Chic bust – a gift of fate or the result of a cosmetic surgery breast

Enhanced breast implants can solve the problem of the asymmetry of the breast, and not only to their small size. Interested? Then we try to understand all the complexity of the surgery breast enhancement!

That would not speak fan of natural beauty, but the statistics are stubborn – only 9% of men love small breasts, and 79% believe the point in 3 dimensions "feminine charm", and 12% of all the dream of a lady with 4 or more dimensions. But what to do with those girls, that nature has not received the elegant female bust, but bestowed on us by the desire to win the heart stronger than humanity? Exit for them can become the plastic surgery of the breast, also lately, the skill of the surgeons in this edition has reached a certain height.

To do or not

The operation of breast augmentation

Since this operation does not apply to the medical and aesthetic surgical interventions, no testimony on the part of the health of the patient in this manipulation there is. The only indication – the desire of a girl to increase and adjust the shape of the mammary glands.

The breast enhancement surgery is able to help in case of:

  • the presence of a marked asymmetry of the breast;
  • micromastia – small size of the mammary glands;
  • sag and loss of volume, breast shape of the upper pole of the breast;
  • when you are missing one or both the dairy products breast following treatment oncopathology or due to inflammatory processes or injury;
  • if a woman considers the size of their breasts is insufficient.

In any case, it is only the woman can decide if her plastic breast, or and the current state of things its quite satisfied.

Contraindications to surgery

Any manipulation physician has a number of contraindications, and the operation of breast augmentation is no exception. How would have dreamed a lady of elegant bust, but to perform this procedure is not possible in the presence of the following diseases:

  • Any disease of the internal organs, in the periods of exacerbation.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the decompensated form.
  • The infectious diseases.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Disorder of coagulation.

Temporary contraindication can be considered to be a period of menstrual bleeding.

To exclude the presence of any contraindications before performing a surgery breast augmentation a woman must undergo a complete physical examination, and mandatory stages which are:

Contraindications to surgery
  • the complete blood count, and also biochemistry;
  • analysis for the presence of hepatitis and HIV;
  • analysis of the urine;
  • coagulogram blood;
  • ECG recording;
  • ULTRASOUND of the mammary glands.

In addition, every patient should know for a better healing of the welds within 10 days prior to surgery and during the rehabilitation period to completely abandon the smoke. 2 weeks before a surgery, it is important to eliminate the use of hormonal contraceptives, but also drugs containing salicylates.

The types of access

The plastic surgery breast enhancement can be done in various types of access to the field of intervention, with the use of different types of plants, and their location can vary.

Plastic surgery to the breast can be three types of access:

  1. Submammary. Implies a cut in the gland of the breast in the natural crease. The length is about 4 cm This is a classic, helps reduce the time of surgery, provides an immediate path of introduction of the plants. But together with the advantages of has significant disadvantages – the presence of a scar, which often becomes visible as a result of the displacement, the skin fold after surgery.
  2. Periareolar. Cutting place around the nipple – at the boundary between the breast skin and pigmented areola. This access is advantageous from the aesthetic point of view – tripe will be visible minimally. But the surgeon in this case it is much more difficult to form an appropriate cavity for the implant placement. Dissection of the tissues can be carried out exclusively in the subcutaneous layer, or directly through if the same breast. In these conditions increases the risk of forming salt deposits, cysts, and inflammatory processes. In addition, there is the likelihood of trauma to the branches 4 of the nerve between the ribs, which can cause the loss of sensitivity to fabrics and the skin of the breast.
  3. Axillary. The main advantage of this type – the ability to move the tripe with the tissues of the breast in the armpit area. But if this surgeon it is sometimes necessary to resort to the technique of endoscopy of the operation, in fact, form a cavity of the implant, this perspective is quite difficult. A common complication of this section are asymmetric, of the breast, but also the damage of nerve endings.
It is interesting to note that in the UNITED states the breast enhancement produce the access through the umbilicus. In this case, using refillable systems, that is, is injected under the gland empty, the bags, which then serves the correct amount of solution

If the doctor and the patient chooses the first type of access, most often, the duration of surgery is about half an hour. The second and the third type of access usually requires more time – about an hour. But in the case of breast augmentation, has successfully completed its facelift (and this is possible to combine in a surgery), the surgeon can employ to 2-3 hours more than the normal increase).

Options of implant placement

Depending on the individual characteristics of the structure of the body of a woman, as well as the state of origin of the breast, the doctor may suggest a woman various options for the location of the plant. Only their 4:

  1. In the space under the pectoral muscle – in the muscle pocket (that is, under the spine).
  2. The top edge under the pectoral muscle and the lower (large) – under the tissue of the gland (combined).
  3. Under the shell of the great pectoral muscle (i.e. below the tissue of the pectoral muscle).
  4. Under the fabric the breast (that is, directly beneath the mammary gland).

