The main causes of increase of breast in women

The women are asked, always a delicate matter, because it grows at the breast. Some attribute the growth of the mammary glands with the inheritance, the other with a hormonal background, the other is still secure, which helps to cabbage. Every fair sex has her beliefs and evidence. However, the doctors to bring arguments, because some of the breasts can increase by one or three dimensions. And the culprit of this intense growth is not cabbage. To resolve this problem, you need to know how it works on the mammary gland.

Anatomical structure

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To better understand what grows on the breast, it is necessary to understand its structure. The mammary gland with its structure, does not differ from the sweat glands, because it's mutated sweat gland. Finally formed the chest of 25 years. The breasts of a woman covered with a layer of fat. The more the layer of fat, the larger the mammary gland. Therefore, when a severe loss of weight, reduced the volume of the breast.

The glandular tissue of the breast is divided in several parts, through which pass the ducts, which form the milk of the breast. Each share is represented in the form of accumulation of the alveoli, collected the tubule. For this tubulis during lactation flowing with milk. Among the actions is loose tissue (adipose and connective).

Main fabric female breast — glandular. Is directly related with the main function of breast — milk production. Breastfeeding compliance of glandular tissue to adipose tissue and connective tissue is 2:1. The muscle tissue composition of the breast is not included. A woman's breast is the chest muscle and has a lot of blood vessels and nerve endings. The shape and size of a woman's breast have an impact on the ligaments that call Cowper.

The main causes of the increase of the mammary glands

Every woman causes of breast augmentation are individual. Among the factors affecting growth of the breast, there are and the cancer. Therefore, urgent and necessary to contact the doctor if you see any disturbing symptoms:

  1. strong atypical swelling breast;
  2. gasket;
  3. selection.
To make himself grow breasts, it is better to use the proven safe methods — restoring a normal hormonal balance, weight management and nutrition, exercise.

The effect of hormonal background for the growth of breasts

You need to know, because in that particular period of the menstrual cycle occurs an increase of the female breast. Quick and remarkable changes in the growth fall in the period of puberty. The mammary gland of an adolescent begins to prepare for the main function of milk secretion. Occurs an excessive growth of tissue, the growth and development of cells-lactocytes, deposits the fat. At the end of the period of pubertal mammary gland girl lives in almost the form of the state.

For iron, normally it has evolved, in the body must be adequate hormonal balance in the body. To a greater extent control over the growth, produce sexual hormones. The formation and growth of connective tissue, controls estrogen during the pregnancy — progesterone. Because of this hormone occurs an increase in the number of alveoli, the acceleration of the growth of the glandular tissue.

Mens hormones are secreted in the body and influencing the increase of the breast. During pregnancy and lactation, the level of the hormone prolactin affect the breast augmentation, the metabolism, the skin. The combined effect of prolactin and progesterone can increase the growth of breast cells of 17 times. After the period of lactation the glandular tissue is replaced by adipose tissue.

After 40 years, in women the opposite occurs the development of the breast and already in menopause, the glandular tissue is completely replaced by the adipose tissue with fibrotic inclusions.

The impact of food increase breast

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To make himself grow breasts, you should choose the right food products. Possible cabbage and other foods rich in useful substances are not able to increase in a different size bust, but will help to improve his condition. Of course, it is possible to increase the mammary glands, whether to include in the diet products, in which there are plant oestrogens. As well as in the body hormones have a direct influence on the development of the breast, the consumption of foods with a high content of phytoestrogens that can influence the process of the growth.

The plant sources of estrogen are:

  1. soy;
  2. dairy products;
  3. the seed of flax, pumpkin, anise seeds, or sunflower seeds;
  4. cabbage;
  5. sage;
  6. ginger;
  7. seasoning cloves;
  8. oregano;
  9. thyme;
  10. clover;
  11. turmeric;
  12. peas;
  13. beans;
  14. chickpeas;
  15. Turkish beans;
  16. cauliflower;
  17. lentils;
  18. brussels sprouts;
  19. broccoli;
  20. red cabbage;
  21. blueberries.

The food you need to include herbs that promote the rejuvenation of the breast tissue. In folk medicine uses fenugreek, wild yam, palm sees palmetto. In the diet must be present products containing fatty acids.

The physical exercises and the amount of bust

Foods that contain phytoestrogens, including cabbage, you will not be able to help and to grow the breasts, if a woman does not perform the physical exercise. The exact state of the muscles, ligaments, skin, blood circulation and trophic often depends on the beauty of the bust. There are a series of exercises that act on the tone of the pectoral muscles. The complex of physical exercise does not increase the the mammary gland and does not accelerate its growth, but only helps to bust appear higher and larger in terms of size.

The most effective exercises are:

  1. push-ups from the floor;
  2. push-ups from the wall;
  3. exercises with dumbbells.

To accelerate results, we recommend that you include massage and breathing exercises. Cream or oil taken with the components that improve the skin's elasticity, muscle tone, improve blood circulation. To have a positive effect, all the movements during the massage must correspond to the direction of the lymphatic vessels.