The increase of the mammary glands in women causes

Every woman at least once in their life tried discomfort or pain in the breast, and many have also noticed that the chest suddenly began to increase. Physicians must almost every day to listen to similar complaints at the reception. The problem has a high importance in the current world, which forces women to seek answers to the questions – because the pain and increases the breast, if there is any danger.

General information


Aesthetic role of the female breast – not the most important. Its main component is the mammary gland, with the objective of ensuring the power supply of the unborn child. It consists of a portion, between which pass the connecting cables of the partition. Those, in their turn, are divided into small segments. And the last form al veolami and channels that, together, they go in млечные the breasts and in the last analysis, opening on to a nipple.

The function of glandular tissue, depends on hormonal influences. A key role in the process of playing the three biological substances: estradiol, progesterone, and prolactin. In the chest there are receptors for each hormone. Estrogens promote the development mlechnykh of the learned and the elements in the stroma, progesterone stimulates the growth and the increase in the number of lobules, results in retention of interstitial fluid, and prolactin helps to increase the sensitivity to the first two and is responsible for the production of specific secret – to-female milk. So in those periods in which occur hormonal changes in the body, the chest it is most subject to change.

The causes and mechanisms

Understand, so the breast becomes a source of discomfort, under the power of a single doctor. Specialist, in possession of the necessary competence and experience, examines the woman, and indicates the source of the problem. In most cases the experiences are in vain, because everything is defined physiological changes. Often the traffic jam and the sensitivity of the breast is a normal phenomenon, observed in different periods:

  • The beginning of puberty in girls.
  • In the second phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • During pregnancy.
  • After the birth.

This effect is first of all give you the increase of progesterone and increasing prolactin. The last is particularly active, is produced by the pituitary gland during the last trimester of pregnancy and after the birth of the child. Similar processes have been observed and experience an abortion, but to a much lesser extent. Also, the pain may occur because of individual characteristics of the body and an increased sensitivity of the nervous system.

In addition to the member, and understandable, with the positions of the physiology, causes of obvious discomfort of the breast become pathological processes, general and local. It is more often than endocrine disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancer violations. Therefore, the doctors may suspect:

  • The premenstrual syndrome (pms).
  • Mastopathy.
  • Mastitis.
  • Breast cancer.

Hormonal disorders, which often are a problem of symptoms, may occur on a background of the impact of unfavorable factors, they refer to overwork, physical, poor diet, emotional stress, infections and intoxications, bad habits, diseases, and gynaecological problems. This is something that can disrupt the natural balance in the regulatory in the female body and lead to breast problems. But in any case requires an examination and differential diagnosis.

Facing the discomfort in the chest, you should immediately contact a physician to determine the nature of the changes.

The symptoms

Any state, including and physiological, are manifested by some symptoms. And the identification of clinical pathology is of extreme importance to us. On the main stage of the survey, the physician examines and details the complaints, conducts inspection and estimation objective signs. In a situation of breast pain it is necessary to define the basic settings of the symptoms:

  • The force of gravity.
  • Duration.
  • Will prevail to the location.
  • The dependency from external factors, menstrual cycle, etc.

Clarified and other signs, the main. Sometimes they provide important information on the disease. Thus forming almost a complete view of what is happening, and it defines the reasons why the breasts may increase, causing some concern.

Premenstrual syndrome

More than half of the women nearest months marked complex vegetative-vascular, emotional and psychosomatic disorders to include in a concept of the premenstrual syndrome. Later in the second phase of the cycle, disappear completely with the start of the selections. One of the manifestations of this state believe marked congestion of the breast, which is accompanied by a feeling of fullness and also pain. But, in addition to this, there will be other signs:

  • The irritability and anxiety.
  • Headache, cardialgia.
  • The swelling of the soft tissues.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • Numbness of the hands.
  • The swelling.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Increase in heart rate.

The severity and number of symptoms vary in different, that allows us to speak of severity premenstrual tension and its forms: neuro-psychic, edematica crisis, cephalalic.



Prevalent condition among women of reproductive age is considered to be mastopathy. At its base is the benign growth of breast tissue. Therefore, those who have breasts is increased and it hurts, you should think of such a chance. The symptoms of mastitis may include:

  • The appearance of the seal (nodules).
  • The breast pain before the arrival of menstruation.
  • Transparent selection of the nipples.

Depending on the morphological changes in iron, there are three forms of mastitis: diffuse, soft, and mixed. Sometimes the pain also appear a light touch to the chest, or they can give in areas around the shoulder. And even if the process is benign, but may increase the risk of malignant transformation. Women must not avoid a frivolous relation to mastitis.

Mastopathy – a disease common in modern women. It has a benign nature, but can become the initial connection of oncology.


If it hurts the chest and increased in volume, we can not exclude inflammatory disease – Mastitis. Are observed with the development of infections or occur the phenomena of stagnation in the gland. Chest blushes and occurs swelling, the skin on it is hot to the touch, nipple discharge can be pus, and the palpation is characterized by severe pain. Suffering and the general condition of women: it appears malaise, fever. The inflammatory process can iterate, such as an abscess. Then and the health deteriorates more strong.

Breast cancer

The biggest danger among the problems with breast-feeding is the malignant process in the breast tissue – cancer. The tumor before he loses completely asymptomatic and is often detected only with the prior visit. Among the clinical symptoms, developing more and more late, should warn the following:

  • The appearance is dense, painless node close with the surrounding tissues, the size of which does not depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • Skin changes: redness, "lemon peel", ulcer.
  • Spotting.
  • The deformation of the breast.
  • The increase of regional lymph nodes.

