Hormones for breast growth in women

To increase the volume of the breast, it is necessary to take hormones for breast growth in women.

If you have received enough of the hormones for breast growth in women? If the girl has been traced to the deficiency of estrogen, and estradiol, this can lead to prosperitatis chest – therefore, it is already an adult woman's breasts may look like a teenager.

Causes of lack of female hormones

Several factors affect the hormonal imbalance in women (and in particular, the level of hormones for the growth of the breasts):

  • violation of the functioning of the endocrine system;
  • the presence of bad habits, in particular, the structure;
  • not proper functioning of the thyroid;
  • crash activity of the anterior pituitary of the brain responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body;
  • frequent stressful situations, emotional lability;
  • uncontrolled spontaneous hormonal drugs;
  • nutritional errors.

The major hormones that influence the formation of breast

Growth hormones

In the event that in women there is an imbalance in the body, there is no breast growth, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist doctor. It is for a survey will prescribe the tests for hormones, to locate the cause of the disease and prescribe a treatment regimen.


Hormones for breast growth

The name


The prolactin This hormone is produced glandular tissue of the breast in puberty stage, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Affecting the production of milk a mother who breastfeeds. Therefore, it is important for his number was normal for the production of a good are breastfeeding.

During pregnancy and after childbirth due to the fact that in the womb it begins to arrive the milk, has greatly increased in size.

Progesterone The formation of the progesterone takes place in the ovaries and the so-called yellow body, a small amount of the product by the adrenal glands. Under its influence, are activated processes, to prepare the breast for breast-feeding has become more rounded and elastic.


This hormone called growth hormone, its active generation and the impact on the body (in particular, the growth of the mammary glands) goes during the period of puberty.


Estrogen – one of the most important hormones in women, it is designed for breast growth, and affects the roundness of the forms form in general. For the normal functioning of the reproductive system is necessary for the indicators of this hormone were in the middle range. If there is an excess, can block the channels and receptors of the breast, which can lead to negative consequences. The lack of oestrogen female figure formed male – small breasts, a narrow pelvis, can develop infertility.

Changes in breast during pregnancy

Hormones for breast growth in women, promote the production of breast milk, began to produce from the moment of conception, when the body is reconstructed to carry a child.

The growth of the mammary glands happens to all pregnant women, only with different intensities and at different times.

A interesting fact! In some women, the breasts start to grow in the first month of pregnancy, the other only 6-7 month.

Swelling of the breast in women takes place under the influence of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are essential for the growth of the breast (glandular tissue, the generation of milk). On average, in the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding the breasts increases of 1-3 dimensions.

Drugs that promote breast enhancement

Hormones for breast growth in women are present in many of the modern medicines, the pharmaceuticals industry, which are used for adjustment, and the treatment of failures in the reproductive system, as well as contraceptives.

Birth control pills are divided into:

  • combined (estrogen+progesterone);
  • progestin (mini-pill).

Combination of drugs are distinguished for the assay: the micro-dosed, measured average, with the higher dosage.

Please note! To avoid the side effects and will not harm your health, hormones for breast growth in women, it is necessary to choose with micro dosing, it is usually mono drugs, where in the composition contains a hormone.

Now the medicine is fairly well studied, the effect of the contraceptive pill in the female body during the development of the modern medications are considered to be side effects and all adverse effects are reduced to a minimum, so that each woman can choose, individually, the right tool.


Plant hormones

Isoflavones are compounds, obtained by extraction from plants, and its effects are similar to estrogen and estradiol. The source are the plants, a large number contains red clover and soy.

It is important to know! The phytoestrogens do have the impact on the fabric of the womb, making it grow in size.

Wanting to look attractive, there is no need to overdo it with the desire to increase the breast by any means. Many women desire to take hormones for breast growth without a prescription, is fraught with negative consequences – it is possible to obtain a complete imbalance of the hormonal system.

First of all, you need to contact the obstetrician-gynecologist and endocrinologist. Doctors designate the necessary analyses, they held a survey and then will set aside the necessary medications with contraindications.

With regard to the intake of herbal preparations, various food supplements. Remember, health and beauty in your hands and in the hands of an expert competent.