To make the right choice, the physician must consider the following factors:

  • congenital the position of the mammary glands on the chest (high, medium, low);
  • the presence or absence of acquired ptosis of the breast, in the presence of a degree in the scale of Regnault;
  • the state and the characteristics of the subcutaneous tissue and skin. (the thickness, the consistency, the absence or presence of stretch marks and other);
  • property and features large pectoral muscles (elasticity, surface area, thickness);
  • features of the structure of the chest (the presence or absence of deformation).

By assessing and taking into account all the conditions, the plastic surgeon must determine the choice-the choice to express his / her patient, and agreed with her, explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

Types of plants

At the moment there are 5 generations of plants. Every year they become more and more perfect. Is varied the thickness of the outer shell, the texture of it (at this time, the best option is to be irregular due to surface roughness reduces the risk of fibrous capsule formation around the implant). Is there and triple the prosthesis, one of which is full of gel, while the second is compiled directly during the operation of the salt solution.

They differ for the shape – teardrop-shaped, round, tapered. Because of this diversity, it is possible to faithfully reproduce the chest dream customer.

Breast augmentation can be performed prosthesis with different content:

  • silicone fluid, corresponding to a viscosity of vegetable oil;
  • silicone gel, in a consistency close to gelatin;
  • elastic silicone gel to a viscosity similar to jam;
  • "Soft touch"-gel, the consistency is similar to jelly;
  • physiological solution or solution of salt in water;
  • soy and olive oil.

Each of the data fillers has its advantages and disadvantages. They are all approximate duration, level of naturalness and reliability.

The choice of plants

Before the plants chosen, the patient only on the basis of visual and tactile inspection, that is, they represented the options, and women, by evaluating the shape, size and texture, stopped on one of them. In our time, an increase of the mammary glands precedes the simulation before the installation of the equipment.

The choice of plants

For this simulation technique is used a special program. It is injected to the main measures and parameters of the patient (height, weight), after having removed the measures. Based on these data, the program offers the best option of the prosthesis, and not only offers, but also the model to external simulators chest (imitation of a possible chest – the end result). Data simulators put on a bra and wearing a woman, after which you can examine in detail satisfied by this shape, size and also consistency of the bust.


The breast enhancement surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. It is possible both for intravenous, and the alternative behavior through the trachea.

Much less likely to breast augmentation is done under local anesthesia, in this case, the request for additional intravenous sedation. What is the pain relief is most often used when the patient has serious contraindications to general anesthesia.

The breast augmentation under local anesthesia does not enjoy great popularity, because the majority of women have a fear of the panic of the operating process. Furthermore, it is very difficult to find a plastic surgeon who agrees to do the correction of the breast under local anesthesia, after all, and the more experienced it is easier to focus when it is certain is that his action does not alarm the patient and cause no stress.

The operation

How does the operation of the breast augmentation depends on the type of access, type of system, a variation of its position and of the raw data from the patient.

Common phases of surgery of the breast are:

  • the anesthesia;
  • the layout of the operative field (dr. draw the cut lines, the boundaries of intervention, makes it necessary for tagging);
  • all of the incisions;
  • the formation of the nail bed;
  • the introduction of the prosthesis;
  • suture;
  • the excretion of the anesthesia.

But sometimes breast enhancement surgery produces, and without overlapping the classic stitches. So, dr. Sergei Sviridov has developed and patented a unique technique of seamless plastics. In this case, the cut is at the lower limit of the areola, and all of the tissues are not cut, and separate stupid method, and after the end of the operation the edges of the wound are glued together with a special fibrin glue. Local inflammatory reaction with this technique the performance of the much less expressed, the complete cure is very faster and painless. And the lower the probability of formation of a scar help a greater number of women with ease, venturing to the increase of the breast, and in a short time to enjoy the result.

Expander dermotension

There is also some of the features, if the desired size of the implant is too large, as it is an operation of breast augmentation in this case, because the skin even if it is elastic, but it can't last indefinitely.

In this case, before increasing the inventory of skin by the temporary administration expander, usually it is enough to 1.5 – 2 months. But if the dimensions of the system are too large, and stocks their fabrics small, the time interval may be necessary. After that the necessary reserve created, perform the operation of breast augmentation with the standard procedure.


Any surgical intervention implies the presence of a rehabilitation period. This interval of time for which the body adapts and it adapts to the new conditions. That's why the result of the breast assessed 2-3 months after the intervention. For this period of time have to get down the swelling, and the breasts a bit down and will acquire the final – in addition to the natural shape.


If the rehabilitation period has passed, and the shape of the breast is irregular or who are not satisfied with the patient – it is necessary to schedule an appointment for a consultation with your doctor and discuss with him issues of concern.

Of course, go a long path of recovery is not so easy: the pain and discomfort in the first days after the surgery, the need to wear a compression garment, to refrain from physical activities, to be deprived of the pleasure of the visits of steam bath, sauna, swimming pool. But the dream of a beautiful breast, glances of men and envious glances girlfriends most part of women helps you to cope with this problem.

Chic bust – the ultimate dream of many women. Unfortunately, nature has not received all of the in this "treasure", but fortunately, modern plastic surgery can help you solve the problem. All that is required from you the desire, determination and a positive attitude. Be healthy and beautiful!