Breast enhancement without surgery at home

Surgical interventions for the correction of the breast are not suitable to all, then unhappy with the size of a girl often thinking, how to increase the mammary glands at home. The volume of the mammary glands is provided at the genetic level. Means at hand, I can't change in 2 – 3 dimensions for the long term, but lift the breast, make it more elastic, adjust the shape, tighten the skin to the strengths of each girl.

How to increase breast with the help of an exercise program?

The female breast is composed of connective tissue and glandular fat, muscle, occupy the 5% of the volume.

The exercises help to do not increase the the mammary glands and pectoral muscles, to which they are assigned.

Pumped muscles increase the breast, to the end of the improved form, the skin becomes more dense.

Useful for doing the following exercises:

  • Do push-ups. Stand on the distance of the point from the wall, hands leaning on the surface and lean forward, bending your elbows. It is important to keep the back straight. The load on the pectoral muscle will increase with the wide formulation of the hands. Repeat 10 times for three times with pauses of 30 seconds.
  • The classic push-up. This exercise is also performed as the previous, but with a focus on the floor or on a bench.
  • The pressing of the palm trees. Exactly stand up, tighten your stomach and buttocks, the palm connect perpendicular to the floor at the level of the chest, elbows, dotting in part. Inhale to shake hands, as you exhale, relax, perform 10 – 20 times.
  • "The cobra". Lie down on your stomach, close your fingers on the nape of the neck. On inspiration, to lift the upper part of the body during exhalation, to omit. Then repeat for 10 times, two times with a rest break.
  • The bending of the knees. Lie on the floor with your back, put your hands close to your body, with your palms facing to get to the floor, bend your legs. To breathe smoothly, lift the knee, touch the breast during the exhalation, to return to the starting position, repeat 10 times.
  • Bench with dumbbells. Lie down with your back on a bench, place your feet on the ground. Inspired to lift and straighten the arms with dumbbells, exhale fall on the side parallel to the floor, elbow bent to 90 degrees. Run 8 times.
  • Mahi dumbbells. Exactly get up on the inspiration to raise the arms forward at shoulder height, while you breathe out, omit. Run 8 times.

The exercises they do regularly through the day. The first positive changes will be visible after 3 weeks, and the result is displayed through 2,5 – 3 months.

Remedies at home

In a number of plants are natural phytoestrogens, if the body of a reduced level of female hormones, which can compensate for the lack. For breast enhancement you apply decoctions and infusions of the following plants:

  • Hop cones. A pinch of the collection pour a cup of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes under the grandstand with a towel, used for 2 – 3 throat after eating during the day.
  • The seeds of flax. Half a teaspoon of product, pour a glass of boiling water and a minute interfere until thick. The drink is not filtered, consumed per 100 ml before a meal.
  • Oregano. A pinch of the herb insist in a cup of boiling water for 30 minutes, drink during the day for 2 sip.
  • The seeds of fenugreek. Half a teaspoon to withstand 3 hours in 200 ml of water, then heated to boiling, filter, and use throughout the day for 2 – 3 sips.
  • Red clover. A teaspoon collection pour a cup of boiling water and 10 minutes to survive in a bain-marie. Drink in small sips during the day, before drinking the filtered.
  • The city of lucerne. Offers and take the red clover.

Decoctions and infusions used with caution, do not exceed the dosage. If a woman's normal estrogen level, phytoestrogens plants will begin to repress it.

Breast enhancement products

The girls with a small bust useful to consume foods containing phytoestrogens, this element contains:

  • nuts;
  • vegetable oils: olive oil, sunflower oil, flax seed;
  • soy;
  • legumes;
  • the dark grape.

The products do not affect the breast size directly, but act indirectly. Stabilize estrogen levels, which depend on the state of the mammary glands.

You can change the size of the bust with the help of iodine?

The increase of the volume of the breast iodine is considered the "grandmother" of the method. Attracts simplicity and economy, but is not recognized by traditional medicine. Judging by the reviews, this way is not giving the 100% of a positive result, but sometimes it helps. Iodine increases the flow of blood, because of this, the breast increases temporarily. For applications there are no contraindications:

  • diseases of the breast;
  • excess in the body of iodine;
  • the increase of the temperature;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding.

The medication is applied with a cotton swab: to draw lines parallel to the centre at a distance of 3 – 4 mm, not grasping the nipples. The procedure is repeated every day. It is not possible to draw lines on the same positions, this will cause skin burns. The result is hard to predict, but the positive changes will come faster, if the application of iodine to combine with other methods: exercises, massage.

Hormonal drugs pharmacy

Hormonal pills most used as a contraceptive or in the case of violation of the menstrual cycle. Breast augmentation is considered to be a side effect.

Before application it is necessary to consult a doctor: you will choose the tablet taking into account the state of health, your body weight, the age.

Tablets-to-take scheme: 21 consecutive days with 7 day break during menstruation. After the reception sometimes occur adverse effects: nausea, weight gain, headaches, tension in the mammary glands.

Another type of medication for add breast volume – bio-based supplements of phytoestrogens.

Reviews for the women of these additives are mixed: some do not see the changes, others note the rise of the breast, but after the application of the measure is the same. Doctors refer to bio-additives cautious because welcome is uncontrolled, sometimes causes a failure of hormones.

Massage and special creams

After the regular massage improves the skin, increases the density and elasticity of the breast, because of what she has raised. For the correction of the bust apply different techniques: classic, japanese, chinese, and others. In the house the more easy it is to use tricks:

  • caress with the tip of the fingers from the center to the base;
  • rub in a circular motion from the nipple towards the edges;
  • by tapping with the tip of the fingers;
  • vibration palms;

During the procedure, use vegetable oil, better olive oil, and grape seed. Useful to combine a massage with a sensory shower: the jet in a circular motion on the mammary glands, alternate hot and cold water

Creams, serums to increase the volume of the breast are divided into two types. Some contain collagen, hoods, plants, hyaluronic acid, peptides. These components compacted, to moisturize the skin. The latter include phytoestrogens. Depending on the composition, the manufacturers promise the increase of the volume of glandular tissue, fat. Reviews on the action of creams mixed: by enthusiastic, first to point the finger of fraud.

Visually how to increase the breast without surgery?

The bust seems to be less in reality, if you correctly choose the underwear, clothes, accessories. Visually increase the volume help tips for women:

  • It is important to buy a bra size to support the mammary glands from the bottom. In a bras chest dips or nibbles to the muscles, because of this its volume is reduced by 1 size. To increase push-up bras, bras with inserts.
  • Visually add the amount of articles of clothing: sheaths, blouses, sweaters with horizontal lines or a great design, blouses with pleats, ruffles, the small details.
  • In free large clothes chest "lost". The girls with a small bust suitable for clingy dresses, the top of brilliant colors.
  • In women with statuesque posture and a smooth back bust seems more solid.

Quickly increase your breast size without surgery does not work, you can create only the visibility of the volume by using female tricks. Other methods require time, perseverance and patience, but can also increase bust to 1 – 1.5 sizes. The products and medicinal herbs influence the state of the chest indirectly, hormone therapy helps briefly, it gives negative side effects. The safest and the most efficient method of exercise, massage, and showers.