The consequences of a surgical breast enhancement

Reduction mammaplasty and mastopexy to give new life and female to bust, improve self-esteem, attractiveness, and in general the sexuality of a woman, returning to the natural, deterioration due to certain circumstances and / or increasing the small nature in size. But both of these procedures, unfortunately, leads to unwanted effects. The main complications after the increase is, first of all, scars and scars. Modern medicine offers a range of quite effective tools for their relief or of disguise, but the fact is that their presence is undeniable.

Also, the increase can lead to a series of problems at first, accustomed to a greater size of the mammary glands.

Breast enhancement

Remain scars after breast augmentation

In this regard, an important role is played the body of the patient. If there is the propensity to keloid scars, they heal quickly and become almost invisible.

In a first moment, within 1-3 months, and of course, the scars are visible to all, in this period is colored crimson, they become white with the passage of time.

If you have selected the growth path under the breast, the scar will only be visible when you lift the chest, and a careful examination of the place of score, as well as its easy to confuse this with the skin relief.

Another rather unexpected position of the seam underarm. In this case, the point is not to find, because it simply is not there. But the disadvantage of this route is that the abundance of sebaceous and sweat glands in this field leaves a speedy recovery.

By selecting circular, so 100% stealth scar is also impossible to guarantee - pigmentation of the areola will be a betrayal to allocate seam shades of dirty white.

To mask the scars

Having acquired a scope view of the chest, I would not spoil the aesthetic appearance of their own body scars. How to hide the negative effects of breast augmentation? In this case the medicine in the store several options:

  • creams and ointments;
  • beauty treatments;
  • laser peeling;
  • laser resurfacing.

First, unfortunately, will not be sufficient for the complete solution of the problem. To a certain extent, they will help you, but not more than 5-10%.

Cosmetology is effective only with the repetition of procedures, number of times - after the first time, rarely when you get the desired effect.

Laser peel is a highly effective solution because of its point of application. Exfoliation of the skin caused by the evaporation of the liquid under the influence of the laser beam, markedly “delete” visible the border between holistic skin and the scar. A couple of days of recovery, verification of the result and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

The grinding does not reduce the problem area in width or length, but favors aligning with the surrounding skin in height.

All these procedures are advised to start to produce only after the rehabilitation is complete - not before a year from the day of the operation. If the next year to pay beauty treatments for the procedures with the application of retinol and fruit acids, you can get pretty much 99% of release from a visible scar.

The most serious consequences

Unfortunately, the scars of the united states may be the afflicted patient. Here you can overcome these side-effects after the breast augmentation, such as:

  • violation of the sensitivity;
  • the infection;
  • hematoma;
  • purulent wound;
  • mortification of the tissues;
  • seroma.
Compression garment

An impressive list of adverse outcomes can be seriously reconsider their opinions on the plastic of the breast, but must pay attention to the fact that some of them may occur due to the negligence of the staff who performed the operation. sterilisation of the instruments, the creation of an excessively large cavity for the prosthesis, ignoring the indicators of clotting of the blood. The second part - the denigration of the patient to the recommendations and requirements for a period of rehabilitation: the use of steroids or cold therapy, large, exercise, and ignoring the underwear of compression.

And the third part, in which vaccinated solitary violation of the sensitivity, it is a normal thing during the circular access, but this effect is temporary and, with time, all in a natural way go back to normal.

The deterioration cosmetic effect

It is also one of the consequences of a surgical intervention, to which he would have had to stop and consider more.

It is assumed three problems with endoprosthesis:

  • the move;
  • that blows;
  • the gap.

Wine for the shift almost always is on the surgeon who performs the surgery: I was ignored the specificity of the configuration of the chest of the patient; the incorrect positioning of the implant; was created cavities of different volume.

That blows - is a prerogative of prosthesis filled with saline solution. The case of exhaustion of the contents through the diffusion of a solution through the shell.

For the breakdown of responsibilities can be many: the reason may be a factory defect, the damage implants surgeon or the external factor of impact on the patient's chest.

To protect yourself from these problems may be: first - to choose a good surgeon, that it will not move. In the second place - select gel filler. And in the third place, it will help you avoid break out again the same choice of the highly specialized technical tasks, and silicone implants.

The choice of a surgeon

On the basis of the whole of scripture, it is possible to make a very correct conclusion: responsible for approaching the choice of the clinic and surgeon, it is possible to protect yourself from more than half of the potential complications.

In the era of the Internet to find reviews on something or someone - is the task of a query in a search engine and a half-hour of time for the reading of the information received. Be extremely careful: check a variety of sources, camped on different pages of the issue in the copy object with positive or negative comments. An isolated case from a very grateful or extremely disappointed with the customer is possible, but if ten sites praise a surgeon in unison, and on other sites he even heard of here there is clearly some trick.

After you have defined with the executor of the missions to increase your breasts, find her personal page. The vast majority of modern surgeons they have picked up their “portfolio” and reviews, spend by the council. Try to contact the people that have left reviews latest comments, ask for photo before/after surgery, or the communication to the phone - often this helps to verify the truthfulness of the information in a call and the existence of the source of this recall.

The period of rehabilitation

The consequences of breast augmentation

You can protect themselves from adverse outcomes operation, turning on a clinic with a professional staff. But the fact to ignore the requirements and recommendations for the post-operative period can create for themselves an even bigger problem after the construction of the chest.

The most common error in premature failure of the underwear of compression. This is not so strictly attributed to the month to wear - we must not think that if the second-third week, everything looks beautiful and the pain no - one can stop it. No, it is not possible. Month, four and a half weeks, 31 days and not a day less. It is not superfluous in this period of the hot shower two times per day, to reduce to the minimum, if not zero, the long stay under the sun or in areas of high temperature, such as saunas. Limit physical activity: chest very often involved in all the movements and lifting weights - anything to bother them.

Life after the surgery

If you follow the recommendations of this article and made the right conclusions, already a year after the surgery he enjoys his new breasts and attract the attention of others. The sensitivity restored, the final form of up-to-date bust at this time established, and compression underwear by the house behind, and in front there is only one greater self-esteem, attractiveness and good mood.