Every representative of the fairer sex dreams of the sexual forms of the hips and breasts. But that's the nature, unfortunately, gives not all the dimensions of the bust.

In this regard women:

  • hesitating for the intervention of breast augmentation;
  • someone takes care of active physical exercise, and also to give more volume and shape nice;
  • someone goes to a particular diet.

From here, you wonder really if there are power products for breast enhancement?

It is necessary to provide and analyze the maximum amount of information regarding this issue, to get a scholar and a precise answer to this question.



Currently, it has been shown that the size of the breast is determined by the level in the body this hormone as estrogen.

It is from him that depends on the charm of the female figure. When a woman, there is a lack of this hormone, then it becomes flat in all the places where they must be determined in the rounded forms.

Therefore, if the body is necessary amount of estrogen, the female breast will increase the size and scope.

The important point is that estrogen is produced in the ovaries in the female, and the receipt of this hormone from the outside is only the artificial replacement of the lack of their own.

Integrate the missing number in the of estrogen is possible in two ways:

  • the use of hormone therapy (pill, food Supplements);
  • the use of products that contain herbal estrogens ("phytoestrogens").

The first way is with a lot of contraindications and side effects, so these techniques fit in with a lot of attention, and apply only in special cases strictly prescribed by a doctor.

As for the second, it is the most safe and useful path, to an increase in request of the hormone.

Included in the diet of foods containing estrogen, You will be able to increase his level in his body, which later will lead to obtain a certain result, i.e., to an increase of the breast.


Many food products, almost daily, and contain in themselves, similar to human estrogen, phytoestrogens.

Once in the body of a man with the food, the latter are easily digestible, they are able to replace and eliminate the deficit of the hormone of their own.

The main groups of foods that contain phytoestrogens:

  • legumes: beans, peas, various types of beans, lentils;
  • the products contain soy – soy beans, flour, cheese, yogurt, butter, tofu, etc;
  • vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkin, eggplant, broccoli, and cauliflower;
  • the fruit and nuts dried apricots, dates, peaches, red grapes, raspberries, strawberries;
  • some of the seeds of flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, rice, barley, wheat, oats;
  • the spice – cloves, oregano, thyme, ginger;
  • herb, mint, red clover, fennel;
  • the products of animal origin – meat, fish, milk, cheese, butter, lard.

From the list presented clearly shows that the products containing plant oestrogens quite enough, and many of them are in line of principle we use every day.

But at the same time, not all of you have the desired breast size.

It should be noted that many of the above listed products, are an additional source to obtain phytoestrogen, are not able to influence the variation of the volume of the breast in a big way.

And the excessive use of some, in general, can cause considerable damage to health.


Regarding the yeast, once it is necessary to remember that this is basically only yeast of beer, which are applied during the manufacture of the beer.

And ' thanks to the beer, it is considered that, by eating large quantities of it, many men begin to take on the feminine form of the breast and flanks, then, must promote the growth of mammary glands and women.

But the yeast in this case do not play any role.

The beer is able to:

  • in the first place, lead to increase of weight, in this regard, obtaining additional fat deposits everywhere, including the bust, as well as the beer is very nutritious product, can increase the metabolism and the appetite.
  • in the second place, actually to the change of shape of the breast in the direction of its growth, in this case do not relate to the yeast and hops, with a content of the same phytoestrogen. But the yeast is not the other who, as common fungi, and the size of the bust they have nothing to do.


You can accurately say that many products can not directly affect breast growth.

But I can indirectly influence the process, namely to bring the production of estrogen in the female body, which, in turn, is a determinant factor in this matter.

In addition, many of the products that contain in themselves phytoestrogen, that are useful for common health promotion, which is also very important to the achievement of the desired shapes the chest.

The most important thing is not to abuse some of them, and adapt successfully to his diet.

Are the most favourable food for the breast enhancement, which bear the maximum in this matter, with the right to eat them.


These products for many aspects, and more precisely, because of the large amount contained in their phytoestrogen, are able to influence the growth of breasts.

Include in your diet:

  • polenta, chickpeas, and lentils;
  • soups with beans, and the same peas;
  • a different type of salads, where the main ingredients will be serve legumes and useful vegetable oils (olive oil, flax seeds).

Also, do not forget soy, which carries in itself the missing hormone.

Better to eat in the normal way, and does not contain its products, as all are currently GMO, therefore, the damage can be more than good.

But do not forget that this product category is very heavy for the digestive system, and the calorie intake is also at a high level.

Do not abuse each day legumes, otherwise you can easily dial in the excess volumes, in all places, and not only where it is needed.


