The operation on the chest: 9 things you need to know in advance

One of the leading clinics of plastic surgery called 9 of the facts, to which attention must be given to those women who want to increase and firm the breast.

No problem – there operations

If you do not have problems with the breasts, you may opt-out of plastic surgery. Answer honestly, if your problem with many years of complex, so feels insecure and constantly uncomfortable, or your decision – it's a fashion? The answer to a similar question in patients who seek to discover the most professional plastic surgeons in the first consultation. If the desire to broaden or tighten the breast, contour mammoplasty) is the "momentary whim", be ready, that you are being denied. Professional surgeons will never be "chasing" for the patient, to satisfy all his whims.

The non surgical solution

Even the most skilled plastic surgeon with great experience and thousands of successful transactions behind still working your body a significant physical and psychological stress, and therefore certain risks. So you need to 100% be sure of his decision. If the problem is minor and can decide, for example, activities in the gym, cosmetology and services, or simply using correctly sized underwear, prepare to get the same recommendations from a plastic surgeon for consultation. If it is possible to solve the problem non-invasive method, does not expose itself and your body stress, lying on the operating table.


If without surgery can not do without, a few days before surgery, relax. It is not recommended neither the physical, nor the emotional load. For two to three days before surgery and refrain from sports activities, long flights and even dinner with a glass of wine. These days we recommend that you simply relax in the calm of the house. If prior to surgery, breast enhancement and lifting of the bust there is considerable excitement, you can take a sedative, but in any case, not the alcohol.

Forget about the smoke

The nicotine and tar, received from the body, while smoking greatly increases the risk of a negative result after contour surgery, and can also cause serious postoperative complications. Therefore, patients are advised to abandon the cigarettes within 14 days before and after the intervention. If you give up this habit is difficult, try to reduce the doses of nicotine up to a minimum in the period indicated.

To lose weight before, not after

For the surgery, it is advisable to approach, and already in that weight that are of value to you optimal. If you are planning to go on a diet, lay out with the program installed power in the period preceding the intervention. The loss of more than 3 kg of weight after plastic surgery bust may adversely affect the appearance of the "new" breast. As a consequence, increases the probability of making correction operations, the new shape of the breast much sooner than might be necessary.

But the increase of the weight within reasonable limits, on the contrary, not only is not terrible, but it can positively affect the appearance of the bust. Thus, according to the results of numerous studies, the annual weight increase in a radius of 100-300 g of women in the age of 45-50 years, and more very positive effect on the skin, allowing it to remain younger and healthy.

breast enhancement

The average price of a surgery of breast augmentation is $thousands of 4-7

The whole declared price below $4 thousand should warn you: or as you call it incomplete the price and the same operation will take place in the "not very professional" clinic of plastic surgery, with all the consequent risks to health and life. The difference in price range (from $4 to $7 thousand), is comprised of three key factors: the value and the quality of the installations (including the reputation of their manufacturer), the experience and professionalism of plastic surgeons, the quality and the price class is more of a plastic surgery clinic and, especially, the attitude towards safety of female patients. Ask yourself the question: are you ready, with savings for the operations to save on their security and risking their health?

Get ready for a month of "fall" from the life

In the course of about three weeks after enhancement surgery and breast lift is needed "vacation" from all the daily activities: there are no household chores, work, stress. The than this recommendation is extremely important for a rapid and comfortable recovery of the body after the surgery.

You may need different types of operations simultaneously

Not always a type of surgery may completely resolve the existing problems with the chest. For example, it is quite common the case, that every year have to face the plastic surgeons all over the world, is the plastic of the breast after childbirth and lactation. In these cases, many patient facing not only a problem of reduction of the breast, but also for his weakness (often after the second or third childbirth). In this case, the optimal solution may be combined with increase operation and at the same time lifting the breast. It should be remembered that by themselves determine which type of surgery is needed for your case, it is impossible. Then the best option would be to go through a consultation by a professional plastic surgeon.

The chest having to maintain a in perfect condition

The results are still the best plastic surgeons, do not last forever. Years that still have their skin and other tissues of the breast get older, change their properties, and this is reflected previously obtained an effect of enlargement and breast lift. Repeated operations of surgery, to take place after a couple of years after the main, are called to support and maintain the previously obtained effect. These operations, usually, it is much easier, are carried out exclusively on the problematic areas of the breast and are safer for the health. For this operation, in most cases, it is necessary twice less time in comparison to the main. If the average time combined to increase transactions and lifting of the breast is of 3 hours, the operation of "correction" it will take an average of 1.5 hours.

According to the statistics of plastic surgeons, the 90-95% of patients who have received the "new" breast, to save purchased the effect after 10 years undergo a surgical procedure for the correction of the result. The times are right for the patient in the age of 30-40 years, that looking at his appearance and leads a healthy lifestyle. However, data, the times could be significantly reduced for a variety of reasons that depend on genetics, and from the same patient. For example, correctional surgery may be necessary after 3-5 years, if after the first operation, the patient has had two or more children, and this has led to strong fluctuations in weight, or has experienced a severe stressful situation.