The cancer can buy infiltrative swelling form, when the chest on a particular area of coarse with the seal of tissues. But the pain does not immediately appear, already in the far distant period, when the tumour invades the nearby tissues.

This chest almost does not care, and that is the cause of the delay in the appeal of some women.

Further diagnosis


Any preliminary diagnosis requires additional testing with the help of other methods. Say exactly why it has increased, and chest pain, is possible only after a full investigation, including laboratory tests, and instrumental procedures. On the basis of the clinical situation, the doctor advises the woman to go:

  • Common blood tests and urinalysis.
  • The biochemistry of the blood (hormonal range, oncomarkers, markers of inflammation, antibodies, etc.).
  • Analysis of the discharge from the nipple (microscopy, bacteriology, on the abnormal cells).
  • Mammography.
  • ULTRASOUND of the mammary glands.
  • Tac.
  • A biopsy with histological research of the material.

According to the results of the studies the doctor makes a conclusion and provides therapeutic activities. And the effect of any therapy will be better than first revealed the disease. So women should always pay attention to her chest, and with the appearance of the symptoms of anxiety once you turn to the doctor. Even the more dangerous the disease can be treated with success, until they just started to develop.

Have increased and I am hurt by the mammary glands: the main causes, diagnosis, and treatment

The increase in size and pain in the chest gland can have as physiological and pathological origin. In the first case, the breast increases and causes harm to natural causes, while the second pain bear witness to the development of the mammary gland of any pathological process.

Often, the breast enlargement and the onset of pain because of a violation of the exchange of hormones.

Causes of increase and breast pain

Over 50% of women of childbearing age experience the discomfort and the sensation of chest pain before the onset of menstruation. The degree of severity of the pain depends on the individual characteristics of the body of each woman.

Why the pain dairy products the breast before the cycle? This is due to the fact that the body intensifies production of such hormones as oxytocin, estrogen and prolactin. An increase in the concentration of these hormones in the blood leads to fluid retention in the tissues of the breast and compression of the nerve endings. This leads to the fact that the breast grows in size and hurts.

Often when you hurt both of the mammary glands. This is one of the signs that the chest just hurts because of problems with the hormones. After the beginning of menstruation pain disappears.

Breast pain in pregnancy and breastfeeding

One of the first signs of pregnancy is swelling and increased sensitivity in the breast. These symptoms can appear after 7-10 days after conception, when the pregnancy test can give a negative result.

The breast begins to grow in size, the touch of the nipples to cause discomfort and pain. All of this is very reminiscent of the PREMENSTRUAL syndrome, which is why many women do not give these symptoms are of particular importance. Distinctive sign during pregnancy is that your nipples are the future mother are covered by small dots and begin to darken. Why is this happening?

The increase in the breast pain in pregnant women is due to the fact that the body begins hormonal changes, aimed at preparing for pregnancy and nursing. After a couple of weeks, this process ends, and the iron ceases to grow and do evil. Resumes the process already before the birth, when it begins the production of milk.

Often it hurts and the breast of nursing mothers. For the first time this usually happens during the parish of the milk. The chest when it's inflated, the woman feels uncomfortable, burning sensation and tingling in the mammary gland. In addition to this, the mammary gland in women who are breastfeeding can become ill due to wrong stick to the baby at the breast, because of what could be a stagnation of milk. Clinically it is manifested by the fact that in the breast upon palpation, they identify a small gasket, the size of a pea, and hurts when the sensitivity. The skin in the place of stagnation отечна.

If time does not begin treatment, it is possible to develop complications such as mastitis, in which occurs the penetration of infection in the breast tissue and the development of inflammation, during which it is accompanied by increases and strong chest pain.

In any case, to discover the exact cause, because it hurts the mammary glands, it is necessary to contact a specialist.


Increase breast and his pain can be symptoms of mastitis. Rather, it is an insidious illness, which if not treated can lead to the development of a series of serious diseases, up to cancer. In the initial stage the symptoms of mastitis are:

  • the pain to the nipples before and during menstruation;
  • the deterioration of the general state, increased anxiety and irritability;
  • the feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the chest;
  • the increase in the size of the breast.

In the case of appearance of such symptoms is necessary to consult a doctor immediately otherwise the disease progresses, and as described above, are added to the following symptoms:

  • the pain becomes more intense and prolonged, can appear at any time and are not dependent on the menstrual cycle;
  • from the nipple (or both nipples, depending on the degree of neglect disease) appear to be pathological selection;
  • the mammary gland even more, changing its contours;
  • the pain begins to give in the area of the armpits;
  • when you touch the chest hurts more strong.

Trauma to the breast

Why hurt the breasts after a bump or a lesion? This is due to the fact that, as a result of mechanical damage breast in it occurring internal swelling and bleeding, which leads to compression of the nerve endings and causes pain. In the case in which the pain after the impact does not resolve in a few days, you should consult your doctor.

Breast cancer

Cancer is the most terrible, and the reason for the appearance of pain in the breast and nipples. Unfortunately, in our time, is dangerous the disease occurs more and more often, and affects not only the woman's age, but also young girls.

This is why, when it is detected in the chest of the suspect seal, the downsizing, the onset of pain and discharge from the nipple is an urgent need to go to the doctor.