Famous for his use oatmeal promotes the growth of the breast. You can eat every day for breakfast, using as an additional source of energy. This is the most harmless and very effective product.

For the mammary glands excellent products are cereals such as rice, corn and wheat.

Equal to the daily menu for a week, where to have breakfast are a variety of cereals these cereals, Is:

  • ensure a good digestion;
  • bring order in your diet;
  • enriches the body of extra estrogen.

All this is reflected positively also on the shape of Your body in general.

An important moment in the preparation of grains is that cooking is necessary to save the use strictly of cereals, and not from seeds, processed cereals, quick cooking.


This category will always be useful for any human body. Here are the vegetables and fruits to restore and make the job of many systems.

They have a direct impact on the production of the female ovaries much-needed estrogen.

Enriching your daily diet fruits and vegetables, with the emphasis on some species, You will be able to notice areas changes in Your bust.

In the summer season try to eat more:

  • peaches;
  • apricots;
  • strawberries;
  • strawberry;
  • raspberry;
  • cherry blossoms.

They are very good, and dried fruits: dried apricots, dates.

They are good antioxidants, promotes the purification and healing of the tissues and of the organism in general.

Vegetable is a rich source of fiber. Increase the consumption of fresh tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers.

Good sources of phytoestrogen are:

  • pumpkin;
  • the eggplants;
  • the potatoes;
  • beet.


As well as the adipose tissue in the mammary glands determines the total size of the breast, is very favorable to its growth there are some products that contain fats.

The latter, in their turn, are able to donate and add the desired volume.

List of products enriched with healthy fats:

  1. the fat;
  2. bananas;
  3. nuts,
  4. the honey;
  5. the olives;
  6. seeds of flax, sesame, sunflower;
  7. the fish;
  8. milk and dairy products.

All of this is accessible and easily consumed every day for food.

It is important to know the extent and the portions, in order not to cause undesired weight gain, which will be difficult to remove with the belly, thighs, and arms.

It is in these places, the adipose tissue is delayed more and more quickly than in the chest.



Despite the huge number of recommendations and tips for the fact that certain foods for breast enhancement to allow you To buy the bust of a couple of sizes more, this is the great error.

All the products represented, are able to indirectly influence the increase of the breast, providing a general stimulating effect on certain processes in the female body.

By some, it is very famous and popular, of the products, even if they are enriched with phytoestrogen, which is absolutely not dependent on volume and size of the breast.

Among these are:

  • cabbage – the main representative of myths about the products, able to increase the breast in a meaningful way;
  • the sparkling mineral water – is only able to normalize the intestinal function and improve metabolism;
  • easy-to-digest carbohydrates (bread, bakery products, cakes and fatty foods –bring more damages than benefits.


Some of the products is not only totally useless when it increases and the growth of the breast, but capable of withstanding considerable damage to your health in general.

Some moments it is enough to exclude, and not in any case do not experiment on themselves, in spite of all the advice.

Among these we can highlight:

  • the application of various ointments and lotions, prepared on the basis of popular recipes;
  • the abuse of beer, hoping to get the desired volume;
  • the use of yeast of various kinds;
  • eat the raw dough;
  • excessive consumption of any phytoestrogens.

It is not recommended the use of folk remedies as a method of breast growth.

Many are preparing the various body wraps, lotions, creams, apply sheets of various plants, etc.,

This can be very dangerous – as a minimum the allergic reactions and burns, and to the maximum development of dangerous diseases, for example, such as the breast and the cancer.

The beer may cause the development of alcoholism for women. It has a negative effect on the health of Your liver, one of the main filters of the blood.

With the help of beer, you will earn quickly the volumes at the waist and on the hips, if there is, where you expect.

The yeast and the dough is raw it has a strong impact to the digestive system. The risk of becoming a hostage of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, dysbiosis.

When their use is applied in a huge damage to the intestine and its inherent microflora, which then requires a long recovery period.

In any case, it is possible to consume too much of some products, for example, vegetables is a very heavy product.

Any abuse, at first sight harmless food, can lead to unpredictable consequences – allergies, stomach pain, hormonal imbalance, the violation of a chair, insomnia, etc

After analyzing all the moments, we can conclude that the breast enhancement products have an indirect positive effect.

In essence, they facilitate the normalization and restoration process of the production of estrogen the female body, which is essential for the hormone of the growth and development of the breast.

For the increase of the breast up to the desired amount, it is necessary the application of an integrated approach.

It should include proper diet, with a considerable slope in the above presented groups of products, for more exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle.