands above the level of the shoulders.
  • 3 months after surgery, it is not necessary to attend a Turkish bath, a sauna, a solarium, and make any treatments in the chest area.

The price endoscopic breast augmentation

The cost of the transaction depends on the price used plants, but it is not the largest item of expenditure. Basically the difference in the cost of the operation, given the experience and reputation of the surgeon.