How to increase the breast at home?

No wonder, a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine, has shown that almost 70% (three quarters!) men when meeting with a woman, the first thing they look at on his chest, and then pay attention to her face, eyes and hair.

Of course, there are girls that mother nature has made a generous gift, by assigning lush and luxurious at the breast. But, frankly, these women are not so much. And what about all the others? Enclose the bra of cotton, as did our grandmothers or wear loose clothing, with not a lot of forms of expression that are not too visible? No, it is not the output! We, modern women, on the you can! We live in a time in which, excuse the pun, our breast is in our hands!

Breast augmentation with the help of plastic surgery

the breast enhancement in house

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the phrase breast enhancement is plastic surgery. But here there are a lot of pros and cons.

Of course, to trust a professional, for a short period of time to obtain a perfect shape and size of the breast.

In addition, the plastic surgery there is more than a decade, and developed during this time, the technology, the materials and techniques away and the chances of getting bad, it is not acceptable for us to live.

And, above all, the whole plastic surgery clinic will offer you different methods to increase the breast (the installation of the implant below the mammary gland, totally under the muscle or partially), which will allow you to choose the ideal option (maintain the shape of breasts, reduce the time required for post-operative rehabilitation, etc.).

However, despite all the benefits of breast augmentation with the help of plastic surgery, this method has some disadvantages.

In the first place, it is quite painful operation, even if you pass with success, a woman still have to survive the rehabilitation period.

In the second place, the plants, even the most good, you have to change every 5-7 years, and this means that you ruin yourself for continuing operations for the whole of life. And the surgery does not remain without consequences and side effects.

In the third place, after breast augmentation must take the hormone pills that can lead to an increase in weight and the need to stay on a diet, torturing themselves exercise - Even if we can come to the aid of modern technology and by excessive weight can be removed with the help of a latest technology of correction of weight, such as liposuction.

Therefore, before you decide for a plastic surgery for breast augmentation, it is worth thinking about, and if it is possible to increase the breast at home? With certainty we can say that it really is.

So, how to increase the breast at home? Consider the possible options.

Creams and gels for breast enhancement

For a start, let's talk about creams and special gels, to simulate the breast. Actually work and, after their proper use, the chest is really becomes more elastic and it grows in size. But part of these creams and gels are available, as a general rule, not only of system components, type of ginseng extract, and, unfortunately, and hormones.

There is scientific evidence affect these cream negatively on the health of the woman or not, even if it is not exactly verified that after the woman stops so enjoy the cream, the breast quickly returns to its previous state. In addition, many women in these creams is experience an allergic reaction, which can cause quite unpleasant cosmetic effects.

Vacuum equipment for breast enhancement

breast enhancement

In addition to creams, there are still and empty equipment for breast enhancement. The chest are, of course, a little increase, but, according to the testimonies of many women, can cause pain and after a bit of time after the termination of the procedure, you return to the starting point.

Exercises and breathing exercises for breast enhancement

The most reliable, safe, and convenient tool to free breast enhancement at home is a physical exercise and breathing practices. By taking it every day for 30-40 minutes, you are actually able to increase and firm your breast, do not risk their health.

Let's consider some of the most common practices that will help you to increase the breast at home, with virtually no contraindications and are suitable for women of any age and build.

In yoga there are different types of breaths: the principal of these is the abdominal and thoracic breathing. In our case we have to run the pectoral breath.

To begin, sit in the lotus position (or half lotus), put the hands on the knees with the palms facing upwards, straighten the spine and completely relax the belly. Now let's start to do the exercises.

The first exercise for breast enhancement is based on a slow deep breath in the breast. Do not forget that you breathe only with the nose! As you inhale try to fill the chest with air to the maximum, for this pull the chest forward, as if extending her and much as possible, try to involve the spine. During exhalation, pull the chest in and try to relax your entire body. Do the exercise of not less than 25 times. Remember that the breathing should be slow and deep.

The second exercise is virtually repeated the first time it is executed 2 times faster. In reality, it is quite difficult and need time to learn how to breathe correctly at the same rapid rate.

The third exercise is also based on breastfeeding breathing, but is performed in the supine position. To begin lie down on the floor, bend your knees, and, based on the feet, lift the body off the floor for a short distance. The hands are on the floor with the palms down. Strictly reduce the buttocks, (to relieve the tension on the spinal column), and follow a 15 - 20 deep pectoral breaths in the same way as in the first exercise. Lie down on the floor and a little rest. Repeat the cycle once again. If the force is to increase the number of breaths up to 30.

The last exercise for breast enhancement with the help of the breath, we will also lying on his back. Only exactly spread out, stretch your arms and legs, relax and begin to breathe faster, the nose, tending alternately to each breast. Try to perform 30 breaths, relax and repeat the whole cycle.

This breathing exercises and exercises for breast enlargement at home really give you excellent results. The main thing - do it regularly and on an empty stomach, and after a few months the breasts will be simply fantastic.

Good luck to you, dear women!