Pros and cons of a surgery breast augmentation breast implants

A growing number of women faced with a choice: whether it is worth to increase the breast or to settle to its natural size and shape. In many cases, the idea of a new breast occurs under the influence of a sexual partner. As statistics show, every third man excites your ample bosom. The same statistics show that women who have had breast augmentation, lucky in career and in relationships with men.

What is breast implants, types

Depending on the result, there are four types of corrective actions:

Breast enhancement
  1. Breast lift – mastopexy.
  2. Volume reduction – breast reduction.
  3. Increase the size of breasts with implants.
  4. Plastic correction of the nipple (areola).

Those who showed an increase in breast

Not always breast implants whim of a woman, in some cases, this is necessary for medical reasons. For example, the chest of one, or both, have been removed because of a cancer of the breast. In this case the breast implants helps a woman to return to the usual image.

The presence of any pattern from the list below – the opportunity to speak to the surgeon:

  • suffered a chest trauma, the need to restore its shape;
  • the loss of elasticity and good shape of the breast as a result of prolonged breast-feeding the child breast milk;
  • asymmetric sinus (left, right);
  • age-related changes: the sagging breasts, loss of volume and shape;
  • the large size of the areola (the area around the nipple);
  • excessively increased the nipple.

That there is to know about plants

The modern clinics use two types of implants (prosthesis):

  • filled with helium;
  • with the putty to form a salt solution – 9 % salt solution.

Material external sheath, in both cases of the silicone. The structure of the silicone shell is of two types: smooth, texture. The lack of the smooth prosthesis – high probability of displacement. He plants another type of movement low, but a high percentage of their fouling the internal connective tissue.

How it performs the operation

Due to an accumulation of connective tissue may appear ugly creases on the skin.

Little harm for health brings the gap of salt in the plant. In addition, these models are the relatively low price, less − during the movement of extraneous sounds. The prosthesis filled with helium, more elastic, and do not lose their shape when the breaking of the shell, in time, can cause sagging of the breast.

The plants you can choose the shape. Clinics offer round implants anatomical. Round guarantee the symmetry and the constant of form, anatomical (drop-shaped) ensure the natural appearance of the breast.

Women with small breasts usually recommend an anatomical variant, for those who have the larger breast and saggy, will be able to install plants for the round shape.

In each case, a specialist of the clinic analyzes the anatomical structure of the customer and offers the best option.

The value is the size, the greater the size, the greater the weight of the plant. The dependence between the dimensions and weight direct. Calculate the size of the implant fill volume. The first dimension is equal to the volume 150 ml, according to, respectively, 300 ml of All subsequent dimensions greatly increase the weight. The surgeon can make modifications to the requests of the client, on the basis of the characteristics of the figure:

  • the width of the thorax;
  • the structure of the skin, its density;
  • the proportions of all the parts of the body.

The planning and preparation for surgery

Breast reduction, like any other surgery, can be performed only after a complete examination:

  1. The analysis of the blood (in the common, the presence of anticoagulants, HIV, hepatitis).
  2. It is mandatory for the examination of the urine.
  3. Do the ECG.
  4. The use of ULTRASOUND.
The smoking ban

The woman, that increases the breast, as well as surveys on the theme of oncology, and other diseases of a chronic nature.

How it performs the operation

The incision may be in the area of the armpit, directly under the breast in the skin crease, around the areola, in the umbilical area of the abdomen. The choice depends on the anatomical structure of the woman and the shape of her breast. The plant is part of a makeshift pocket, the resulting cutting.

The time more of the operations 1 - 1.5 hours. Before surgery with her, do anesthesiologists, are preparing for the anesthesia and during all operations to monitor his condition.

The result of the operation, its consequences

The increase of the breast against: there is the risk of complications, a long recovery period, the discrepancy between the desired result with the final result. The most serious complications less. Adjustment of the size of the breast and its shape is severe interference in the human body. To exclude the risk of complications is not worth it. The planning of an operation, you need to be ready for unpleasant moments:

  • unexpected bleeding, a divergence of points of suture;
  • bruising, non-aesthetic scars;
  • capsular contracture;
  • violating the integrity of the system;
  • the displacement of the system.

Against surgery are not limited by the possible negative consequences for the health and appearance. A long post-operative recovery − a proof of serious issue for many customers. Not to forget the pain and more operations. They always pass under the supervision of a vigilant anaesthetist in general anaesthesia. Possible unpleasant consequences anesthetic: along the nausea, the pain.


Depart from anesthesia differently, some didn't leave, other leave for a month. In any case, the woman must be ready for the headaches in the first period after the surgery. A possible consequence of post-operative pain can become stomach problems due to the intake of analgesics.

During the recovery period, which lasts not less than a month, the woman there is a lot of limitations:

  • it is not allowed to lie on the belly;
  • they are banned all sporting activities;
  • no smoking, alcohol;
  • you can not go to the solarium, the beach;
  • not to have children for 6 months;
  • under the strict ban on steam bath and a sauna.

The interesting thing is that the success of the operation breast augmentation can lead a woman to severe psychological problems, up to a severe depression and the birth of a new phobia.

Even if a good operation, the plant will not be standing for the whole life. The doctors recommend that you go through 15 years of re-intervention.

The pros and cons of plastic surgery are obvious. Not worth the effort to quickly take a decision in favour or against. Better to find a good clinic, if there is the desire and the ability to enlarge the breast. Will help you determine the correct advice of an expert.